Scientists Testing Astronauts Bio Printing Technology For Wounds

Most countries have invested billions of dollars in their space programs and creating the International Space Station, which allows astronauts to stay in space longer. This allows them more time to do research and further advance humanity.

Space travel is risky, and the astronauts are in danger from things like open wounds, which are a non-issue to us down here. A flesh wound can be nasty in space, and there is not much to do about it, but this problem is about to go away. 

SpaceX recently sent a spacecraft on a resupply mission to the ISS, and onboard the ship was a prototype Bioprint First Aid kit which was going for tests. It is crucial for scientists to look at this invention and how it works in its intended environment.

The Bioprinter will combine bio-ink with the astronaut’s cells then print a bandage over any open wound, friendlier to the astronaut’s anatomy. The printer has two gels that combine to form a plaster to stop the bleeding and protect the open wound.

The scientists created this technology to help manage the stressful conditions of space habitation, hopefully, to make life easier for astronauts. This device is compact and easy to work with, it doesn’t need batteries, and the ISS can power it.

Using skin patches to treat open wounds will make the process more effective, and patients will get better results. Being able to heal faster will give astronauts more freedom to explore.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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