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Overdose Death Rate Soars in NYC

By Pat Anson, Editor In one of the first studies of its kind in an urban area, researchers have found that the overdose death rate from prescription painkillers is seven times higher in New York City [...]

Living with Pain: New York City’s Crackdown on Painkillers

By Mark Maginn, Columnist Recently New York City announced troubling new measures to fight the city’s growing opioid addiction and associated violence. There is no doubt that opioid addiction rates have climbed in the last few [...]

NYC to Limit Painkillers in Hospitals

By Pat Anson, Editor New York City’s public hospitals are adopting new restrictions on prescription painkillers that could make it much harder for pain patients to get access to opioid analgesics. Under the city’s guidelines, emergency [...]

Annual Healthcare Cost for Average American Family Exceeds $20,000

  Everyone knows that the cost of healthcare is rising, but most American families who receive health insurance through an employer have no idea just how expensive it is. The average cost for a typical American [...]

Favorite Places: Jerome, Arizona – A Quirky Mountain Town

I grew up in country-land Indiana, a place ridden with cornfields, horse manure and clip-clopping buggies that held up traffic on just about every single road in town. To make a long story short, after college [...]

Webby Awards name TripIt as the best mobile travel app

The 15th Annual Webby Awards have just named TripIt as Best Travel Mobile App of the year. As the leading mobile trip organizer from Concur (Nasdaq CNQR), TripIt organizes all travel plans in one place, making [...]

Join Together boosts drug-fighting efforts with Drugfree Org and BUSPH

The Partnership at Drugfree.org, in cooperation with the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH), announced this week that Join Together is now part of the 25-year-old nonprofit organization based in New York City. Join Together [...]

NYC blitz on ‘Alcopop’ abuse by underage drinkers

State Senator Jeff Klein (D-Bronx/Westchester), chairman of the Senate Alcohol and Drug Abuse Committee, was joined by public health advocates from across New York Sunday to unveil plans to crack down on easy access that minors [...]

Hot jobs map of the United States – See where the jobs are right now

Source: eBay Classifieds eBay Classifieds created a hot jobs map of the United States that shows which states in America are the best to find employment. Their reports show that 190,000 new jobs were created in [...]

London hotel prices reflect state of the economy

During the G20 meeting of heads of national banks and finance ministers of the 20 leading industrial and developing countries last month, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported that the global economy was continuing to recover. The [...]