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Each year, Nationwide publishes helpful tips to keep kids safe for Halloween as part of their Make Safe Happen® program.  Parents are encouraged to read this year’s Halloween safety guide, which includes these tips and more:

1. Protect your children

  • Providing children with safe and comfortable costumes
  • What precautions should be taken during trick-or-treating
  • Child safe home decorations

2. Protect your property

Halloween also brings a season of trickery, and new Nationwide data shows that property may be more at risk during the week of Halloween. Statistics taken from Nationwide claims over the last five years show that the rate of  property damage caused by vandalism or malicious mischief increased by more than 8 percent during the week of Halloween, and that auto theft occurs at a 6 percent higher rate.

To help thwart mischievous behavior, Nationwide has provided a list of Halloween Prank Precautions to assist in keeping property protected. For those who are away during Halloween festivities, Nationwide also offers Home Burglary Prevention Tips to help keep homes secure when uninhabited.

3. Protect your pets

Pets are part of the family, and Halloween exposes them to more toxins and hazards than at any other time of the year. To help pet owners prepare for the dangers that surround our furry family members during the scare season, Nationwide, the nation’s first and largest provider of pet health insurance, has released its 2016 Top Halloween Pet Dangers and Safety Tips infographic. Nationwide’sHalloween Pet Dangers and Safety Tips include:

  • The average cost of the most common Halloween related pet mishaps
  • List of foods and materials that are toxic to pets
  • How to prevent pets from running away during Halloween

The full Make Safe Happen Halloween safety guide and downloadable Halloween safety infographic can be found here.


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