Talks Between U.S. And Russia

Antony Blinken met with Sergei Lavrov in Geneva, Switzerland. The two dignitaries held the talks to reduce any chances of a conflict in Ukraine. 

However, Blinken said that the United States doubts that Russia is not planning to invade Ukraine. 

For the Russian government to prove that they are not preparing to make a move on Ukraine, it was supposed to remove its military personnel from the Ukrainian border. 

Blinken said that if Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States, with the help of the allies, would respond against them. 

Through the foreign minister, the Russian government had its terms and demands. Russia wants the united states to stop the expansion of NATO eastwards. 

However, this might not be possible because Blinken said that neither the USA nor the NATO coalition could discuss the entry terms of a member into NATO with Kremlin. 

Russia fears that if Ukraine joins NATO, it will become invisible. Making a move on a member of NATO means attacking all the member countries. 

The unites states secretary had earlier met with the Ukrainian president and the foreign minister to discuss Washington’s commitment to the country. Blinken later met with the Germans foreign minister in Berlin. They discussed joint efforts to prevent Russia from attacking Ukraine. 

The Russian foreign minister indicated that the talks were helpful and open. He spoke against the claims posed on Russia, stating that they have never threatened the people of Ukraine. 

Lavrov accused the Ukrainian government of disrupting the Minsk peace agreements on the conflict in the east. 

The Russian government expects written responses from the U.S. although, America hopes only to share its ideas and concerns in writing. 

Biden said that Russia would regret it if they moved against Ukraine. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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