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My Pain is Invisible

By Amanda Siebe, Columnist We live in a world where seeing is believing. This can be a challenge, especially when you live with an invisible disease. My Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) has caused very few [...]

Pain Doc Says Drug Makers Need More Innovation

By Ed Coghlan Pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars a year selling pain medications, but when it comes to finding and developing new innovations in pain management, one of the nation’s top pain physicians gives the [...]

When Words Can Hurt

By Carol Levy, Columnist When someone hears my story about the medical malpractice that paralyzed my face, invariably they say, “What goes around comes around” or “He’ll get his.” Some talk about “payback” or “Karma will [...]

A Pained Life: My Spring Cleaning

By Carol Levy, Columnist Ah spring!  The time to go through the closets, throw out clothes we don’t want or need anymore (or fit in), put away winter things and bring out the spring outfits. I [...]

A Caregiver’s Journey with Pain

By John Garrett, Guest Columnist I have been a caregiver to a person with chronic pain for 30 years. I’ve struggled, suffered, had my share of “Poor me” and belatedly discovered the secret to all of [...]

Opinion: Pain Patients Need DEA Reform

By George Sullivan, Guest Columnist There’s a crisis building in the United States today that is little known, yet may affect every American at some point in their life. It can strike at any moment, without [...]

Tylenol Relieves More Than Just Headaches

By Richard Lenti Over 50 million Americans take Tylenol or other acetaminophen pain relievers to cope with headaches and pain. What many don’t know is the psychological benefits the over-the counter medication can also give them. [...]

A Pained Life: Pain Patients Need to Speak Out

By Carol Levy, Columnist I have trigeminal neuralgia.  It’s a facial pain disorder, arising from the 5th cranial nerve.  It causes intense pain, sometimes triggered by the slightest touch; the kiss of a light breeze or [...]

Abused Women More Likely to Have Chronic Pain

By Richard Lenti The trauma of being sexually abused is more than psychological for many women – it can also lead to chronic pain. In the first study of its kind, British researchers examined the links [...]

Pain Meds May Reduce Dementia Symptoms

By Richard Lenti The use of pain medication may help decrease the anxiety, depression and loss of sleep often encountered by patients suffering from dementia, according to a new study. British researchers followed 480 patients in [...]