70 Best Places To Travel In The US: Described With Map

Traveling is fun and has several benefits to our mind and body. It can detach you from your daily routine into a new surrounding that’s full of exciting experiences. 

All this can indeed reset both mind and body. The planning process alone also has a remarkably fantastic effect on your mind and body. It boosts happiness, and this is just rewarding. 

Not only is traveling great are relieving your mind, but it’s also adding to your knowledge. It’s because you will meet several new people, with different cultures and thus learn a lot. 

Your mind will always be sharp, plus it will boost your creativity and overall personal growth. You need to know that the effects will depend on the nature of your travel. 

Regardless, traveling can also help you have a better fitness routine since you are more active. In the United States of America, there are more than 100 fantastic traveling destinations. 

Each destination has its unique characteristics and activities. However, the article only lists the 70 top places to visit in the US. 

70 Of The Best Places To Travel In The US (Described)

You can’t dispute that the travel stories are aspirational in the best of times. America has many incredibly unique places to or for your vacation days. 

The trip might involve the national parks, big city, small town or a relaxing beach. The article helps you decide on the best vacation place by listing the best 70 cool places to visit in the US. 

All the factors are considered, including weather, affordability, activities, and other travelers’ and experts’ opinions. 

1. Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and California

Lake Tahoe Nevada and California

Lake Tahoe is a scenic place that’s between Nevada and California. People love the sparkling lakeside because of the hiking trails, beautiful beaches, and class ski resorts. 

The place offers the view of the snowcapped mountain, and its water is crystal clear. The spot is ideal for adventure and nature; it’s favorable for travelers that want all-year-round activities. 

It caters to all budgets and can take different group sizes. The retreats have all offerings such as fireplaces, hot tubs, and fireplaces. 

2. Mount Rainier, Washington 

Mount Rainier Washington

The mountain is so beautiful, with a height of 14,410 feet. It’s among the tallest mountains in the Pacific Northwest and has the highest volcanic peak in the whole of America. 

Its volcanic glacier cave and alpine glacial system are pretty famous. The mountain offers an epic backdrop of the Puget Sound and the famous Seattle skyline. 

It’s also an active volcano; the last eruption was in 1894. If the day is clear, you can indeed have the view of Mount Rainier from Victoria, British Columbia. 

That’s more than 114 miles away, and the scenery from the point is always gorgeous. Overall is a great place to visit in the United States. 

It would be best to prepare well before visiting Mount Rainier since it can be perilous. Take time to learn about wildlife, hiking, and winter safety. 

3. Big Sur, California 

Big Sur California

The Big Sur is the most scenic and longest stretch on the undeveloped coastline in America. The coastline is a national treasure. Therefore special protection procedures are in place to ensure nobody develops it. 

The coastline is among the most beautiful in the world has an isolated road stretch and other mythic things. Its shoreline is always rough and has heavy waves plus violent currents. 

The beaches are inaccessible because of no development, plus the waters are always cold. Therefore swimming and the beaches are pretty dangerous. It, however, has great swimming holes; you can visit this place if you want to swim. 

4. Molokai, Hawaii

Molokai Hawaii

It’s the fifth-largest island in Hawaii. The land measure 10 miles across and 38 miles long and has the earth’s highest sea cliffs. 

The continuous and longest fringing reef is also on Molokai Island. The island has impressive hotels; beach and their meals are excellent.

5. Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

Kenai Fjords National Park Alaska

Its establishment as a national monument was in 1978. It got the national park status in 1980, and its role was to preserve the abundant wildlife, archeological and fossil remains, rainforest ecosystems, etc. 

The place is uniquely wild, and this makes it a must-visit place. Kenai is so accessible and has abundant wildlife and glaciers. 

6. Thor’s Well, Oregon 

Thor’s Well Oregon

Thor well is approximately six-meter (20 feet). The well is usually entirely covered by water or empty. 

The best time to travel to this place is before and after high tide. You will witness a splashy show when the frothy waves violently shoot from the deep and back into the hole.

7. Monument Valley, Arizona 

Monument Valley Arizona

The formation of the valley is towering sandstone rocks plus desert environment, buttes, and mesas. It’s among the world’s natural wonders. 

All these make the valley a fantastic travel place. The place is remote, and you might have to spend overnight there. The great thing is there are native guides that offer good service and will surely help you justify the detour. 

You need to know that the drive is not simple, and the place only has two lodges at the tribal Park. People book the rooms as much as a year in advance.

To make the most of your trip, it is better that you book your tours in advance so that you do not miss out on your itinerary, visit hellotickets.com to know more.

8. The Wave, Arizona

The Wave Arizona

It is among the most incredible places to visit in the US; the wave formation consists of precious and smooth sandstone. The unusual but interesting shape was made by wind and water erosion years ago. 

The rocks are associated with ecological sensitivity, and thus only twenty people can visit them daily. 

It would be best if you acquired a permit several months earlier. Alternatively, you can visit the place in the early morning and hope for luck with their lottery system. 

9. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon Arizona

Tourists love this place, and it is one of the best tourist destinations. A visit to this place will offer you an experience that will create a lifelong memory. 

You can opt for a day trip to the beautiful place for those planning to stay in Las Vegas. It will help you get out of the city life and do some interestingly unique outdoor activities.  

The landscape has several geological features, and its archeological history is impressive. 

10. Zion National Park, Utah 

Zion National Park Utah

The Park’s highlight is an expansive canyon. It has an average of 2,000 feet deep and has several activities such as hiking on its floor. 

The hiking activity takes place in areas known as the subway and narrows. There are other spectacular features, such as the natural rock arches

You can visit the Park at any time since it’s always open year-round. April through February is the most popular month to visit the place. 

During these months, the shuttle buses are always running to the place. It’s usually so crowded in fall, spring, and summer than winter. If you visit the place in winter, you’ll still find several activities. 

11. Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Horseshoe Bend Arizona

The quiet cliff offers an expansive view of the dramatic Colorado River and bends 1000 meters above. The place is quite beautiful and is among the best places to visit in Arizona. 

You will get the best view during the mid-day or late morning, and it’s because the river and bend are usually in shadow during other times. During or slightly before sunset, the sun will be in your eyes. Therefore, the bend will be in the shadow.  

12. Bryce Canyon, Utah

Bryce Canyon Utah

The Bryce Amphitheater is quite famous and is known as the home to the massive hoodoo’s concentration on earth. 

The hoodoos are the major geological features of the famous Bryce Canyon, and it attracts millions of tourists yearly. 

During the day, you will join other adventurers in a web of trails on horseback or foot. With just one visit of escaping the crowd, you will indeed become a fan. 

13. Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Antelope Canyon Arizona

The wonderful place is just outside Page, a city that feels like a small town in Northern Arizona. The antelope canyon formation was due to wind and water erosion and is known for the mystical wavy rocks.

 During the day, there is a spectacular view. The light beams do illuminate canyon walls. It’s the perfect photo opportunity. You need to know that it’s a sacred place and is at the heart of Navajo. Therefore you’ll need a tour guide. 

14. Valley of Fire, Nevada

Valley of Fire Nevada

The ride to the rock formation is long but worth it. You will enjoy the walk windswept beauty and then contemplate the infinite place once home to the Native Americans. 

If you get into the Park in your car, you’ll have to pay $5. It has striking scenery that ranks it among the best places to travel in the US. 

15. Skagit Valley Tulip Fields, Washington 

Skagit Valley Tulip Fields Washington

You need to visit the tulip field in the US because it’s so interesting. It has gift shop hours from nine to seven, during the festival. 

The best time to visit this place is during the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. The festival officially launches from 1st to 30th April. Other fields do open earlier, and that’s in 30th March are can also stay late to 6th May. People love seeing the tulips bloom. 

16. Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

The Joshua tree is undoubtedly a place you must visit. It has unique Joshua trees and boulders, cholla cactus, and many more. Overall the Park is incredibly diverse and has something that different people can enjoy. 

In addition, it offers a habitat for several lizards, insects, and mammals, making it an essential part of the Mojave Desert ecosystem. Joshua tree forest is all about beauty, resilience, and survival. 

17. Sequoia National Park, California

Sequoia National Park California

It’s the place to travel to if you are a tree hugger. The pack has giant sequoia trees, lakes, and canyons. The world’s most giant tree, known as the General Sherman tree, is in this Park. 

The tree is 275 feet which equates to 83 meters, and has a base diameter of 36 feet, which equates to 11 meters. 

Therefore, the National Park has fourteen campsites and is an excellent place for outdoor activities. 

18. Multnomah Falls, Oregon

Multnomah Falls Oregon

The Multnomah Falls is impressive has great underground springs that lead to falls. There are various unique activities at Multnomah Falls, such as incredible hiking. The waterfall is year-round and drops 611-foot. 

The Multnomah Falls is accessible using two hiking trails connecting a pretty bridge. Overall it’s a top spot and the most relaxed spot to check out in the United States.

19. Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park California

Yosemite is a great place to clear your mind, the best time to visit is May and September. During these months, the Park is so accessible and not crowded. 

Most Yosemite trails and roads usually close for most of the year because of snow. Ensure you spend at least four days in each Park and three days in sequoia-kings to enjoy the place.

20. The Palouse, Idaho, and Washington

The Palouse Idaho and Washington

The Palouse offers a unique spectacle through Idaho and Washington. The place doesn’t have any continual ridges or valleys. 

The hills were a result of windblown silt. It has an agricultural landscape the people compare with Tuscany. 

21. Yellowstone National Park, Montana, and Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park Montana and Wyoming

You can do several things at Yellowstone since it has several places to visit. Some fantastic places are Hayden valley, old faithful inn, grand prismatic spring, etc. 

According to reviews, the west entrance is the best place to visit at the yellow stone. You will have access to different level lodgings, and there are lots of activities and attractions.

22. Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico

The place is surprisingly unique and is a must-visit place. The National Park has more than 119 unique caves, and each has a special feature and story. 

You will also visit the limestone chambers beneath the Chihuahua desert cacti and the rocky canyons. 

The significant part of the cave is the big room and measures 1220 meters (4000 feet) long and 191m (635 meters) wide. Limestone walls are expansive and make one of the best places to travel in the US. 

23. Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park Montana

The place is worth a visit since the Park offers a lot. It’s not only about glaciers; you will also experience its fantastic wildlife, lakes, alpine meadows, beautiful hikes, and many more activities. 

July and August is the ideal time to travel to the National Park, and it’s always the visitors’ peak. Remember to pack a good rain jacket and layers when visiting this place. 

The temperature is usually as low as 80 degrees and night temperatures 40 degrees during the daytime. 

24. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Grand Teton National Park Wyoming

Hands down, September is the ideal time to tour the Grand Teton national park. The fall comes with a burst of vibrant colors. It ushers in the rut season with extraordinary bugles of the bull elk. 

Grand Teton receives high visitor numbers yearly. It can be tricky to find parking inside the Park during peak hours. To avoid crowding and get parking inside the Park, arrive before 9 am or after 4 pm. 

25. Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness, Colorado

Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness Colorado

The maroon bell is usually known as the most photographed North American peak. It’s an extraordinary place that no one should wish to miss. 

Consider using a bike or shuttle bus from Aspen Highlands to view the maroon bells best. The landscape is rocky and covered with golden aspens, lakes, cascades, and many more. 

26. White Sands National Monument, New Mexico

White Sands National MonumentNew Mexico

It has excellent wave-like dunes covering several miles of the desert (around 275 square miles). Therefore it’s the world’s most extensive gypsum dune field. 

The most significant part of the dune field is in the National Park, plus it has other animals and plants.  

27. Badlands in South Dakota

Badlands in South Dakota

It is one of the wealthiest world fossil beds in this Park. It is also valuable for scientists to study different mammal species evolution, such as rhinos and horses. 

The badlands are habitats for many mammals, butterflies, birds, amphibians, and reptile species. Badlands national park scenery is stunning. 

You need to know that hiking traits tend to get hot and thus always carry water with you. Hiking is not the only activity in this place; there are other amazing things to do. 

28. Hamilton Pool Preserve, Texas

Hamilton Pool Preserve Texas

The pool preserve is always open all year; however, it closes during certain holidays. Meaning you can visit it anytime and possibly swim. The waters at this place are usually cold during winter. 

You have to make everyday reservations from March to October and November to February. Remember to carry water shoes and hiking shoes plus water. 

29. Big Bend National Park, Texas

Big Bend National Park Texas

People always refer to this place as “Gift to the Nation.” The National Park is known for its recreational opportunities and natural resources. It also has an incredible cultural history. 

The best time to visit this Park is during spring and fall. The temperature is cool at night and mild during the day. The Park’s busiest days are March because the weather conditions are favorable.

30. Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana 

Atchafalaya Basin Louisiana

It’s the basin in the south-central United States and is home and the place where bald eagles nest. The basin harbors more than 100 different fish species and aquatic life. 

The annual commercial harvest of crawfish is usually almost 22 million pounds. The camping option is also; has various sites to pitch your tent. 

31. Stowe, Vermont

Stowe Vermont

People refer to it as the Ski Capital of the east. It’s pretty famous for its unique terrain. However, it’s also known to be the birthplace of alpine skiing. 

They did cut trails on the mountain in 1933. The other activity starting here is the nation’s oldest ski patrol. 

32. The Berkshires, Massachusetts 

The Berkshires Massachusetts

The place is known for outdoor activities such as water sports and hiking. Plus, there are different natural experiences. 

33. Central Park, New York City

Central Park New York City

The designers of the Park were Calvert Vaux and Law Olmsted. Central Park did influence the construction of urban parks nationwide. 

People regard it as a landscape architecture masterpiece. Central Park is a New York City scenic landscape and a National Historic Landscape. 

34. Niagara Falls, New York  

Niagara Falls New York

Visiting and walking into Niagara Falls is free, and the place is open all year. You will see falls and other unique activities to enjoy inside the Park. 

35. The Poconos, Pennsylvania 

The Poconos Pennsylvania

The place is lovely and is suitable for hiking, golfing, canoeing, bird watching, and many more. 

The small towns surrounding the Poconos are exciting and have loving people. They visit the place a true delight.

36. Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina, Georgia

Blue Ridge Mountains North Carolina Georgia

It’s among the most remarkable mountains in the North Georgia region. The mountain features vibrant art scenes have plenty of outdoor adventure. 

It has excellent restaurants, the Blue Ridge railway, and the national forest. There is simply something for everyone. 

37. Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Dry Tortugas National Park Florida

The trip to Dry Tortugas will surely leave you with a new experience. If you are a new visitor, spend at least three to four days enjoying to the fullest. The boat ride is usually long but mind relaxing. 

38. Turnip Rock Michigan

Turnip Rock Michigan

Source: advancelocal-adapter-image-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com

You can only access the place using a kayak or canoe, which means you’ll start experiencing fan early. However, it’s because the property that surrounds Turnip is private.  

39. Smokey Mountains, North Carolina, and Tennessee

Smokey Mountains North Carolina and Tennessee

The part covers western North Carolina and East Tennessee. Start by visiting the North Carolina side because of its extraordinary scenic. Plus, there are chances of spotting elk and many hiking opportunities. 

40. Apostle Islands National Lake Show, Wisconsin 

Apostle Islands National Lake Show Wisconsin 

Visiting this place is simply one of Wisconsin’s amazing things to do. During winter, the conditions are usually satisfactory, and you have the chance of visiting the apostle islands’ ice caves. 

You’ll need a two-mile hike and get a unique experience to get to the place.  

41. Acadia National Park, Maine

Acadia National ParkMaine

The Park is named after a French settler and is the nation’s easternmost national Park. At Acadia national park, you’ll be able to see the sunrise daily. 

It’s worth stopping and enjoying the view at Acadia. The National Park is quite famous in the USA; therefore there’s a possibility of crowds and worse during summer.

42. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod Massachusetts

The place is famous for its laid-back fun, lobster rolls, and sandy beaches. It has also inspired several amazing and unique products and brands because of the seaside life. 

It’s among the world’s best summer vacation spots. It has a laid-back lifestyle, beautiful beaches, and a connection to Kennedy’s.

43. Newport, Rhode Island

Newport Rhode Island

The place is beautiful, and you can visit it any time of the year. The area remains the perfect vacation destination and has a rich history. You’ll enjoy shopping and good food. 

44. The Catskills 

The Catskills

Catskills has breathtaking natural attractions such as scenic vistas, waterfalls, etc. Other remarkable things and activities include ski resorts, hiking trails, rivers, lakes, etc. You will have enough to explore. You also need to know that there are 98 peaks in this place. 

45. Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May New Jersey

The city has a humid subtropical climate. It has mild winters and humid and hot summers. The city’s community is around 4000 people and has a beautiful and very peaceful community. 

46. Burlington, Vermont

Burlington Vermont

Vermont helps you connect with nature and get a chance to spend on the farm. Other than great nature it has the essential things like other big cities. There are arrays of restaurants and bars with slinging creative drinks. 

47. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo New York

Buffalo is famous for its restaurants and brewery. Today the visual arts scenes are making the city famous. The art is gaming changing and is entirely indigenous art. 

48. Black Hills, Dakota

Black Hills Dakota

The western Sioux Indians sacred territory is also a good hunting ground. Plus, it packs other unique activities that you’ll surely enjoy. 

49. Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Alabama

Birmingham is the founding city for veteran day recognition. It hosts the oldest and largest veterans day in the nation. 

It’s the only place in the world with all iron-making ingredients, which are limestone, iron, and coal, and they’re all within a ten-mile radius. 

50. Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky Montana

The big sky is popularly known as Big Sky Resort. It encompasses 5800 acres, making it the home of the biggest and best skiing in the US. 

51. Astoria, Oregon

Astoria Oregon

The city is famous for being the setting stage of the Goonies film in 1985. If you love nature and history, it’s the city to visit. It has several trails, plus you get to learn about the evolution of firefighting through the years.

52. Alaska Coast

Alaska Coast

You’ll experience the lively gold rush, whales, glaciers, and many more at this coast, plus the fantastic Alaska native art scenes. You will get all this experience in the comfort of the cruise ship.

53. Cincinnati, Ohio

Cincinnati Ohio

It is famous for its culture, chili, and sports teams. It’s the home to the first American baseball team and hosts orchestra, theater, and ballet shows. 

The locals and tourists love and go crazy over Cincinnati’s iconic chili. The chili has some Greek influences.

54. Delaware


The place has scenic beauty, and other amazing things are it has low taxes and is thus affordable. It’s a beautiful place to visit. 

55. Denver’s Lower Highlands 

Denver’s Lower Highlands

The highland is a fantastic place to travel in the US since it has that urban feel. There are many coffees, restaurants, bars, etc. and thus you’ll enjoy your stay here.

56. Florida’s Middle Keys

Florida’s Middle Keys

It offers you an almost Caribbean vacation feel. It’s a laid-back island, and visiting it will help you connect with one of America’s fragile ecosystems. 

57. Fort Worth, Texas 

Fort Worth Texas 

It’s the home to the oldest US show and rodeo. It is famous for hosting the twice-daily cattle drive in the world. 

58. Galena Illinois

Galena Illinois

Galena is simply a fan city to visit. It was a wealthy mining city back then, but it dried up. It then became a ghost town but has been under restoration. 

Eighty-five percent of its buildings are historic and have steep rolling hills.

59. Grand Staircase-Escalante, Utah

Grand Staircase-Escalante Utah

The national monument is on the scenic highway. You will have the best hikes plus it has a vast national park with lots of amazing things. Therefore it’s a place worth visiting.

60. The Gulf Coast

The Gulf Coast

The white sand beach has clear aquamarine water, and the palms gently sway. The place offers you the perfect scene typical of the Caribbean paradise. To enjoy the place you should consider a road trip.

61. Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis Indiana

The city has excellent developments; several companies, university campuses, museums, etc. It also has the world’s largest children’s museum, and this makes it a great place to visit with your family. Yearly, it hosts the world’s most significant single-day sporting in America.

62. Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Missouri

The city is known for its impressive fountains, jazz heritage, and barbecue. It also has several museums, such as the American jazz museum and the Nelson-Atkins museum, with almost 40,000 artworks. If you love art and jazz, then you should visit Kansas City. 

63. Las Vegas

Las Vegas

The city is internationally known as a major resort city. The popular things in Las Vegas are nightlife, entertainment, shopping, gambling, etc. 

The city is the world’s entertainment capital and has some famous mega-casino hotels. In addition to all the fun, Las Vegas is a very safe city. 

Police surveillance has increased, and therefore it’s a safe landmark for tourists. 

64. Lexington Kentucky

Lexington Kentucky

The city is famous for horse farms and has unique race tracks such as Keene land. The Kentucky horse park has the international horse museum, several equine breeds, and the champion hall.  

65. Lopez Island, Washington

Lopez Island Washington

The island is famous for biking and other unique activities. Each April, the island hosts a fundraiser, and people come from the Pacific Northwest to bike here.

66. Miami


It has beautiful sand beaches, delicious cuisine, a warm climate, Cuban coffee, and many more. Most tourists come for the famous attractions: the zoo Miami, Little Havana, Miami Beach, Deering estate, and many more.

67. Nantucket 


The small island is in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The dune beaches make it an ideal summer destination. 

68. New Orleans 

New Orleans 

The Louisiana city is on the Mississippi River, and people call it “Big Easy.” 

If you want to experience the clock nightlife, historical cuisines, and vibrant live music, you should visit New Orleans. The history at this place reflects American, African, and French cultures. 

69. Northwest Arkansas

Northwest Arkansas

The place is a fantastic travel destination because of several reasons. It has the Ozark Mountains plus its natural scenery also makes it rank highly.

70. Oahu, Hawaii 

Oahu Hawaii

The United States Island is in the central pacific. Highlights of the city are Punchbowl and historic china town. 

You will also experience fantastic nightlife dining and has the iconic Waikiki beach.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Traveling 

People love traveling because it’s fun. You will enjoy peaceful breakfasts, new experiences, long walks, memories, people, etc. Traveling will make you feel happy and alive. 

Travelling nourishes your mind and body by lowering stress anxiety and reducing the chances of heart disease. Here are more benefits of traveling. 

1. Peace of mind

Most people live in the city. Here daily routines involve driving through urban landscapes or using crowded public transport. It’s always about chasing tight schedules. 

All these lead to stress accumulation and burnouts that make people feel dissatisfied. Finding an adventure is the only thing that will help you, and traveling can be helpful. 

It will help you disconnect from the daily boring routine, therefore, allowing your mind to reset.

2. Improves Communication Skills 

It’s even better for international travelers. If you are a traveler, then you’ve probably been to places that do not speak your national language. In some situations, you’ll have to be quite ingenious when relating to the locals. 

You will also need a lot of gestures and pointing, more so when you want to make a purchase or look for directions. After some time, you might pick up a few valuable words. 

You will also learn about different and new ways of life and lifestyle. Plus, traveling a lot makes you more enjoyable too. After the travel, almost everyone will want to listen to your adventures.  

3. Enhances Creativity

Traveling indeed takes you out of your comfort zone. It is better when you travel to a place you’ve never been to before. With everything looking different, you will have new stimuli on all your senses. 

The view of new and beautiful landscapes will leave you with a fantastic experience. The different scent smells, food tastes, and other small challenges will affect your creativity. 

With traveling, your brain gets a new novelty introduction, which undoubtedly improves your cognition. 

You might face new challenges in your escapades that will surely need solutions. Therefore this forces you to think harder and, in the process, boosts your creativity. 

4. Real-Life Education 

Books have lots of information; they have facts and illustrations. You will only get ideas about new people and places from the book. 

Travelling allows you to meet people, taste different foods, hear music, and touch some of the things you read about, like pyramids. 

5. Fun

The journey preparation alone raises certain happiness levels. It’s because you are looking forward to something fan like you have better expectations. 

Trips will help you break from your routine activities, which simply gives you a positive feel. You will be able to see amazing sceneries, sleep slate, and have some fantastic new meals. 

The positive experiences indeed reduce stress or burnout.

6. Better health

Traveling breaks your daily routines and allows you to take naps etc. It ensures you have better mental health. 

Another thing is that traveling involves movement because it has several activities such as hiking, cycling, and swimming. 

All these exercises boost your heart, bones, and muscles health. Plus, it increases your energy levels. Daily routines can be pretty tight to the extent of missing meals or eating frozen foods and fast foods. 

Therefore you never get a healthy diet. So when traveling, you will have access to different healthy foods that are equally delicious. 

The outdoor activities also allow you to get enough sunlight that’s important to your health, plus you’ll have a breath of fresh air.

7. Self-realization and actualization 

With traveling, there are a lot of changes around you, that’s from the climate to people. Therefore you will have to adjust to deal with the uncertainty and changes. 

You will realize that flexibility is crucial to survival here. Other than traveling, change is a crucial part of human life. You should have the ability to change according to circumstances and adapt to new things. 

Life and job can be frustrating if you aren’t ready to embrace change. The new challenges you’ll face in traveling will help you learn and understand your strengths. You can test your limits. Plus you’ll also learn about what you like and don’t like. 

8. Great memories 

The real-life experience is more memorable than what you read or hear. You will have great memories if you visit beautiful places and this can change how you feel. 

Remember, memories are a huge part of human life. The positive memories mean a happy life. Plus, you should always take pictures for your albums; they will offer the best reminder. Your cheerful face and that of your family members are enough to make your day better. 

9. Improves your human connection

Books and the internet do not give us the chance to meet new people. You can do it through the internet, but it’s pretty limiting. Traveling around the world, however, allows you to meet different people. 

They all have different beliefs and ideologies, which help you, learn new things about them, thus appreciating their cultures. 


Vacations are fun, but now you have to decide where to go. Choosing the top travel destinations in the US can be pretty tricky. There are many places where to travel in the US. 

You need to know that proper timing is so vital for vacations. It’s pretty frustrating visiting your dream destination only to find out that you have missed the most important and exciting event. 

The article lists the best places to go USA. The places are safe, excellent, and open all year round. Plus you will enjoy various activities such as hot springing skating.

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
Francis Stein is a writer and traveler who has already traveled most of the states of America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, and he hopes to continue traveling the world in search of adventure. Francis enjoys writing about his experiences as a way of sharing his love for exploration with others.


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