People Warned About The Dangers Of Thin Ice

Frozen lakes and ponds have fooled people in New England into ice skating and fishing. First responders warn people because the ice is thin and dangerous. 

On Sunday, first responders rescued many people who fell through the thin ice at Spy pond in Arlington. Things even got terrible on Monday morning in Hampstead, New Hampshire, after another man had an accident on wash pond. 

He sustained a head injury after his ATV broke through the ice. 

Mike Hogan, Arlington Police officer, was the first person to make the first rescue. According to him, the individual could be seen in the ice holding onto the edge.  

Hogan rescued the man by pulling him out of the ice using a homemade rope. He was shocked when called after two hours for another rescue. 

He went on to say that the pond has always worried him. It is hard to tell if the pond is safe because many springs come up and keep the water underneath moving. “I grew up in this town, and I always worry about that pond,” he said. 

Martin Conroy, Arlington Firefighter, was also among the rescue team. He said that the ice in the skating rink is the safest one. 

The WBZ Chief Meteorologist warned people to avoid the ice because they do not know how thick it is. Those that have to like ice fishermen should be more cautious. The upper part of the water is quickly frozen compared to the lower parts. 

It explains why people were trapped. The thin ice broke, submerging them into the cold water. 


John Taylor
John Taylor
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