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Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Crosses the Finish Line

Only days after the Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was convicted on all 30 counts brought against him, one of the survivors returned to cross the finish line. On April 15, 2013, Rebekah Gregory DiMartino was standing near [...]

Exercise Helps Reduce Pain in Seniors

By Pat Anson, Editor Weekly exercise and yoga classes helped decrease pain, improve mobility, and enhance the overall health of senior citizens in New York City. The exercise program, offered by Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) [...]

Botox Could Relieve Pain for Months

By Pat Anson, Editor A single injection of modified Botox could relieve pain from migraines, arthritis and back pain for months without any side effects, according to UK researchers. Botox is best known for smoothing out [...]

Blind People Hypersensitive to Pain

By Pat Anson, Editor People who are born blind experience pain differently than sighted individuals and are hypersensitive to pain caused by hot or cold stimulation, according to a small study by researchers in Europe. The [...]

Women More Sensitive to Pain

By Pat Anson, Editor Women who suffer from chronic pain are far more likely to feel depressed than men, according to several new studies presented at the Congress of the European Pain Federation in Florence, Italy. [...]

Bacteria Make Us Feel Pain

By Pat Anson, Editor Bacteria may play a surprising role in how the body responds to infections by causing pain and suppressing the immune system, according to a new study published in the journal Nature. In [...]

Fish Oil Compound May Relieve Pain

By Richard Lenti The benefits of fish oil have been touted for a variety of health conditions – including heart disease, stroke and arthritis. Now a new study suggests that a derivative of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), [...]

Music Eases Pain of Hospitalized Kids

By Pat Anson, Editor Shakespeare often gets the credit, but it was the poet William Congreve who wrote that “music has charms to soothe a savage beast.” Nearly 350 years later, Canadian researchers are finding that [...]

Psychotherapist Says Chronic Pain Can Be Cured

By Alan Gordon, Pain Psychotherapist Over 50 million people in the US are suffering with chronic pain, but many of them don’t have to be. Recent studies have shown that often chronic back pain, neck pain, [...]

My Story: Walking Away Pain

By Dennis Kinch At age 20 I packed up and headed to Colorado from Boston, much in part due to the songs of John Denver. It was there that life became very positive for me. Fifteen [...]