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Totally new guidelines to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease

Now there is a new Alzheimer's definition that moves researchers closer to early detection and intervention, and a research agenda that's suggested for detecting pre-symptomatic Alzheimer's. [...]

3D spine models give orthopedic surgeons a well-rounded view

When an operation that involves delicate and precise technique is called for, many orthopaedic surgeons have found the use of 3-D models to be of extreme help. With these devices, surgeons can get a well-rounded view [...]

Sticking with a daily exercise routine

If you are finding it tricky to lose weight through exercise because you are not sticking to your workout plan, you need to consider a few tips that may keep you going. First of all, you [...]

Prepare properly for your new baby by going to childbirth classes

These days many of us lead busy lives. Between work and family we cram in as much activity as we can. This is fine most of the time but if you have a new baby on [...]

The foot and spine connection, as explained by a chiropractor

The human body is a linkage system. If any link is dysfunctional, it will cause the breakdown of other parts within the system. We spend a large amount of our lifetime weight bearing (i.e.standing, walking, exercising, [...]

Sleepless Britons suffer from Toxic Sleep, yet the cure is so simple

Worn old beds are believed to be be behind a growing epidemic of 'toxic sleep' reported in Great Britain. [...]

Baby care tips for new moms and dads

If you are fresh out of the maternity ward with your new born baby then you must know that there is a lot of work coming your way and you have to be well prepared to [...]

Fundamentals of cosmetic surgery

It is not uncommon for a person to have something they would like to change about their body. Some people have abnormally large noses. Some women would like to see their bust size larger or reduced. [...]

Alcoholics’ meetings to fight booze addiction

It needs a lot of determination and strength to fight alcohol addiction and trying to face this battle alone, without any support from the others, seems to be a dead-end. It has been reported that only [...]

Relieve your back pain with an inversion table

Back pain can be frustrating and hard to deal with, and then when you feel like your discs are compressed, it can feel even worse. Using inversion tables for back pain is a natural way of [...]