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Feds Plan New Crackdown on Pain Meds

By Pat Anson, Editor The U.S. government is planning a new crackdown on doctors, pharmacies and patients who over-prescribe or abuse painkillers as part of a major overhaul of the federal Medicare Advantage and Part D [...]

1 in 10 Young People Abuse Painkillers or Sedatives

By Pat Anson, Editor Over 10 percent of the teens and young adults treated in a hospital emergency room admitted to misusing a prescription painkiller or sedative in the past year, according to a new study [...]

Does FDA Have ‘Improper Relationship’ with Drug Makers?

By Pat Anson, Editor A U.S. Senator has accused the Food and Drug Administration of having an “improper relationship” with the pharmaceutical industry and has called for a congressional investigation of fees charged to drug makers [...]

Pain Meds Sold on Craigslist

By Pat Anson, Editor Hundreds of legitimate pain patients around the country have told us they’re having a hard time getting opioid pain medicines. Either pharmacists are unwilling to fill their prescriptions or their doctors are [...]

PROP: FDA Ruling a ‘Small Victory’

By Pat Anson, Editor The day after the Food and Drug Administration said it would change the prescription guidelines for some opioid painkillers, millions of chronic pain patients and their physicians are still trying figure out [...]

FDA Changing Guidelines for Painkillers

By Pat Anson, Editor The Food and Drug Administration has announced long awaited labeling changes for prescription opioid medicines – changes that adopt many of the demands made in a citizens’ petition that called for major [...]

Most Illegal Pain Meds Gotten for Free

By Richard Lenti Over half of the prescription pain relievers used illicitly in 2012 were obtained from a friend or relative for free, according to a new federal survey of drug use in the United States. [...]

Most Painkillers Not Good for Nursing Moms

By Pat Anson, Editor Most drugs are safe for mothers to take while breastfeeding their babies, according to a group of U.S. pediatricians, but women should still be cautious about breastfeeding if they use narcotic painkillers [...]

Rise in Heroin Use Linked to Painkillers

By Pat Anson, Editor The use of heroin nearly doubled in United States after the introduction of a reformulated version of OxyContin, a widely used opioid painkiller, according to a new report by federal health officials. [...]

Many Doctors Don’t Follow Guidelines for Back Pain

By Pat Anson, Editor Doctors who treat back pain are prescribing more narcotic painkillers, making more referrals to specialists and ordering more expensive diagnostic tests, according to a new report published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers [...]