Most Popular Sports In America: All About sports  

Sports are growing ever popular in the US and other parts of the world. This means that sportspeople are getting more money from it, and more people are developing an interest in sports. The US particularly has a lot of sports fans that go nuts during games.

There are a lot of games on the planet, and they differ in rules and structure; hence there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Let us look into these games and see how popular they are in the US and why Americans connect who them so well;

List Of The Most Popular Sports In America

1. American Football

American Football

American football is undoubtedly the most watched sport in America since it is America’s game. The games started in the US, and it has evolved to become an adrenaline-pumped game with millions of fans.

Despite how demanding the sport is, it has fans that makeup at least 37% of the American population, and this number is growing with time. 

The Super Bowl has been one of the most watched events in Television history since the love for this sport has spread across the globe.

People extensively pay and view this sport in the US, and the NFL diligently manages everything to do with it. 

There are controversies about head injuries due to the sport’s roughness, but this has not hurt its popularity.

2. Basketball


Basketball is the most famous sport in the United States and among the highest-paying careers, you could pick. 

It is a top-rated game due to its fun methods, the high pace of play, and exciting breakdowns that keep the fans entertained.

The formation of the NBA and WNBA made the sport even more organized, and more Americans embraced the idea. Basketball games get a minimum of 185 million views at the NBA level, which is why the players make so much money.

3. Baseball


Most people outside the US get shocked by how popular Baseball is in the US. The sport has been in the US for a long time, and it has become something that Americans identify with since they are so good at it. 

The sad thing is that Baseball is declining in popularity across the US. For instance, back in the early 2000s, there were nearly 80 million Baseball viewers in the US, while it now holds only 26 million viewers.

The reduction in interest is due to the development of other sports such as basketball, rugby, and tennis which have taken the attention.

4. Soccer


Soccer has been the most popular game globally for a long time, but it is now gaining more followers in the United States. Americans are getting the hang of this game, and they are taking part in its beauty as more teams come up to participate in the major leagues.

Washington is the hotspot for soccer and its growing popularity in the US. Currently, soccer has about 22.4 million enthusiastic fans in the US, and these people watch the games live in stadiums or at home on TVs.

Soccer doesn’t go with the American way of life, so it is growing popular, but it has not got to its best level.

5. Tennis


Tennis can be singles or doubles, and both are popular in the US. Tennis is now a popular sport in many countries, and now you can compete in the Olympics. The increased viewership increases players’ amount, and most professional players make a lot.

There are thousands of tennis players and millions of fans in the US, and there are professional tennis tournaments in the US each year. Some people also play tennis as a leisure sport since it’s not too demanding.

6. Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey falls under the pinnacle five sports, and it is steady in the US and other countries like Canada. Ice Hockey has over 2.6 Million perspectives in the US alone, and most of these are from Michigan, Massachusetts, and Minnesota.

This is one of the sports that people play professionally in the US since they can become a primary source of income as the pay is decent. The sport is a bit rough, and it’s not uncommon for a brawl to stir up on the ice, but that is part of the fun.

7. Golf


Initially, most people looked at golf as a rich people’s game, and it was not all that popular. Nowadays, more than 10% of the US population actively participates in golf professionally or as a recreational activity.

Most of the females that participate in the game do it for the relaxation it offers, and it is a fantastic way to use your free time. People like it because it does not pose many chances of getting an injury and offers a high level of serenity.

Golf is a popular sport since it offers the participants decent pay. It is a well-paying sport, and you can make money from one of its tournaments or mini-golf.

8. Boxing


If Rocky proved anything, it was how much Americans love boxing. In truth, boxing was one of the biggest sports, and their events sold out faster than any other sport in the US. Some names like Mohammed Ali will remain in conversations for decades because of boxing.

Unfortunately, boxing is slowly losing its target audience and essence in the US. This is primarily because of the problems that boxers have after their careers, primarily due to head injuries from getting a ton of punches to the head.

Despite this, California remains a big fan of boxing, and it is taking steps to make the game better.

9. Motor Sports

Motor Sports

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is currently the base for motorsports in the US, and this game has been attracting a large following in the past years. Today, this sport has about 15 million fans across the US.

The NASCAR cup series alone attracts almost 8 million perspectives each season. Motorsport gives fans a ton of thrill and adventure; hence they keep watching at home or go to the speedways. It needs a lot of skill, making it all the more worthwhile.

10. Handball


Handball remains a minor sport in the US, and it has not had the best track record over the years. There were a lot of issues with the US National team in 2006, primarily due to misappropriation of funds and lack of adequate training.

Most people play the game around beaches and at home as exercise and fun. The national team also participates in several international games, showing promising results.

11. Bowling


There are hundreds of bowling alleys in the US, and a high percentage of the population knows how to play. Bowling is an option for friendly competition between workers or friends for most Americans, but you can go further with it if you are a star.

There are professional competitions in which people win big prizes, and if you make it to the local games, you can go and compete at an international level. Bowling is very competitive, and professionals put a lot of effort into it.

12. Wrestling


Wrestling, primarily WWE, has made waves in sports entertainment for decades now, and the industry makes billions in revenue each year. Wrestling is popular globally, and in the US, since tickets sell at virtually every location, the WWE hosts their events.

There are over 11 million hardcore wrestling fans in the US, and the wrestlers never disappoint. Wrestling has become a tradition, and legends such as Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, The Undertaker, and more have been a sensation to fans.

WWE is complicated at times, and there are a lot of controversies about how accurate the fights are, and it might be disappointing to cheer for the wrong person. The shows are growing despite these issues, and now it is among the most watched sports in America.

13. Rugby


We can’t leave rugby out of the list when talking about thrilling sports in the US. Rugby is part of the inspiration that led to American football, and it has aggression that matches that of football, only the players don’t have helmets or padding.

Rugby is growing in the US, and more people are playing it as more US players become international sensations. 

The rugby 7s team, in particular, performs exceptionally at an international level and is inspiring new players to join the sport.

14. Track and Field Events

Track and Field Events

One of the most common games globally is athletics, including marathons, sprints, javelin, high jumps, etc. The US has many athletes participating in these fields, and they have brought home many medals over the years through the Olympics and other games.

Athletics are some of the oldest sports on the planet, and virtually all countries that actively participate in games have an athletics team. This makes it a very competitive sport, and those that make it into the big leagues make a lot of money from it.

15. Swimming and Other water sports

Swimming and Other water sports

When thinking of sports that require skill and dedication, swimming comes at the top of that list, and there are a lot of enthusiasts. Most people in the US visit water parks and swim with friends and family members for fun, but a small percentage chooses to compete professionally.

There are international competitions for swimming in all strokes, and these competitions are part of the Olympic Games. There are even specific categories for diving, and the US has been representing itself rather well in recent years.

16. Cycling


Numerous cycling events happen all over the US each year, and they have thousands of professional cyclists competing. Some are standard races, while others involve insane stunts that attract a lot of in-person viewers and online followers.

Cycling is more of a leisure activity than a sport in the US. More than a quarter of the country’s population cycles for fun and fitness since it is an excellent alternative to running and a great way to stimulate your muscles.

17. Skiing


Skiing is an old sport that has been in the US because of the snowy mountain peaks, and most areas have snow during winter, so you can ski on hills. Americans have a special love for stunt sports like mountain skiing because of their viewers’ thrill. 

This is a winter favorite for most Americans, and most people brace for the cold to watch or participate in skiing tournaments. There are thousands of trending videos of skiers doing crazy stunts, and this promotes a fandom for the sport, and more people watch each wither.

18. Volleyball


Most people claim this is a woman’s sport, but the US kicked this idea out of the door with an insane 37 million participants within the US. This sport has been developing, and more people are participating professionally.

There are about 800,000 fans for some volleyball championship games in the US, so it is relatively popular. California, in particular, has invested a lot in volleyball, and it provides infrastructure for the players, which goes a long way in producing new stars.

19. MMA


Mixed Martial Art tournaments are growing more popular in the US, and they are taking the spotlight away from boxing since they are more intense. Competitions like the UFC make millions of dollars each season, and it’s only growing in popularity.

We have seen great stars through MMA like Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, who moved to WWE, where they dominated other fighters. MMA fights sometimes get brutal since it involves kicks, knee strikes, punches, and everything in between.

20. Field Hockey

Field Hockey

Field hockey has a lot of similarities to ice hockey; only it uses an enormous field with grass and goalposts. The cork is round and a bit bigger than a tennis ball, and most people play it professionally at varsity levels and internationally.

Field Hockey demands a lot from the players, and it might get dangerous should a player hit another with the stick or cork by accident. Only the goalkeeper wears protective padding and a helmet.

21. Lacrosse


Lacrosse is like a combination between field hockey and ice hockey, so you have long sticks that can carry the ball, but you play it on the grass, not on the ice. It is highly physical, and to some extent, it resembles rugby or American football. 

Lacrosse is popular and has been the subject of several US movies, including Teen Wolf, which made the game even more popular among the young generations. There is protective gear to protect the players since the sport is rough; thus, there aren’t many bad injuries.

22. Badminton


Badminton is one of the most popular games worldwide, but this is not the case in the US. People in the states are not into the sport because of how much it makes and how exciting it is.

There is a shortage of professional players in badminton in the US, which has damaged its following. Those that play badminton do it as a hobby to pass the time, and some compete professionally, but they don’t earn nearly as much as other games.

23. Cricket


Cricket is growing in popularity in the US, but it does not have a big following. Currently, it holds about 200,000 players, which is less than 1% of the population. There are several major cricket competitions in the US and globally that you can partake in if interested.

Cricket is a rather complicated game, and most people don’t appreciate it because they don’t understand how it works to begin with. Cricket will get more popular as more Americans know about this sport.

24. Parkour


Parker is an accessible sport that involves people running through obstacles, mainly buildings, walls, and alleyways. 

Some people are good at it, and watching them feels like watching a science fiction movie; thus, it is an internet favorite.

Parkour is a popular game in terms of fans but not for participants. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people who participate, but it is still low since it is highly reliant on high talent levels.

25. Pickleball


Pickleball is a young sport, and it is a combination of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, making it an exciting game. 

Pickleball is relatively easy, and a person of any age could play it comfortably as it doesn’t need much physicality.

There are professional competitions throughout the year, so you can sign up and make money with it if you are feeling up to it. 

The Minto US Opens Pickleball championship is the biggest tournament of this game, and it has some international players competing.


There are a lot of sports in the world, and they have different rates of popularity depending on their countries of origin. American football is the most popular sport in the US, but it doesn’t rank as highly on an international scale.

When looking at the most popular American sports, you find that most are high-paying sports, and they have millions of viewers. Americans show a consistent appreciation for thrill-filled sports like rugby, American football, and ice hockey.

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