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The most significant part of the body in the human body, the skin, is the largest organ in the body. 

It’s no wonder it needs care and attention, considering how much it is exposed to harmful elements. That is why dermatologists have become crucial in today’s society. 

Dermatology is the analysis, diagnosis, medication, and precluding skin-related conditions. A dermatologist is a person who diagnoses and treats these skin-related ailments. It does not have to be physical ailments such as acne or baldness. 

It can also be acid and fire-burns. A person who wants to study in the best school for dermatology must enroll in a renowned school specializing in that field of study.

Dermatology Schools In The USA

The US is not short of schools dedicated to dermatology. It only takes some research to stumble upon a list of schools for dermatology. Here are some of the top dermatology schools in the US.

  1. Yale University
  2. Pittsburgh University 
  3. California University 
  4. University of Thomas Jefferson
  5. Johns Hopkins Medical School school 
  6. Harvard Medical School 
  7. New York University 
  8. University of Medicine Alabama
  9. Wisconsin University 
  10.  Emory Medical University
  11. Northwestern University
  12. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
  13. Miami University School of Medicine Leonard M. Miller
  14. Michigan University Medical Center
  15. University of Utah
  16. Indiana University

Dermatology’s Best Schools

1. Yale


Yale University is a top-notch school known in the US and globally. It is a city in New Haven, Connecticut. 

It was established over four centuries ago and offered the best of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

As far as top dermatology schools are concerned, Yale is the best place to further a student’s career goals. It has the up-to-date infrastructure and medical labs any scientist would envy. 

Yale is a private institution, coupled with its celebrity status in the academic world. The tuition might cost an arm and a leg, but the result is worth it.

2. Pittsburgh University  

Pittsburgh University

This school is well known for its science degrees, especially biology and chemistry. It is over three centuries old, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh University is well equipped to host any aspiring dermatologist. Their lecturers and professors are some of the best in dermatology. 

The infrastructure is in place to ensure success. It prides itself in the modern, state-of-the-art imaging center.

The center is utilized to check for skin cancer, and it helps the student learn more about the condition. 

The students get first-hand experience in medical centers inside the school and outside. The bonus is medical equipment the school provides to graduates for their practice. 

3. University of California

University of California

The University of California is a relatively new school established in the late 1950s. This University was a college before it was converted.

It is in the city of Irvine, California. It is a public university, and its tuition is considerably cheap at approximately $36500.

The talent at this school rivals some of the best in the country. The University of California has a competitive publication record and research history. 

It is ranked 4th and 10th respectively. That testifies the kind of guidance and teachings you will recede from the teaching staff.

Be prepared to invest about five years in this school for dermatology. Three of which will be using it in medical centers around the State. 

4. Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University

This University is two years shy of being three centuries old. It was founded in 1824 and is a private university. 

Thomas Jefferson University is in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is relatively costly because of its private status, with tuition going up to $59000.

It’s one of the best schools for dermatology and offers its students great experience opportunities in their field of study. It is in connection to at least four hospitals and medical centers. 

The student population produces four publications per year, and the teaching staff is also known for their research projects. 

It takes just around four years to complete a dermatological course. It is divided into quarters and clinical trials, each taking two years. The student is exposed to real-life medical situations to help them excel.

5. John’s Hopkins medical school 

John’s Hopkins medical school

In Baltimore, Maryland lies one of the most prestigious universities, Johns Hopkins Medical School. It is a private university with many medical students scrambling for a spot. 

This University is a long-serving institute that was established in 1876. The tuition varies and can go up to $58000.

Johns Hopkins is known for its long-standing quality in medical research and has the top dermatology schools. Another reason Johns Hopkins is the best school for you is its flexibility. 

It can accommodate medical students at any level of their vocation. They offer dermatology hopefuls a chance at different stages of their study, including fellowship and residency at accredited institutions. 

In most cases, it doesn’t get better than Johns Hopkins. It will offer the best while steering a student in the right direction career-wise.

6. Harvard Medical School  

Harvard Medical School

Harvard is a name that has students in the US and from other parts of the world brighten up. It has built its name as one with impeccable staff and facilities.

It is in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. And has one of the best residencies a dermatology student could ever want.

Students studying dermatology are given numerous opportunities to succeed in their chosen field. One of those alternatives is a residency at the prestigious Brigham and Women’s Hospital

7. New York University

New York University

New York University has been revered as one of the best universities in charitable organizations. It also has one of the best dermatological departments at its Langone health facility.

Because students are introduced to residency early enough, the dermatology facility takes patient care and research pride. That makes it easy for the patient and the doctor to adjust to the medical field.

A dermatologist who graduates from this University is confident in their field. That is, in part, thanks to a school that puts quality first. They are equipped with the best medical equipment and infrastructure.

8. Stanford University

Stanford University

Although it is a known fact that Stanford is one of the best universities in the US and the world over, many are not aware of its outstanding dermatology school. They have invested in a faculty and infrastructure that paves the way to a successful career.

The students are trained through methods that have been researched and proven to work. They work alongside established dermatologists and professionals. They are also dealing with real-life situations in hospitals and medical centers. 

Their tuition fee is varied, but on average, a medical student will pay over $45000.

9. University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin is also a great alternative if one wants to venture into the world of schools for dermatology. They are known to take a practical approach to students and their careers, especially dermatology.

Residency provides students with exposure to the medical field. They will be more aware of the importance of best medical practices, such as patient care, resulting from this. They also gain experience with the dermatology field’s complex and straightforward nature.

 Eventually, they become professionals who can diagnose and treat skin conditions in their practices and jobs.

 The University of Wisconsin has very competitive tuition fees. An average student will pay up to $38000. 

Of course, there are other determinants like where the student is from and what course they are pursuing. 

In general, this is one of the best universities for aspiring dermatologists.

10. Emory University School of Medicine 

Emory University School of Medicine

Emory University is at the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. It is considered another excellent university for medical students in the dermatology field. They are open to students of every background, and they treat the patients with the same respect. 

When it comes to the dermatological field, they are known for their hands-on approach and holistic patient care. Students have the opportunity to learn from lecturers and well-known dermatologists. 

Some dermatologists are changed every week to ensure the student gets the best out of the process.  

The average tuition fee at Emory University is $58000. That is significantly more than the average student pays at a university in the United States. The best, on the other hand, comes at a price. 

11. Northwestern University

Northwestern University

This University also has the best dermatology-related courses. It is located in Chicago, Illinois, and has an outstanding 3-year program that focuses on dermatology. The student in this period is exposed to both outpatient and inpatient scenarios.

Any student interested in studying at this school should know their teaching style. The general view is to understand dermatology in its most straightforward and complex nature. They are also exposed to various dermatology procedures, including pediatric and ‘plastic’ surgery.

The tuition fees, on average, are $60000, which many consider very costly considering the national average.

12. The School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University

The School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University

This school is a Cleveland, Ohio-based university. It has one of the top dermatology schools in Ohio. The students are given opportunities in residency to either their career.

These residency opportunities are categorized into the MetroHealth System and University Hospitals Systems. A latter option is a holistic approach that encourages the student to work on research and deal with patients in the field.  

The program has set aside funds to support students in their research. The second option focuses more on their growth in the medical field. That is accomplished by enrolling the patient in a medically advanced class.

 The average tuition fee a student should expect to pay is $58000. Quite costly, but with quality, one should expect to pay more.

13. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine

Mayo Clinic has established itself as a global leader in the medical field. The Mayo Clinic has one of the best medical schools in the country, with an even better dermatology school. Rochester, New York is the location.

Students in the dermatology department are exposed to real-life situations as they make their way through the school. The school staff makes an effort to allow students to interact with patients suffering from various skin conditions. 

That helps them identify and know how to treat such conditions. The overall cost of studying at The Mayo Clinic is also expensive at $58900. However, they offer the best in medical training.

14. Miami University School of Medicine Leonard M. Miller

Miami University School of Medicine Leonard M. Miller

This relatively new University caters to those who want to study in the medical field. Construction started in 1952 and is in Miami, Florida. They have given a platform for those who are into dermatology and skin conditions in general. 

They offer a residency program that caters to about 20 students. These 20 students will be under 21 teaching staff members who will guide them to their career success. 

They will receive on-the-job training in hospitals with actual patients who have a variety of skin conditions and requirements. The school will expose others to the world of cosmetology.

Compared to some of the medical schools discussed, this is cheaper. It has an average tuition fee of $47000.

15. Michigan University Medical Center

Michigan University Medical Center

That is a public university in the State of Michigan. It is home to one of the State’s best dermatology schools. It is at the heart of Ann Arbor and has a student population of over 50000.

That is not just a center for the best care of patients; it also offers the best in medical training. Students learn how to treat their patients early on and become excellent dermatologists. They provide themselves with a facility that strives to research and treat skin, hair, and nail conditions. Patients find a competent and well-built institution.

Tuition fees will range depending on the course chosen. It ranges from $18000 to $34000 on average. That is under the average national cost.

16. University of Utah

University of Utah

The University of Utah is a renowned school that offers the best for every student, especially Dermatology hopefuls. It is located in Salt Lake City and is known for its quality patient care and student excellence.

The faculty is laden with dermatologists, dermatopathologists, pediatric dermatologists, and so on. This ensures that students get the best training. Coupled with residency and the best research funding, Utah university is one of the best dermatology schools in the US.

Its tuition fees vary from $27000. However, this might be lower or higher depending on the course. Visit their official website for more information.

17. Indiana University

Indiana University

The medical school in Indiana University waters for over 20 different departments with dermatology being one of them. They help students pursue their careers as well as give patients the best care.

They offer the best training in general dermatology and specialization in areas such as cosmetic dermatology and vernacular lesion. They also do research and offer substantial funding.

The average tuition fee at UI is $37000. For residents of Indiana, it is way cheaper at about $11,000.


Dermatology is not an easy field to pursue. That is why one needs to find the best institution to give the leverage one desires. Numerous schools in the United States offer dermatologists the opportunity to further their education, but only the best can guarantee success.

The list above has some of the top schools for dermatology and tuition fees to pay. We hope this list will help in your journey. It will at least give a head start on the search.

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