Chronic Pain — 12 April 2013

marijuana-smoking1-293x300By Pat Anson, Editor

Marijuana and hydrocodone are two of the most widely used and abused drugs in the U.S. But according to a new study by one of the nation’s largest drug screening companies, chronic pain patients who are prescribed hydrocodone are less likely to take the painkiller if they are using marijuana.

Ameritox analyzed over 100,000 urine samples from patients nationwide who were prescribed hydrocodone, which is sold under the brand names Vicodin, Lorcet and Lortab. Hydrocodone is the most frequently prescribed drug in the country.

Nearly five million Americans use marijuana daily. Eighteen states and the District of Columbia have approved medical marijuana, which is used by many patients to reduce their pain and nausea.

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Pat Anson, Editor

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  1. Why isn’t mj legalized in all states for medical use? It clearly shows signs of great benefits to patients. I saw a show w/Dr, San Jay Gupta that showed remarkable benefits.
    Researchers have a hard time to get grants or clearance for more in depth study and research. Why is this? Is it because drug co. don’t want it ? Would it be cheaper to produce? The demand for their over priced man made meds. may be lessened and negatively effect their gdp. . How safe are the drugs that they are pushing on Drs. to prescribe always hear of law suits a year or so after release of new miracle drug. Why not give MJ a chance in th e medical journals? It has been around since the beginning of time and not created by man. It must have some homepathic uses for illnesses the FDA and big drug companies don’t want main street to know about.

  2. I’m about to piss all of you off. I am the oldest child of two marijuana smokers, one of whom is also addicted to hydrocodone. I’d like to disabuse you all of a misconception. This company has cooked the results of this study. I grew up watching my mother and three of her siblings smoke weed everyday and still eat any lortab that they came across. I have a lot of relatives who act like they can not function unless they are fried. I have 35 years of experience that says marijuana smoking does not lessen dependency on hydrocodone. If anything, it probably increases it. Bottom line is this: There are a few PROVEN medical uses for marijuana (dementia, glaucoma, lukemia, and autism, mainly. Also some minor improvement for PTSD sufferers) Those are ALL treated by CBD, not THC. THC only causes a buzz, so it shows a temporary effect for depression, and you have to use increasing amounts to continue treating depression.

  3. I am tired of hearing how MJ is the most abused drug…..
    How can it be considered “abuse” when the substance cant knock you unconscious or cause death?
    Is it the illegal factor that makes ANY use to be labled as abuse?
    One joint every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain, is not abuse.
    and Why not say that drinking a 6 pack of beer is alcohol abuse?

    Sugar is a more abused and a more deadly drug than MJ, ask your doctor.

  4. Consider adding your name to the petition based on science and reason to Immediately Remove Cannabis from the CSA and Single Convention Treaty at

    Each signature sends an email to both Senators and House Representative of the signer along with an email to President Obama.