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Japan Disaster, Day 4, morning sitrep, 2011-03-14

Thousands dead, Japanese nuclear reactors in trouble On the fourth day of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster, the death toll has jumped to approximately 1600. However, it is expected that the final toll will be [...]

American Red Cross helps with Japan earthquake and Pacific tsunami

The American Red Cross stands ready and willing to assist following a magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami that affected other countries in the Pacific region. The Japanese Red Cross Society has extraordinary [...]

Disaster-relief expert from AmeriCares on way to Japan

Disaster-relief expert from AmeriCares is on the way to Japan as the organization prepared to send medicines, medical supplies and humanitarian aid. [...]

Cox Virginia gives live video feed of TV Japan to Northern Va customers for free

Resulting from Quake and Tsunami, Cox Virginia Provides Immediate Live Video Feed of TV Japan, a 24-Hour Japanese Channel, to Its Northern Virginia Customers at No Cost [...]

CAFAmerica will give money to organisations to help Japan’s disaster victims

CAFAmerica is to immediately offer concerned Americans a way to give assistance to Japanese humanitarian relief efforts in the wake of the fifth-largest earthquake ever recorded in the world. CAFAmerica is a member organization of the [...]

What would a Japan-sized quake do to the US? A National Geographic special

Special Looks at What a Similar Quake Could Do to Seattle, Washington, and America’s Pacific Northwest In light of today’s devastating earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami barreling across the Pacific Ocean, National Geographic Channel [...]

United States NGOs to help with Japan Disaster

Members of InterAction, the largest alliance of U.S. NGOs working abroad, are responding to the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that devastated parts of northern Japan earlier today. A complete list of organizations responding to [...]

Free phone calls to Japan in wake of quake and tsunami

In response to the massive earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck the Japanese cities of Sendai and Kessenuma causing huge amounts of damage and significant loss of life, VIP Communications, is helping the Japanese community in [...]

Japan Disaster, Day 3, pm sitrep, 2011-03-13

Atomic Emergency: Can Japan avert a meltdown, or not? There are now three reactors at the Fukujima nuclear power plant which are in trouble. Technicians have been using fire trucks to pump seawater into the Fukijama [...]

Japan Tsunami: World Vision sending supplies and counselling for children

World Vision is sending a team from Tokyo to assess need, begin response in northern Japan. A child-friendly space is being planned to provide structure, routine and safe play for child survivors. [...]