Ozark; The Last Journey

Season three of Ozark ended with a bang, and season four is out. It premiered on 21st January. 

The Byrdes are still hooked to the dangerous dance with the Mexican drug cartel. Ozark remains one of Netflix’s best drama series as the family keeps getting deeper into the money laundering business. 

The series resembles “Breaking Bad,” although the family affair in the drug and money laundering business makes it stand out from “Breaking Bad.”Fans now have something to be happy about as they continue this thrilling series. 

The last season left people in suspense after Helen; The cartel’s lawyer was killed in Navarro’s compound. Although season four is the last, it will show only seven episodes first. The rest will come later. 

Navarro has to deal with the US drug agencies and internal politics. He intends to give up his cartel leadership and move freely into the states without prosecution. It complicates the lives of Marty and Wendy. 

The Byrdes try their best to negotiate Navarro’s freedom with the FBI. 

Darlene makes it even harder for Marty and Wendy with her home drug operation. She serves a competition for the Mexican drug cartels. The Byrdes have been tasked with making Darlene stop her drug business which seems almost impossible. 

Darlene is psychotic and does not take well to orders. 

The Byrdes are thinking of moving back to Chicago, although no one knows about it. Navarro’s nephew, Javi, is supposed to take the cartels’ leadership. He makes life unbearable for Marty, Wendy, and Navarro. He wants to send Marty to a different place to launder casino money. 

The remaining episodes will tell if Ozark is worth the hype from its spectacular takeoff. 




John Taylor
John Taylor
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