Webb Is Officially On Station, NASA’s Telescope Reaches Its Destination

Nasa has yet made the headlines again! On Monday, the world’s greatest space telescope called Webb reached its destination. After completing its journey from the Earth, which was one million miles. 

“We’re one step closer to uncovering the mysteries of the universe. And I can’t wait to see Webb’s first new views of the universe this summer!” this is according to NASA Administrator. 

Webb will allow astronauts to have a better chance to look back in time. Astronauts can now see 13.7 billion years ago. People will now see the formation of galaxies and stars.

The telescope (Webb) will make stellar observations and examine foreign world atmospheres for any possible signs of life. Webb will make life easier for scientists. They do not have to travel to space to scan for any traces of life. 

The astronauts believe that they will use  Webb for more than one decade. 

The major problem with the telescope is that it is far from reach. It makes it almost impossible for the astronauts to make any emergency repairs. According to the astronauts, telescopes can see clearly and better when far from the Earth. 

It is the reason why Nasa, the Canadian and the European space agencies teamed up to send Webb and its mirrors further away into the Cosmos. Webb is the largest ever launched telescope. 

However, they have not finished setting up the telescope. It will need some additional months to get the telescope to work fully. They estimate that it might take more than three months to prep the telescope. 

“Webb is officially on station,” said Keith Parrish




John Taylor
John Taylor
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