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Media Coverage of Gaza War Increased Chronic Pain

If you suffer from chronic pain, watching news media coverage of war will only make it worse, according to a small study by researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. “Does War Hurt? Effects [...]

Brain Study Can Predict Who Gets Chronic Pain

Many chronic pain sufferers resent being told by friends and family that “the pain is all in your head.” But a new study out of Northwestern University found there is some truth behind that cliché. Researchers [...]

The Government’s War on Pain Doctors Revisited

Editor’s Note: Linda Cheek  is a family practice and alternative medicine physician in southwest Virginia. In February, Cheek wrote a column for American News Report discussing her efforts to treat pain patients, which were labeled a [...]

Medicinal Pot Popular for Fibromyalgia Pain

Many fibromyalgia patients are smoking marijuana or taking synthetic forms of cannabinoids to help relieve their pain, according to a Canadian study.  But the researchers also found that marijuana use by fibromyalgia patients was also associated [...]

Marijuana Spray Proves Effective as Cancer Pain Treatment

A mouth spray containing cannabinoids is effective in reducing pain in cancer patients who are still in pain despite using opioid medicines, according to a new study published in The Journal of Pain. The oral mucosal [...]

We don’t want physicians to be cops — We want them to be honest.

This column is written as a voice for the true victims of the prescription drug epidemic – patients and family members whose physicians were encouraged by the medical establishment to prescribe large doses of opioids. Some, [...]

New pain devices show promise

As patients, physicians, and medical technology companies try to find non-narcotic solutions to chronic pain, two new devices have emerged that have some potential. One is a high-frequency spinal cord stimulator for the treatment of chronic [...]

Pain Doc: “Physicians Can’t be Cops — We’re Treating Pain Patients”

Dr. Lynn Webster, is medical director and founder of the Lifetree Clinical Research & Pain Clinic in Salt Lake City, and president elect of the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM). Recently, the U.S. Senate Finance [...]

Study Finds Boomers and Elderly Patients Misusing Painkillers

A new study by one of the nation’s largest drug screening laboratories has found that nearly a third of chronic pain patients aged 50 or older are not taking the painkiller they were prescribed. Over one [...]

The Numbers Game: How Many Americans Have Chronic Pain?

One of the nation’s largest drug screening labs says 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. The American Academy of Family Physicians puts the number at 70 million, a figure long used by several other medical [...]