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The rate of violent crimes in the US has increased significantly during the pandemic period. Consequently, some cities have become more dangerous than others due to the rate of crimes and the probability of being a victim.

Crime rates in the US differ from one city to the other. Some cities have high crime rates while others have very low. 

A violent crime is when a person attempts, threatens or causes physical harm to property or another person. 

A violent crime can be done with a means to end or objectively. Here you will find a list of the most dangerous cities in the US.

Some crimes are also severe and can be categorized based on weapons used or none, injuries on the victims, and prior criminal records of the perpetrator. 

Violent crimes include sexual assault, homicide, manslaughter, terrorism, rape, kidnapping, airplane hijacking, and shootings.

With the US being a big country, crimes are not everywhere; they are widespread in various states and cities. 

List Of The Most Dangerous Cities In The US

1. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit Michigan.

According to crime reports of 2021, Detroit, Michigan, is top of the list of the highest crime cities in the US. 

Detroit’s crime rate stands at 2,007.8 cases for every 100,000 residents. In 2018, the city recorded 261 homicides.

 In the list of the most dangerous cities, only Detroit falls into large or mid-size cities with a violent crimes rate of above 2000.

The city’s population is just below 700,000 people and has high levels of unemployment of 9.0%, with at least 37.9% of its people living below the poverty line. 

This is why the city had 13,500 violent crime cases in 2018, a number bigger than cities with double its population.

2. Memphis, TN

Memphis TN

Memphis is the second most dangerous US city in violent crimes. The city has recorded many homicide cases in the past year. 

Memphis has reported annual crime rates at 51,856, accounting for 36,538 for property and 15,318 for violent crimes. This accounts for 81.91 crimes per 1000 residents.

In 2021, Memphis also reported just 311 homicide cases.

3. Birmingham, AL

Birmingham AL

In 2021, the number of homicide cases in Birmingham increased compared to 2020. The city recorded a total of 132, which is the highest number for the past more than a decade. This was an increase by ten as compared to the previous year.

Birmingham also has a record of 3,334 violent crimes and 10,011 property crimes. The crime rate per 1000 people stands at 66.48.

4. Baltimore, MD

Baltimore MD

Baltimore, MD, is the third most dangerous city in the US. The city has done a great job-fighting crimes in the past year, but the rate has been so high. Baltimore has a record of 315 homicides for 2021, increasing from 2020.

However, the rate of clearing such cases increased as investigators solved 41.6% of all the homicide cases compared to just 38.4% the previous year. 

The city of Baltimore still has 27,902 crimes, with 9,532 being towards other people and 18,370 on property. It has a rate of 47.64 crimes per 1000 people.

5. St. Louis, MO

St. Louis MO

St. Louis had 195 homicide cases reported in 2021. Although this was a drop from 262 cases reported in the previous yr, the city still ranks at number 5 in cities with the highest crime rates. 

In the past year, the city’s total number of crimes stands at 23,416 cases, where 17,399 are on the property, and 6,017 are on people. The crime rate is 77.64 for every 1000 people St. Louis residents.

Statistics also show that as of last year, the probability of suffering a crime in St. Louis stood at 1 out of 50 for personal violent crimes and 1 out of 17 for property crimes.

6. Kansas City, MO

Kansas City MO

Kansas City has a crime probability of 1 out of 64 for personal violent crimes and 1 out of 24 for property crimes. 

The Kansas City Metro reported 244 homicide cases in 2021, where more than half of these killings came from Kansas City, Missouri. It also accounted for the highest number in the city’s history.

Data also indicate that a firearm was used in 93% of the homicide cases. It also shows that 613 firearms were stolen from various vehicles within Kansas City in the same year, which accounts for a rise of 19% compared to the previous yr.

7. Cleveland, OH

Cleveland OH

Cleveland gets position 7 for it had 170 homicides in 2021. It was one of the highest numbers recorded in the city, just surpassing the highest one found in 1991 of 175 cases. 

The city of Cleveland recorded a rise in the number of shootings where there were no deaths. There was a 4% increase in shooting cases in 2021 as compared to 2020, according to police reports. Cleveland recorded 1,508 shooting cases in 2021.

Out of the total cases of homicide reported, 94%, which is 160 cases, were gunfire-related. The police department seized over 3,000 guns within the same year, a rise of 33% from 2020.

8. Little Rock, AR

Little Rockn AR

The city of Little Rock had 64 homicides cases in 2021. It was a rise when compared to the previous year. With the city experiencing retaliation cases, it is clear why the crime rate increased by 22%. The city of Little Rock has an operation for a cease-fire that made 61 arrests just within May the last yr.

Police recorded collecting 750 illegal firearms in 2021. Statistics show that the probability of experiencing a violent personal crime in Little Rock stands at 1 in 55, while property crime is at one out of 21.

9. Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee WI

Milwaukee’s annual crime count stands at a total of 26,101 for both people and property. The crime rate is 45.22 crimes for every 1000 residents of the city. 

In 2021, the city of Milwaukee recorded over190 homicides which is a rise from the previous 2020 yr. 

Statistics also show that you will have 1 out of 63 chances of suffering a violent crime in Milwaukee. Such crimes include rape, assault, robbery, or even murder.

In 2021, Milwaukee also recorded over 740 shootings, although not all of them resulted in fatalities.

10. Stockton, CA

Stockton CA

In 2021, the number of homicides recorded in Stockton was 39, dropping from 56 in the previous year. It happened as the authorities rushed to get as many guns out off the streets as possible.

However, Stockton remains one of the most dangerous cities in the US as it recorded the highest number of violent crimes in California. 

You have 1 in 79 chances of suffering a violent crime and 1 out of 32 chances of property crime in Stockton.

11. Springfield, Missouri

Springfield Missouri

Springfield is one of the cities in the US with the highest violent crime rate as it stands at 1,519.2 per every 100,000 people. 

The number is 314.29% higher than the country’s rate of 366.7 for every 100,000 people. In the city of Springfield, the chances of becoming a violent crime victim are 1 out of 65.8, while for the property is 1 out of 14 chances.

In 2021, the city recorded 26 homicides, where only 13 of the criminals got charges. There were 28 officer killings during the same year, and the FBI categorized 22 as murder. Springfield’s number of rape cases also stood at 356 in 2019, 5 times the national average.

12. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque New Mexico

With a crime rate of 111 per 10,000 residents, Albuquerque takes position 12 of the most dangerous cities in America. 

In Albuquerque, the chances of suffering a violent personal crime are 1 in every 75, while property crime is 1 out of 20. 

Data by the police department show that there has been a rise in the number of homicides in Albuquerque by 30%. 

It also shows that homicides in the city accounted for half of all cases reported in the state. The city is the largest in New Mexico and had 117 killings in 2021, a 46% rise compared to the previous year.

13. San Bernardino, California

San Bernardino California

The rate of violent crimes in San Bernardino has increased in the past two years. There has also been a 17% rise in the cases of homicides. 

The crimes included here are robbery, rape, homicide, aggravated assault, and property felonies. The city recorded 9,570 total violent cases in 2021. 3,315 of those cases were personal violent cases, while the rest, 6,255, were property-related cases.

The crime rate in San Bernardino in 2021 stood at 43.09 for every 1000 residents. Statistics show that the chances of falling victim to a violent crime are 1 in every 67 chances and 1 out of 36 for property crimes.

14. Oakland, California

Oakland California

Oakland is the second city in California to experience a rise in violent crimes in 2021. The city department of police indicated a rise in burglaries, assaults, shootings, and robberies compared to 2020. 2021 recorded the highest number of homicides in Oakland in the past 15 years, at 134 cases.

According to the Oakland police report on crime, Temescal, Oakland Hills, and Montclair experienced 46 shootings resulting in injuries and 12 fatalities. 

In some cases, the shootings involved multiple victims. Eighty-three non-fatal shootings were reported for West Oakland and downtown, and 17 people died. 

East Oakland had the highest homicides recording 105 and 448 shootings injuries. By 2021, the city experienced 3,320 shootings in total.

15. Anchorage, Alaska

Anchorage Alaska

Anchorage is yet another city in the US with a high crime rate, making it dangerous. In 2020, for example, the city had a rate of 1,171 crimes for every 100,000 residents. 

The figure was thrice the national rate. The city reported a total of 3,576 violent crimes the same year. 

The rate of murder crimes in 2020 in Anchorage stood at 5.9 for every 100,000 residents. During this year, the city also reported 48 homicides. 

The chances of suffering a violent crime in Anchorage stand at 1 for every 84 and 1 for every 29 for property crimes.

16. Rockford, Illinois

Rockford Illinois

Rockford experienced a significant rise in the crime rate in 2021, making it plead with residents to cooperate with the justice department on the offenders. 

The city’s assaults cases rose by 18%, while the number of thefts rose by 17%. Cases of shots fired rose by 29%.

During the same year, the police were able to recover more than 241 guns which was an increase from the previous year. 

By 2021, Rockford experienced 11 homicides which was a drop from 2020. However, the overall crime rate increased by 13%. Another type of crime that increased was traffic fatalities. Nineteen motorcyclists and pedestrians died in 2021.

17. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Louisiana

The year 2021 ended with New Orleans on the spot after recording 218 murder cases, according to the police department. 

During this year, the number of carjackings and shootings also increased. Seven police officers in New Orleans were involved in shootings.

The chances of a violent personal crime in New Orleans now stand at 1 out of 74. In comparison, the chances of experiencing a property crime are 1 out of 21. 

The city also recorded 23,319 crime cases, with 18,098 being property and 5,221 being violent crimes. The crime rate in the city stands at 60.73 for every 1000 residents.

18. Wichita, Kansas

Wichita Kansas

The number of crimes in Wichita puts it in this position in the list of the most violent cities in the US. 

The city has 24, 839 cases of violent crimes in 2021. Property crimes accounted for 20,101, and person crimes were 4,738. The city has a rate of 62.48 for every 1000 of its residents.

As a result, Wichita’s chances of experiencing a violent personal crime is 1 in every 84. And for property, crimes are 1 in every 20. 

The most dangerous areas of Wichita include Northeast Millar, Mudrock, Planeview United, Matlock Heights, Mead, and Jones Park.

19. Lansing, Michigan

Lansing Michigan

In 2020, Lansing reported an increase in the rate of crime. The city chief of police attributed the trend to pandemics and riots fueled by racial inequalities. Additionally, the city of Lansing had 5,319 violent cases in 2021. Three thousand six hundred five cases were of property crime, while 1,714 cases were from personal violence. The city also had a rate of 47.22 for every 1000 people.

In 2021, 24 people died in Lansing, which is a rise from the previous year. Lansing’s chances of a violent personal crime now stand at 1 in every 70 chances. 

20. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville Tennessee

In 2021, Nashville recorded more than 24 homicides, with 53 people arrested for the cases. The city department was able to investigate 13 out of the total homicides. 

The number of shootings in the city has also risen in the past year, with more people with illegal firearms arrested. 

The city probability of a violent crime now stands at 1 out of 86 while the property is at 1 out 25 chances. Nashville recorded 35,787 violent crimes in 2021. The city has a crime rate of 51.91 for every 1000 residents.

21. Houston, Texas

Houston Texas

The city of Houston, Texas, experienced a significant rise in the number of homicides in 2021. The city had an 18% rise in homicides in 2021 compared to 2020. 

This is as the city recorded 473 cases in 2021. Compared to 2019, this was almost double as there were only 277 in that year. 

In Houston, Texas, the crime rate for people now stands at 1 in every 78 chances and for the property is 1 out of 23. 

The city had 128 767 violent cases reported in 2021. 29, 542 cases involved people, while 99,225 were property crimes.

22. Chattanooga, Tennessee

Chattanooga Tennessee

The number of gun-related violent cases in Chattanooga rose by 5% in 2021. Chattanooga is a mid-sized town experiencing a rise in the number of violent cases in the past year. The city recorded 311 guns stolen from vehicles in 2021, with 174 in unlocked cars. 

The rate of violent crimes among the residents of Chattanooga has risen, with the current rating being 79.19 for every 1000 residents. 

The city’s crime count was 14,342 in 2021, with 2,507 being on human beings. The trend is due to the poverty levels, worse than the national average.

23. Beaumont, Texas

Beaumont Texas

Beaumont, Texas, is among the topmost dangerous metro regions in the US. The city received 606 violent crime incidents per 100,000 residents. The city of Beaumont has had a rise in the number of cases of violent crimes.

Beaumont, Texas, has received up to 5,335, with property crimes accounting for 3,904 and violent ones being 1,431. 

The chances of suffering a personal crime are 1 in every 81 chances, and the property is 1 in 30. The rise in the cases has been in homicide, robbery, rape, and aggravated assault.

24. Peoria, Illinois

Peoria Illinois

Peoria, Illinois, is yet another city that ranks as one of the most dangerous cities in the US due to its rise in violent crimes. 

The areas reported a rate of 40.62 crimes per 1000 of its residents. In 2021, 4,596 crimes were reported in Peoria, and 1,084 cases involved crimes on people.

For the city of Peoria, the chances of experiencing a property crime are now at 1 in every 32 chances. While the chances for a person to fall victim is 1 in every 104 chances.

25. Odessa, Texas

Odessa Texas

The city of Odessa, Texas, received nine homicide cases in 2021. 478 cases of aggravated assaults were also reported in the same year, while theft cases were 1,971. The city also had 18 cases of accident fatalities.

However, Odessa’s violent crime average figures are higher than the nation’s average by 108%. The current city data shows 806 incidents reported for every 100,000 people, which is the highest figure in Texas. 

As a result, the probability of suffering a property crime in Odessa is 1/36, while violent personal crime is at 1/110.

26. Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock Texas

Lubbock is among the most dangerous cities in the Us and Texas. The city of Lubbock has a crime rate average higher than the national average. 

In 2019, 1008 cases of violent crimes were recorded for every 100,000 Lubbock residents. During the same year, 268 rape cases were reported.

Lubbock’s crime rate has also increased by 10% in the past year. In 2021, the city had 13,858 crime cases where 11,002 involved property while 2,856 involved people. Currently, the crime rate stands at 53.89 for every 1000 people in Lubbock.

27. Buffalo, New York

Buffalo New York.

Buffalo happens to be the first city in New York to fall on this list. Shootings in the city of Buffalo have increased in the year 2021. The city reported 295 shootings in 2021. The total number of homicides accounted for 60.

Police data show that the rise in crimes in the city of Buffalo is due to an increase in the number of guns on the streets. 

Data also show that Buffalo city received the highest number of crimes and killings during the first two months of 2021.

28. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge Louisiana

The chances of becoming a violent personal crime in Baton Rouge stand at 1/108 while the property is at 1/21. 

The city recorded 12,916 crimes in 2021, and 10,819 were on the property while 2,097 were on people. The crime rate in Baton stands at 56.78 for every 1000 people.

The city of Baton Rouge also experienced 121 homicides in 2021. This accounted for one of the highest figures in Louisiana. 

Although the city police department has put measures to reduce crime, the figures are still high compared to other cities.


The above-listed most violent cities in the US have similarities. The violent crime rate has increased in the past one or two years, the number of homicides is higher than in the other cities, and the number of shootings has also increased. 

Although authorities are putting measures to reduce violent crimes, these cities still have a high danger level compared to others in the country.

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