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New, improved Google Crisis-Reponse Page

Just like the rest of the world, Google says they have been transfixed by the images and news coming out of the northeastern part of Japan over the past six days. Googlers in Japan and elsewhere around the [...]

American Red Cross gives $10 million to aid Japan’s disaster survivors

The American Red Cross is giving an initial contribution of $10 million to the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist in its ongoing efforts to provide medical care and relief assistance to the people of Japan [...]

Walmart commits $5 million for Japan quake victims

Walmart Commits $5 Million in Response to Japan Earthquake. Funds to support emergency relief efforts throughout the country. [...]

AT&T aids Japanese tsunami victims

AT&T has announced it is supporting three international relief agencies — Telecoms Sans Frontieres, Project HOPE and Aidmatrix Network — to assist ongoing relief efforts for the victims of last week’s devastating earthquake in Japan. AT&T [...]

FLASH! Japan PM calls for massive evacuation now

Japan’s Nuclear Emergency The fire at the Number 4 reactor has been put out. Earlier, the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan called for an evacuation of 800 emergency personnel from a 20 to 30 kilometer radius of [...]

Japan Disaster, Day 5, morning sitrep, 2011-03-15

Bodies everywhere along the coast, Japan’s nuclear emergency worsens It is winter in Japan and millions of its citizens are without shelter, food, water and fuel on the fifth day of the catastrophic series of disasters [...]

Japan Disaster, Day 4, morning sitrep, 2011-03-14

Thousands dead, Japanese nuclear reactors in trouble On the fourth day of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster, the death toll has jumped to approximately 1600. However, it is expected that the final toll will be [...]

American Red Cross helps with Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami

The American Red Cross stands ready and willing to assist following a magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami that affected other countries in the Pacific region. The Japanese Red Cross Society has extraordinary [...]

Jewish Federations help quake and tsunami victims

The Jewish Federations of North America has opened an emergency relief fund to provide aid and support to the victims of the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and ensuing tsunami that struck Japan earlier today, and to help [...]

Earthquake safety tips for Americans

After the devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit the northeast part of Japan, this week, Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) is reminding customers that advance preparation is critical in getting ready for the next major earthquake. SoCalGas [...]