The Secret Of The Greco Family True Story: Netflix Series

You are probably thinking about the secret of the Greco family true story. While films frequently draw inspiration from true stories, series rarely do the same.

Most come as miniseries, as movies don’t do justice to the real-life story. Such stories will need series that run for a season or more, and The Secret Life of the Greco Family is a good example.

The series is based on actual events and has generated considerable buzz despite its unpromoted release on Netflix. The show tells of a shocking story that happened.

The series is titled El Secreto del Familia Greco but has a dubbed English version with subtitles for English speakers. 

The Secret of the Greco Family True Story

Although The Secret of the Greco Family does not feature events from 1980s Argentina, it is inspired by an exact account of those events. 

There is a prevailing belief that the Puccios initiated the practice of abducting political adversaries during their tenure as agents of the Argentine secret service a decade ago. They then abducted wealthy individuals using the same techniques for ransom.

The Plot

The official synopsis of the show states, “To maintain their high social standing and standard of living, an ideal family kidnaps wealthy individuals for ransom. Inspired by a true story.”

The plot revolves around the Greco family, an ostensibly ordinary group of criminals who abduct people for ransom. The family tortures, and murders their victims if they do not receive the money they demand.

The family comprises four children: Darío, Sabrina, Abril, and Andrés. A terrible economic crisis is destroying the Greco family enterprise. They resolve dangerous criminal activity and will do anything to maintain their lavish lifestyle.

In an attempt to assimilate with the affluent and renowned, the patriarch of the family, Fernando Colunga, masters the art of deceit. He lives a double life and begins a chain of events marked by horror.

The Secret of the Greco Family

Mexico and Argentina collaborated on the El Secreto de la Familia Greco co-production. It is based on the 2015 Argentine adaptation of the true-crime program Historia de un clan. 

The Mexican adaptation is about the irrational Greco family, whereas the first is about the Puccio family.

The remake remains true to the story as it transpires in the 1980s timeline in Mexico. Deceit, power, and affection comprise the core of this quite engaging crime thriller.

Aquiles Greco, portrayed by Fernando Colunga, is the head of the family.. Although he genuinely cares for his family, his true intentions differ.

Marta is his wife, and they have two daughters, Sabrina, the eldest daughter, and Abril, the teenage daughter. The women are unaware of the plans the father and sons are developing upstairs. 

The prodigy of the Greco family, Andrés (Manuel Masalva), has a promising future in professional polo. At their father’s request, his brother Dario (Alejandro de Hoyos Parera) joined them from overseas.

Two of Aquiles’ former criminals, who served as informants throughout his illustrious and prosperous police tenure, join the gang. Their deceit plan lies heavily on Andrés’s friendship status with the affluent guys he associates with.

The narrative of this Argentine and Mexican joint series revolves around a family that initially appears ordinary; however, upon closer inspection, looks can be deceiving.

Aquiles is a retired officer who meticulously organizes every detail and is prepared to do anything to safeguard his family’s standing.

Marta Greco, his wife, is an intelligent and ambitious lady descended from a wealthy family. She assisted Aquiles in getting membership in esteemed and influential circles. 

Andrés becomes the center of attention as he is a professional polo player on a team with some affluent children. 

The family’s financial situation deteriorates in the wake of their business’s bankruptcy, and Aquiles resigns due to an accident that transpired during his tenure.

He limps, and everything goes wrong, making him angry and giving him malicious ideas. Despite his outward display of affection and concern for his spouse and children, an odd tension exists between them. 

The strangest of all is that nobody appears to notice what is happening.

They hold the victims captive in the bathroom of their residence and still evade capture by members of their own family. 

Andrés believes they are committing a crime and should be kind to the victims. However, there are times when we are concerned that if he loses his morals, he could become as immoral as his father.

The Puccio Family

There is a prevailing belief that the Puccios initiated the practice of abducting political adversaries during their tenure as agents of the Argentine secret service a decade ago. They then abducted wealthy individuals using the same techniques.

Three of Arquimedes Puccio’s children, Alejandro and Daniel, and three of his companions devised a scheme between 1982 and 1985 to abduct and murder four individuals. 

The sportsman Ricardo Manoukian and engineer Eduardo Aulet were both murdered despite their family paying the ransom. Businessman Emilio Naum died while trying to escape.

Nelida Bollini de Prado escaped after police ransacked the Puccio residence and discovered her in the cellar.

Adriana, one of the daughters, claimed she was unaware of the abductions and had no role in the family scheme after the police raid. The whole family was arrested on August 23, 1985.

Arqumedes Puccio got life imprisonment, but he was released in 2008. While in prison, he pursued legal practice to be a lawyer. He passed away in 2013 after suffering a stroke at the age of 82.

Alejandro Puccio unsuccessfully attempted suicide before his court appearance. He also got the same sentence but was released on parole in 2007. One year later, at the age of 49, he passed away from pneumonia.

Where to Watch the Secret of the Geco Family

Most Netflix subscribers can only view a few of the service’s movies and television programs. This is because each nation has its library of content that the renowned streaming service makes available only to those physically present in that country.

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Netflix Blocks VPNs

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Yes, the secret of the Greco Family true story is on Netflix. Thanks to the episodes, series have more time to tell a story or learn more about the characters over a movie.

Although not all inspired by actual events television programs endure for an extended period, some of the most poignant and unforgettable ones do, so you need to watch The Secret of the Greco Family.

If the content is unavailable in your country, get your VPN and enjoy this new thriller. Even if you are traveling and want to keep up with the show, a VPN will help you unlock the content.

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