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University of Washington picks new software to organize their event calendar online

University of Washington picks new software to organize their event calendar online.

Intand, provider of the premier online school calendar solution, has announced the University of Washington’s selection of Tandem for Schools to organize and communicate the athletic department’s events and games. With Tandem for Schools, the University of Washington Athletic Department will now be able to organize and schedule events with unparalleled ease. This new tool will enable the school to easily ensure that a facility or teams will not be double-booked, and increase communication of school events. The University of Washington is one of the first colleges to adopt the new standard in online college event calendars.

The University of Washington Athletic Department hopes to increase communication of events to staff, students, and community by adopting Tandem for Schools. The system will give the school the ability to communicate events via email, text messages, RSS feed, iCal, or online. Users of Tandem will also now have the ability to get directions to events and games.

“First, we wanted a web-based solution that would help keep all the teams and facilities in one master calendar and give our department the ability to request and allocate facilities quickly”, explained Scott Baebler, Assistant Athletic Director for Event and Facility Operations while commenting on the need for a web-based organizational tool, “Second, we wanted a solution that would keep everyone informed about what was going on, from the administrators, to the athletes, to our fans and finally the community. There is tremendous passion around UW Athletics; we wanted everyone to be as informed as possible in whatever device they use; a PC, a Mac, a Blackberry, an iPhone or an iPad. Tandem is that product.”

“Tandem was built for complex scheduling organizations, like k-12 schools, colleges and universities. Schools and other organizations that use Tandem have found that using a web-based calendar to make sure all of their rooms and facilities are optimally used and not double booked keeps them incredibly organized. Further, the community around these organizations or schools can use Tandem to stay connected to what is going on. We have been very successful in working with schools and districts in 43 states across the country. It’s only a natural progression that we start working with colleges and universities, as Tandem can really help to create efficiencies in scheduling and build community around events. ”, said Bryan Otis, CEO of Intand.

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Based in Bellevue, WA, Intand provides schools with a cost-effective, online event scheduling solution that enhances communication with parents and builds engagement within the community. To learn more Intand, visit our website at or call us at 866-658-3449.

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