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"The Sound of Music", the musical, opens in Salzburg Austria for the first time ever

"The Sound of Music", the musical, opens in Salzburg Austria for the first time ever.

For decades, the much-loved musical “The Sound of Music” has significantly contributed to the worldwide popularity and fame of the Austrian city of Salzburg. And now, after much international success, the musical can be seen for the first time at the Salzburger Landestheater starting on 23 October 2011. And furthermore, from November 4, the Salzburg Museum will host a unique exhibition on the life and legend of the von Trapp family, who were the real-life singers in the story.

The musical, “The Sound of Music”, can be seen starting on 23rd of October 2011 for the first time in Salzburg, which is the original historical location where the actual happenings took place. The staging at the Salzburger Landestheater was specially developed for Salzburg and, thanks to its large-scale casting, was able to attract a top international cast — in particular the German musical star, Uwe Kroger, as Baron von Trapp, and the popular Dutch musical singer, Wietske van Tongeren, who plays the young nun and music teacher, Maria.

The Sound of Music musical will be performed authentically in German — but will have English subtitles. It also includes an English-language sing-along at the end of the performance. The show is scheduled to run until June 2012, but the closing date may be extended if the show does exceptionally well. Exclusive performances of the show in English will be available upon request.

Special exhibition in the Salzburg Museum
From November 4, 2011, the Salzburg Museum will present a special exhibition titled “Die Familie Trapp – Realitat und ‘The Sound of Music'” [“The von Trapp Family – Reality and ‘The Sound of Music'”]. The exhibition is unique in terms of its scope and its format. The life of the von Trapp family, which has become both a metonymic reflection of a century and, in “The Sound of Music”, a media phenomenon, will be presented on two levels through numerous original items, auditions, musical recordings, interviews and photos.

“The Sound of Music” has always been a musical ambassador for the town of Salzburg. For at least 40 percent of all visitors, it is even a major reason for visiting the city. Fans of “The Sound of Music” find a variety of opportunities in Salzburg to search for clues: For example, there are special bus tours, city tours, dinner shows, performances in the Marionette Theater and at the von Trapp family home, where tourists and fans can choose to spend the night.


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