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Pain Doc Duped by Dog X-Rays

An undercover sheriff’s deputy pretending to be a patient duped a southern California physician into giving her a powerful pain medication by showing him X-rays of an injured back and neck. Dr. Rolando Lodevico Atiga obliged, [...]

New OxyContin Formula Has Many Abusers Switching to Heroin

A change in the formula for the powerful painkiller OxyContin – designed to make the drug less likely to be abused — may be encouraging the use of more dangerous drugs. Many abusers are switching from [...]

FDA: Pain Education for Doctors to be Voluntary

The Food and Drug Administration has unveiled a long awaited plan to address prescription drug abuse – a plan that focuses on educating doctors about the benefits and risks of prescribing powerful opioid painkillers. The initiative [...]

Should Children Take Opioid Painkillers?

Two new studies are drawing attention to a sensitive topic in the pain community: Should children be given powerful and potentially addictive opioid analgesics to relieve their pain? According to research published in Pain Management Nursing, [...]

FDA Tells Drug Makers to Stop Selling Unapproved Oxycodone

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has notified some pharmaceutical companies to stop manufacturing and distributing unapproved drugs that contain oxycodone, a widely prescribed and potentially addictive opioid painkiller. The FDA action involves single-ingredient, immediate-release oxycodone [...]

The Government’s War on Pain Doctors Revisited

Editor’s Note: Linda Cheek  is a family practice and alternative medicine physician in southwest Virginia. In February, Cheek wrote a column for American News Report discussing her efforts to treat pain patients, which were labeled a [...]

Living with Pain: Pharmacy Price Gouging in Florida

If you were in chronic pain and needed oxycodone, how much would you be willing to spend for a vial of the painkiller? A hundred and forty dollars? Eight hundred? How about $1,250? Those were the [...]

Ask Janet

A friend of mine named Ed Silverman writes a blog called Pharmalot and posts timely tidbits about the pharmaceutical industry and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ed recently wrote about a new outreach program on [...]

We don’t want physicians to be cops — We want them to be honest.

This column is written as a voice for the true victims of the prescription drug epidemic – patients and family members whose physicians were encouraged by the medical establishment to prescribe large doses of opioids. Some, [...]

The Numbers Game: How Many Americans Have Chronic Pain?

One of the nation’s largest drug screening labs says 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. The American Academy of Family Physicians puts the number at 70 million, a figure long used by several other medical [...]