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Queensland flood emergency: All eyes now on Goondiwindi

The death toll of the Queensland floods is now 15 people confirmed dead, and 55 missing (lowered from 61 earlier today). There are still grave fears held for the 12 people who were washed out of [...]

Brisbane floods: Fire in flooded Suncorp stadium

With the playing area of Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium now under a foot or more of water, Queensland firefighters were trying to find a way inside to douse a fire in the giant building. Reports say the [...]

Penis tattoo charge upgraded

The charge against a Queensland, Australia tattooist accused of tattooing a penis on a friend's back has been upgraded from assault occasioning bodily harm to grievous bodily harm. The 21 tattooist will appear in court again [...]

Hey dude, tatt’s the wrong tattoo on my back!

A customer went home with a rude tattoo that he hadn't ordered drawn across his back after apparently having words with with the artist at a tattoo parlor in Brisbane, Australia. [...]

Aussie, Kiwi and US troops hit Townsville, Queensland

Residents of Townsville in northern Queensland are getting used to the sound of aircraft and explosions as more than 6,000 Australian and allied military personnel take part in a massive military exercise. [...]