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How Google helped with the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster

Within minutes of hearing about the 9.0 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Japan in March, Googlers around the world — from engineers to webmasters to product managers — immediately began putting together a Google Crisis [...]

More help for Japan disaster: AmeriCares sends medical aid

AmeriCares is airlifting medical aid to help survivors who are still suffering from the devastating strength 9 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11, 2011. The shipment of medical supplies, medicines and personal hygiene [...]

New Android and iPhone app helps Japanese disaster victims

The Nippon Foundation has released an app for smartphones that lets Android and iPhone users donate to help disaster victims of the earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan. [...]

World Vision helps hard-hit Japanese survivors

As Japan reels from its biggest crisis since WWII, World Vision assists those in tsunami area. Blankets, water and other basic supplies are being distributed to 6,000 survivors in Minami Sanriku on Saturday. [...]

New, improved Google Crisis-Reponse Page

Just like the rest of the world, Google says they have been transfixed by the images and news coming out of the northeastern part of Japan over the past six days. Googlers in Japan and elsewhere around the [...]

American Red Cross gives $10 million to aid Japan’s disaster survivors

The American Red Cross is giving an initial contribution of $10 million to the Japanese Red Cross Society to assist in its ongoing efforts to provide medical care and relief assistance to the people of Japan [...]

FLASH! Japan PM calls for massive evacuation now

Japan’s Nuclear Emergency The fire at the Number 4 reactor has been put out. Earlier, the Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan called for an evacuation of 800 emergency personnel from a 20 to 30 kilometer radius of [...]

Japan Disaster, Day 5, morning sitrep, 2011-03-15

Bodies everywhere along the coast, Japan’s nuclear emergency worsens It is winter in Japan and millions of its citizens are without shelter, food, water and fuel on the fifth day of the catastrophic series of disasters [...]

Japan Disaster, Day 4, evening sitrep, 2011-03-14

Japan’s nuclear emergency: Two reactors have roofs blown off. Now a third reactor is in deep trouble. As night descends on the 4th day of Japan’s worst catastrophe since the end of World War II, the [...]

Google Crisis Response Page helps people dealing with the Japanese tsunami disaster

Google has put a special Crisis Response Page in both English and in Japanese to help people involved in the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster of March 2011. The page connects with the Google People Finder, and [...]