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‘Parent portal’ helps teachers reach student’s parents

An amazing 71 percent of teachers feel that a secure internet ‘parent portal’ would improve school-to-parent communication. And they believe it is vital for parents to see actual details about their child’s schooling. These findings come [...]

Royal Wedding video will be streamed and released digitally

When Prince William marries Catherine Middleton next month, for the first time in history, the Royal Wedding ceremony is going to be recorded digitally and released immediately. Decca Records, one of Britain’s historic record labels, will [...]

Remote working from home? It’s easier said than done

Unified Communications Expo has opened with two seminar streams about remote working from home and first-see product demonstrations in the UK. [...]

Computer screen spots attention deficit in babies

Researchers from the University of East London are using eye-tracking technology to spot attention deficit in babies who watch a computer screen. The equipment helps determine if future language, social and attention weaknesses exist in babies [...]

Sleepless Britons suffer from Toxic Sleep, yet the cure is so simple

Worn old beds are believed to be be behind a growing epidemic of 'toxic sleep' reported in Great Britain. [...]

UK rock band Def Leppard to tour the US again this summer

Def Leppard  the great British premiere arena rock band, will make a triumphant return to the United States with a summer tour beginning June 15 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Joining Def Leppard for this much-anticipated [...]

Christchurch Earthquake: am sitrep, day 4, 2011-02-25 (VIDEO)

It is now the morning of the fourth day of the February 2011 Christchurch Earthquake Disaster. It is New Zealand’s worst natural disaster in 80 years. The September 4, 2010 earthquake of five months ago was [...]

Christchurch Earthquake: pm sitrep, 2011-02-24 (VIDEO)

The 2011 Christchurch earthquake in New Zealand is a national disaster for the country. It is the worst natural disaster they have ever experienced. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, John Key, said that the emergency [...]

Christchurch Earthquake: am sitrep, 2011-02-24 (VIDEO)

New Zealand has officially declared the Christchurch earthquake a national disaster. Two people were rescued since our last report, but hopes are fading that anyone else is still alive. The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mr [...]

Brits slash spending as economic confidence plummets

Britain's consumers slash their spending as confidence in the economy plunges even lower. More who still have jobs now fear they will lose them, and most Brits expect prices to go up this year. [...]