Senate Primaries Could Shape The Dynamics Of The 2022 Midterm Elections

Republican contenders who hope to defeat opposing Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet met on Sunday night in Twin Peak Charter Academy. 

The contesters discussed improving the education system, immigration policy, the republican situation on climate change, and their tactics to curb inflation. 

Ron Hanks, Eli Bremer, Deborah flora, Gino Campana, Gregory Moore, and Peter Yu were the candidates who participated in the forum. 

The in-person forum was successful. Joe O’Dea, a candidate of the 2022 Republican primary, was not present at the forum.

Marshall Dawson and Kim Monson and Marshall, radio broadcasters, moderated the forum. More than two hundred people attended and were allowed to ask questions to the candidates. 

Monson said that inflation would continue for the next six months and asked the contenders how they planned to fix that. 

According to Hanks, one of the candidates, the inflation rate might be higher than the stated one. 

“How do you fix it?” Hanks said. “The first thing you do is have an energy policy where energy is everywhere. It’s prominent. And, we did that. We were energy-independent. I had the chance to frack in North Dakota. I hammered iron with blue-collar America. We restored energy independence, we can do it again, but we have to get the Biden regime out of power.”

He concluded that opening up the supply chain and manufacturing in America would help with inflation. The debate was heated, and all the candidates shared their opinions explaining what they would do to solve the current issues.  

“We need to make sure we have an immigration policy that protects our sovereignty and helps those trying to come here,” Yu said

The forum ended with closing remarks from the candidates. The forum lasted for about two hours. The Colorado primary election will be held on June 28, while the general election will be on November 8.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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