Who Makes Aspen Tires? (Details Explained)

Automobile tires are a crucial part of any vehicle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a heavy-duty, sport, SUV, or utility vehicle. Buying the wrong tire can be a costly mistake. Why? It could jeopardize your safety or prevent you from traveling under certain weather conditions, including road conditions. 

Aspen tires have been one of the top tires on the market for many years. They have good ratings on the market and come built with users in mind. These tires boast all-season traction, and they are comfortable, quiet, and durable. But there is confusion regarding Aspen tire producers. Who makes these great tires? 

Let’s answer the question right away!  

Who makes Aspen tires?

Many people claim that TBC Corporation and NTB make Aspen tires. Now, guess what, both answers are correct! But there is a small detail left unanswered. 

Let’s clear the air on that. 

National Tire and Battery (NTB), an American company, makes all the Aspen tires on the market. They’re a brand of auto service centers. 

Now, who owns NTB? Well, it’s TBC Corporation, and they have been the owners since 2003.

So, if you hear someone say TBC Custom brands make Aspen tires, they’re right. You have to realize also that Aspen tires are only one of the multiple tire brands the company makes. 

Where Aspen Tires Are Manufactured

TBC Corporation bought NTB from Sears, Roebuck, and Co in a deal worth $260 million. 

Today, TBC is one of the world’s biggest automotive replacement tire marketers. They market their products via a multi-channel strategy, boasting approximately 3,200 company-operated and franchised automotive service and tire centers. 

One thing that sets TBC apart is that they don’t just have diverse subsidiary brands, but each has its manufacturing facilities. 

Here are the TBC subsidiaries 

  • Midas
  • Big O Tires
  • Tire Kingdom
  • TBC de Mexico S.A de C.V.
  • Merchant’s Tire and Auto
  • National Tires Wholesale
  • NTB Tires and Service Centers
  • TBC-TIRE & Battery Corporation
  • Carroll Tire Company Incorporated

TBC sells their products to regional market chains, including distributors. They have distribution centers in the United States of America, making it possible to sell their tires to independent dealers with such ease. 

The tires are distributed to dealers across the United States of America, Mexico, and even Canada. 

Does Aspen Tires Producer Have Good Customer Service?

Customer service is a crucial part of any business. Only happy customers will consider repeating patronage. 

Aspen Tire producers NTB, which is owned by TBC Corporation, boasts professional customer support service. However, it is not much of a surprise because it is a well-structured company. They’re also one of the biggest tire manufacturers and marketers worldwide. 

So, NTB boasts Certified and well-trained ASE technicians, state-of-the-art facilities, and exceptional customer support service. 

A Handy Tip: NTB offers a 30-day guarantee on Aspen tires. As stated on their official website, you can retain tires before the 30-days guarantee window elapses. The company promises to trade them at full value. 

Are Aspen Tires Worth Buying?

The quality of tires a car has matters a great deal. It would not only determine your safety but comfort. 

Excitingly, Aspen tires have an impressive rating. But how well do these tires perform on the road? Here are features Aspen tires have that set them apart. 

#1: Durability: 

Are the Aspen tires long-lasting? The Aspen Touring A/S tires are durable. There hasn’t been any negative report on these Aspen tires’ tread lifespan. 

The Aspen Touring A/S tires boast a 50,000 miles limited manufacturer guarantee. But then, you must ensure proper maintenance, rotation, and use. 

#2: Performance in snow:  

Are the Aspen tires great in the snow? Yes, they are. Their full-depth sipping gives them the biting edge for exceptional light snow traction. 

So, if you want your car to beat the snow, Aspen tires will make a wise choice. You’ll benefit massively from their deep traction. 

#3: Comfort: 

The quality of tires you have can determine the level of comfort you’ll get from your car. And that’s where Aspen tires stand out. 

In addition to good tread wear, Aspen tires deliver a quiet ride. Furthermore, there has been no negative report about the tires’ reliability. Thus, Aspen tires are a wise choice for long-distance trips. You may likely not experience tire-problem on the way. 

A Handy Tip: Aspen tires are highest for mileage covered, thanks to all-season traction.  

You can travel with Aspen tires on all surfaces, whether dry or wet. 

However, if you’re seeking tires capable of covering long mileage, dry and wet traction, including ride comfort, Aspen Touring A/S Tires or the GT-AS SRI will make a wise choice. 

Aspen Tire Brands On The Market

Only three types of Aspen tires NTB produces. Let’s discuss the features of these products. 

#1: Aspen Street Tires:

These tires are built to handle the different conditions in real-world situations and on the streets. They are much narrower and boast a traditional tread pattern.

So, with the Aspen Street Tires, you can navigate through a range of conditions without compromising your comfort or safety. 

These tires have good traction, making them ideal under the rain, including concrete, pavement, gravel, and asphalt roads. 

#2: High-performance Aspen Tires:

The name of these Aspen tires suggests all you need to know about them. In addition to larger rubber, these tires boast greater grips. 

So, if you’re looking for Aspen tires that offer better grip, faster responsiveness, and sporty handling, the High-performance Aspen tires are a wise choice. 

#3: Aspen Touring Tires:

The quality of tires your car has can dictate how smooth your road trip will be. Your tires will also face great road tests during the wet season. 

The Aspen Touring tires not only come designed with superior tread wear but boasts better traction in wet seasons. 

So, these tires make a lot of contact with the road. And what’s more, they are a wise choice for longer mileage and are better than other options in that regard. 

What Aspen Tires Are The Best For The Money?

Good tires are expensive, but they’re worth the value for money. Your safety is also guaranteed to some degree when your vehicle has good tires. 

Aspen tires are well-made and designed with users in mind. But the two Aspen tires NTB makes that seem to have enticed car owners are the GT-AS SRI and Aspen Touring A/S Tires.

These are the two most popular and highly recommended options.

Top Aspen Tires Alternatives On The Market

Consumer Report has rated over 150 types of tires from 25 top brands. So, you can see the market is awash with different types of tires. 

However, several tire brands have distinguished themselves like NTB’s Aspen tires. Here are examples of Aspen tire alternatives worth the money. 

  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Michelin
  • BF Goodrich

These are top brands like Aspen tires. You can try any of them if you can’t find Aspen tires or want to make some changes from the previous tires you have been buying. 


Who makes Aspen tires? Well, NTB makes them. But NTB is owned by TBC Corporation. 

Aspen tires are highly rated in the automotive industry. They have a good rating, and the company has maintained such a high standard for all three Aspen tires they produce. 

These tires are quiet, comfortable, durable, and boast all-season traction. They represent good value for the money. 

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