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Living with Pain: How the War on Patients Harms Families

To understand the war on pain patients, it is necessary to look beyond the current crisis effecting patients’ access to opioid medicines. Most of those seeking to limit or eliminate our access to these medicines look [...]

New Wave of Drug Abuse Feared if Generic Oxycodone Sold in Canada

Canadian police, doctors and public health officials are warning the “streets would be flooded” with cheap generic versions of oxycodone if Canada’s Health Minister doesn’t reconsider her decision not to ban them. Drug maker Purdue Pharma’s [...]

FDA May Delay Approval of New Opioid Drugs

The Food and Drug Administration is asking for additional studies on the safety of a powerful new opioid medicine designed to treat constipation. The FDA’s concerns about possible cardiovascular risks raised uncertainty among investors and caused [...]

Living with Pain: Wrong People Being Targeted in the War on Drugs

Readers who’ve followed this column know that I primarily focus on the collateral damage the war on drugs inflicts on physicians and pain patients. I see this damage as lethal to the practice of physicians who [...]

A Message of Hope for People with Chronic Pain

By Mark Collen, Guest Columnist I have had chronic pain for over 17 years.  Everything I write about in this column comes from personal experience, discussions with other people in pain and the scientific literature. I [...]

West and Southeast Lead Nation in Opioid Prescribing

The western, southeast and Appalachian regions of the United States lead the nation in the prescribing of opioid painkillers, according to new research published in The Journal of Pain. In a study of 205 million opioid [...]

Study Documents High Cost of Opioid Use and Abuse

For anyone suffering from chronic pain, often the only relief comes in the form of powerful opioid painkillers. But the use and abuse of opioids by some patients drives up the average annual cost of their [...]

The Government’s War on Pain Doctors: One Physician’s Story

Editor’s Note: Linda Cheek  is a family practice and alternative medicine physician in southwest Virginia. In June, Cheek pleaded not guilty to a 173-count federal indictment accusing her of distributing oxycodone and other painkillers without a [...]

Painkillers May Make Headaches Worse

That pill you pop may be making your headache worse. A British study found that over a million people in the UK may be suffering from headaches triggered by the use of too many painkillers. The [...]

Living with Pain: Is the War on Pain Patients a Human Rights Violation?

When we read about human rights violations, we usually think of Russia, China or third world countries. We rarely think of the United States. Yet here in the U.S. we are involved in a war on [...]