Investigations Launched For Republicans Who Sent Fake Electors To Congress

The federal prosecutors have launched an investigation after the Republicans attempted to disrupt the election results by sending fake slates of Trump electors to Congress. 

Lisa Monaco, the deputy attorney general, shared that the justice department began the investigation after receiving recommendations on the issue. 

“We are going to follow the facts and the law wherever they lead to address the conduct of any kind and at any level that is part of an assault on our democracy,” Monaco said. 

Since the 2020 elections, Trump has accused the state and election officials of rigging the election results. He believes that he won the presidential elections, but because of foul play, he lost to Biden. 

Trump’s supporters issued the fake slates because they wanted the congressional leaders to delay the authorization of Biden’s victory on January 6, 2021.  

The republicans sent the fake slates to seven states that Biden had claimed victory. Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, and Pennsylvania are the seven states. 

The republicans who left a paper trail when they sent their phony certificates to both the national archives and Congress are at risk of being prosecuted for the attempt of altering the election results. 

The investigation aims at finding the fake trump electors, although they are focused more on finding the ones who planned the scheme.

Democratic attorneys from Michigan and New Mexico have now asked federal prosecutors to establish whether drawing up the false certificates amounted to a crime. Their referrals seem to have prompted the investigation by the Department of Justice.

It is not the first time trumps supporters have engaged in such acts. They are always against the democrats and disrupt the democrat’s meetings. They also tried to disrupt the ceremony meant to celebrate Biden’s victory. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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