400 + Halfling Names – A Guide To Naming Halfling Characters

Halfling names are integral to the fantasy genre, bringing to life the small but mighty heroes that capture our hearts.

If you’re an avid Dungeons & Dragons player or a J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth fan, you’re likely familiar with Halflings. 

These lovable, pint-sized adventurers are a staple of fantasy fiction and gaming, known for their quick wit, nimble fingers, and affinity for good food and drink. 

If you are a fantasy writer, remember that the right name can make all the difference in bringing your character to life. So if you want to create a memorable Halfling character, continue reading to the end.

Adorable DnD Halfling Names

If you’re a Dungeons and Dragons fan, you know the importance of a good character name. Here are some of the best Halfling names for your next DnD adventure.

  1. Bell – A charming halfling with a melodic voice.
  2. Belladonna – Bewitching Halfling with a poisonous touch.
  3. Bandobras – Fearless halfling warrior known for his bravery.
  4. Baryas – A witty and mischievous halfling bard.
  5. Adalgrim – A wise halfling with a calming presence.
  6. Adelard – An eccentric halfling wizard with a quirky personality.
  7. Adric – A strong-willed halfling, always determined to succeed.
  8. Belzana Bigspell – A halfling sorceress with powerful magic.
  9. Callie – A friendly and talkative halfling, always eager to socialize.
  10. Cade – A quick-witted halfling rogue with nimble fingers.
  11. Celedor – A studious halfling scholar, always seeking knowledge.
  12. Conyver – A business-savvy halfling merchant with sharp instincts.
  13. Diavira Stouthands – A halfling farmer with a strong work ethic.
  14. Darrana – A cheerful and optimistic halfling, always looking on the bright side.
  15. Eder – A brave halfling adventurer with love for exploring.
  16. Elanor – A kind-hearted halfling, always willing to help others.
  17. Ergin – A cautious halfling, always thinking before acting.
  18. Bilbo – A well-known halfling adventurer and hero.
  19. Bill – A friendly halfling tavern owner, always ready with a drink.
  20. Cotman – A skilled halfling craftsman known for his intricate work.
  21. Drogo – A halfling ranger at home in the wilderness.
  22. Dudo – A friendly halfling chef, always ready to cook a meal.
  23. Eravyre – A halfling fortune-teller with a mysterious aura.
  24. Fayri Forebelly – A halfling baker known for her delicious treats.
  25. Regis – A charismatic halfling leader, always inspiring others.
  26. Rorimac – A wealthy halfling landowner with many connections.
  27. Rufus – A boisterous halfling, always ready for a good time.
  28. Alton – A curious halfling, always asking questions and seeking answers.
  29. Eldon – A wise halfling elder respected by all.
  30. Flynry – A halfling musician with love for the arts.
  31. Garfire Barleyearth – A halfling blacksmith with a fiery temper.
  32. Godal Curlywit – A halfling jester, always ready to make others laugh.
  33. Gormadoc – A halfling miner with a knack for finding gems.
  34. Garris Havenhands – A halfling healer with a gentle touch.
  35. Hilcaryn Stonebranch – A halfling druid at home in nature.
  36. Hilda – A stern halfling, always keeping others in the line.
  37. Hob – A halfling innkeeper with a warm smile and cozy establishment.
  38. Idoos Appleleaf – A halfling gardener, with a green thumb.
  39. Irakin Silverdream – A halfling bard with a dreamy personality.
  40. Isembold – A halfling noble with a regal presence.

Other DnD Halflings Names

41. Idaree76. Tarnan Quicksky
42. Jillian77. Therola Deepfeet
43. Jilwyse Ravendance78. Unasys
44. Janlan Barleyace79. Ultran Littleman
45. Korret Havenhands80. Ulumo Wisebough
46. Lindal81. Uritran Shadowbarrel
47. Laura82. Unawyse
48. Lidda83. Valdemar
49. Linemin Gardner84. Valumo Proudmane
50. Marsica85. Verfice
51. Melba86. Vervyre Barleywhistle
52. Milo87. Frodo
53. Miranda88. Montaron
54. Mirabella89. Wellby
55. Nemia90. Wildfire Tencreek
56. Odialyn Lightwoods91. Wihaly
57. Odida92. Wiora Amberwhistle
58. Orikin93. Xanbul Underhill
59. Panmin Elderwater94. Xander
60. Panwan Rivercloak95. Yenras Stillearth
61. Peregrin96. Lindak Highdance
62. Pervinca97. Zenwyn
63. Pamphila98. Zenni Teaspark
64. Quosire Brambletopple99. Asphodel
65. Qiris Soft fingers100. Amaranth
66. Ricrich101. Arine Trueearth
67. Ricser Laughingseeker102. Hilda
68. Riwan Foredance103. Lidda
69. Rosmita104. Marigold
70. Sanric Tenhare105. Osborn
71. Semolina106. Perrin
72. Shaesira107. Reed
73. Susannah108. Roscoe
74. Sylcey Bramblemane109. Sylcey Bramblemane
75. Tardal110. Zenwyn

Creative Female Halfling Names 

Halfling women are just as courageous and adventurous as their male counterparts and deserve names that reflect their strength and spirit. Some cool names for your female Halflings include:

  1. Wenyver Havencreek – Skilled fisherman and expert at catching crawdads.
  2. Falco – Mischievous trickster who loves playing practical jokes.
  3. Yesprys – Wise and knowledgeable herbalist.
  4. Falmin Havenbarrel – Expert brewer with love for experimenting with flavors.
  5. Maryas Roseglide – Skilled baker who makes the most delicious pies.
  6. Sylda – Expert weaver with an eye for intricate patterns.
  7. Nerich – Swift and nimble messenger with a talent for stealth.
  8. Primula – Talented musician who can make any instrument sing.
  9. Bertha – Strong and reliable farmer who grows the biggest pumpkins.
  10. Kaswan Nimbleeyes – Expert archer with uncanny aim.
  11. Rimita – Master gardener with a talent for cultivating exotic plants.
  12. Sangin Freestride – Skilled dancer with love for lively jigs.
  13. Calkin – Master woodworker with a talent for carving intricate designs.
  14. Melissa – Gifted healer with a gentle touch.
  15. Trym’ – Fearless adventurer with a thirst for discovery.
  16. Ayita – Spiritual guide with a deep connection to nature.
  17. Belinda – Master of disguise with a talent for blending in.
  18. Arabella – Expert jeweler with love for creating intricate designs.
  19. Bolger – Quick-witted troublemaker with a talent for getting out of sticky situations.
  20. Idopos Stronggather – Strong and skilled blacksmith with love for forging weapons.
  21. Euphemia – Master cook with a talent for creating delectable feasts.
  22. Andwise – Wise sage with a talent for storytelling.
  23. Hilda – Fierce warrior with a talent for battle tactics.
  24. Gerda – Expert seamstress with a talent for creating elegant clothing.
  25. Bolbina – Master potter with love for creating beautiful ceramics.
  26. Bonita – Expert dancer with a knack for graceful movements.
  27. Rifire Crazywecd – Eccentric inventor with a talent for making wild and wacky machines.
  28. Vala – Master sailor with a love for exploring the seas.
  29. Falie – Agile acrobat with a talent for breathtaking stunts.
  30. Lavinia – Master artist with a talent for creating stunning paintings.
  31. Diamond – Expert gem cutter with love for creating dazzling jewelry.
  32. Paela – Master leatherworker with a talent for crafting sturdy armor.
  33. Barner – Master carpenter with a love for creating intricate furniture.
  34. Wilder Mildbeam – Wise and knowledgeable scholar with love for books.
  35. Peony – Master gardener with a talent for growing vibrant flowers.
  36. Portia – Master negotiator with a talent for resolving disputes.
  37. Anret Truemane – Wise and respected leader with a talent for inspiring others.
  38. Unadove Heartstream – Gifted bard with a talent for soothing troubled hearts.
  39. Kepli – Master magician with a talent for casting powerful spells.
  40. Mentha – Expert apothecary with love for creating healing potions.

Other Female Halflings Names

Other Female Halflings Names..

Male Halfling Names From Mythology To Folklore

Male Halflings, in particular, are often portrayed as brave and adventurous despite their small stature. And their names should also be a reflection of their personality and values.

  1. Sazana Swiftearth – A nimble halfling with love for adventure.
  2. Horrin Tallwind – A tall halfling with a talent for music.
  3. Garrin Lightshine – A cheerful halfling with a bright disposition.
  4. Lidula Summerbluff – A brave halfling with love for nature.
  5. Carissa – A curious halfling with a passion for learning.
  6. Zefyra Heartpot – A creative halfling with a talent for cooking.
  7. Elise Coolmeadow – A laid-back halfling with love for the outdoors.
  8. Alton – A dependable halfling with a talent for building.
  9. Erorin – A mysterious halfling with a talent for magic.
  10. Teyver – A mischievous halfling with love for pranks.
  11. Elirana – A kind-hearted halfling with love for animals.
  12. Orizin Grasscreek – A hard-working halfling with love for farming.
  13. Elrich Brambleearth – A rugged halfling with a talent for survival.
  14. Eliyra Cloudleaf – A dreamy halfling with love for storytelling.
  15. Haldon – A wise halfling with love for history.
  16. Welna Truesun – A determined halfling with a strong sense of justice.
  17. Meramin Tosshollow – A mischievous halfling with love for treasure.
  18. Anrich Cinderman – A fiery halfling with a talent for blacksmithing.
  19. Sharver Coldsleep – A stoic halfling with a talent for ice magic.
  20. Melindy – A bubbly halfling with love for singing.
  21. Maevira – A mysterious halfling with a talent for divination.
  22. Panner Bramblesurge – A determined halfling with love for exploration.
  23. Rosamunda – A romantic halfling with a love for poetry.
  24. Sanzu Clayhanger – A resourceful halfling with a talent for pottery.
  25. Lidree – A quirky halfling with love for puzzles.
  26. Cora – A feisty halfling with a talent for archery.
  27. Odijen – A rebellious halfling with love for adventure.
  28. Wialyn Flintcrest – A studious halfling with love for geology.
  29. Korver Longhill – A patient halfling with a talent for gardening.
  30. Rhoda – A compassionate halfling with love for healing.
  31. Kelprys Glenbranch – A mischievous halfling with a talent for tree climbing.
  32. Flynyver Freeeye – A carefree halfling with love for flying.
  33. Zalser Reedmoon – A mysterious halfling with a talent for stealth.
  34. Flynmo – A laid-back halfling with a talent for fishing.
  35. Jiltina Hogbelly – A food-loving halfling with a talent for pig farming.
  36. Flynnad – A speedy halfling with love for running.
  37. Zenner Fastspark – A curious halfling with a talent for inventing.
  38. Grimalda – A wise halfling with love for astrology.
  39. Reed – A resourceful halfling with a talent for basket weaving.
  40. Odiara – A graceful halfling with love for dancing.

Other Male Halfling Names

41. Nedgrace Salnir61. Idonan Brushwhistle81. Hamita
42. Pedderee62. Paladin82. Largo
43. Linda63. Oseon Greenkettle83. Beau
44. Neton Leaffound64. Yarvon Riverblossom84. Ronaldo
45. Unafira Silenteye65. Yozana Swiftfoot85. Bodo
46. Finace Runninggoat66. Widove Applefingers86. Olo
47. Horver Warmbraid67. Ricdon Grassbridge87. Balbo
48. Ceredic68. Esmeralda88. Hildigrim
49. Errich69. Kithfira89. Tarkas
50. Joyas70. Maryola Hazzarg90. Valkas
51. Yophina71. Diamanda91. Finnan
52. Salvia72. Shaela92. Merric
53. Wizana Nightdream73. Falpher Swiftfinger93. Lyle
54. Eradrey Appleflow74. Anson94. Milo
55. Johace Summerearth75. Maemita95. Garrin
56. Rini76. Aiko96. Armida
57. Uriwrick Fatgather77. Nedjen Commondew97. Leyola Bigbrac
58. Welprys78. Zalzor Brushbridge98. Lidcey Cleargather
59. Lily79. Oragwen Tenbelly99. Tryndove
60. Quintran Swiftmane80. Menegilda100. Shaver Coldsleep

Common Halfling Surnames For Creative Writing

In addition to first names, Halflings also have unique surnames that reflect their culture and heritage.

In Halfling culture, surnames are often based on family history, occupation, or physical characteristics. Here are some inspirations for Halflings surnames

Halflings Male Surnames

  1. Dewforce – Powerful and refreshing
  2. Sunhelm – Bright and protective
  3. Blindaizzus – Mysterious and enchanting
  4. Farroot – Distant and resilient
  5. Cinderwing – Dark and fiery
  6. Weatherbee – Trustworthy and dependable
  7. Trill – Cheerful and melodic
  8. Hairywind – Wild and untamed
  9. Melilot – Sweet and fragrant
  10. Greenspan – Lush and verdant
  11. Paleflow – Light and graceful
  12. Soft song – Soothing and gentle
  13. Stoutgrass – Sturdy and reliable
  14. Cloudwhirl – Dreamy and ethereal
  15. Bamuwhan – Exotic and intriguing
  16. Hornblower – Bold and assertive
  17. Ashworthy – Strong and noble
  18. Edrisrath – Wise and discerning
  19. Granndshine – Radiant and optimistic
  20. Nobleroot – Honourable and dignified
  21. Pineflaw – Resilient and rugged
  22. Jallisall – Bright and adventurous
  23. Gamwich – Rustic and charming
  24. Fardrum – Mysterious and intriguing
  25. Boffin – Clever and resourceful
  26. Vlambig – Bold and adventurous
  27. Bolger – Loyal and steadfast
  28. Oldfur – Wise and experienced
  29. Eavlunve – Enchanting and mystical
  30. Gammidge – Curious and inquisitive
  31. Richroot – Abundant and prosperous
  32. Talbot – Brave and loyal
  33. Burrows – Grounded and practical
  34. Faigru – Elegant and refined
  35. Eblus – Mysterious and secretive
  36. Sire – Majestic and regal
  37. Orgulas – Dark and foreboding
  38. Bunce – Witty and humorous
  39. Holbia – Graceful and delicate
  40. Greenspan – Prosperous and thriving

Halflings Female Surname

  1. Fullridge – A place of abundance
  2. Leafhelm – Headgear made of leaves
  3. Took – Small, cunning, and mischievous
  4. Dale – A valley between hills
  5. Rainwhirl – A storm of rotating rain
  6. Milddraft – Gentle breeze
  7. Diggle – Small, burrowing animal
  8. Abrind – Sparkling and bright
  9. Blossom heart – A heart filled with flowers
  10. Rizzu – A small and nimble creature
  11. Reddew – Dew with a red hue
  12. Klulnialmol – A majestic and powerful being
  13. Coldfall – A chilling descent
  14. Raincrest – A crown of rain
  15. Ybrilul – A mystical and magical essence
  16. Single gem – A solitary and precious stone
  17. Forestwith – Living in harmony with forests
  18. Islox – A fortress-like structure
  19. Imdalval – A land of beauty and wonder
  20. Brighthelm – Helmet of shining light
  21. Glerwolk – Mysterious and elusive
  22. Dyce – A place of ice and snow
  23. Keenvale – A lush and verdant valley
  24. Pott – A humble and simple person
  25. Tealeaf – A fragrant and flavorful herb
  26. Hotwill – A place of warmth and comfort
  27. Bano – A peaceful and serene place
  28. Earthswan – A graceful and majestic bird
  29. Ostgood – A stronghold of the east
  30. Berr – A small, sweet fruit
  31. Cumberstone – A hard, stony vegetable
  32. Leafheart – A heart made of leaves
  33. Moonguard – A guardian of the night
  34. Yelf – A bright and cheerful presence
  35. Coldsleep – A deep and frigid slumber
  36. Flowwind – A breeze that moves like water
  37. Dudley – A meadow of wildflowers
  38. Longriver – A river that flows for miles
  39. Holo – A place of holographic wonders
  40. Ainin – A wise and ancient spirit.

Halflings City Names For Children’s Stories

One of the many fascinating aspects of Halfling culture is the names of their cities – each one a reflection of their playful and inventive nature. Here are some ideas for Halflings city names; 

  1. High beam – Shining bright like a star
  2. Fenyola – Mysterious and enchanting
  3. Nelmer – Noble and dignified
  4. Qicaryn – Bold and adventurous
  5. Featherfall – A town located near a waterfall.
  6. Tavugir – Strong and resilient
  7. Isakis – Graceful and elegant
  8. Littleton – A small town or village.
  9. Rilos – Mysterious and alluring
  10. Shirehaven – A haven or refuge for Halflings.
  11. Iskimur – Bold and fearless
  12. Sayola – Radiant and captivating
  13. Kerlioyoth – Ancient and wise
  14. Vlenix – Futuristic and innovative
  15. Greenmeadow – A lush meadow or grassy plain, possibly known for agriculture.
  16. Gisor – Stoic and resolute
  17. Nayek – Resourceful and adaptable
  18. Xantrix – Unconventional and innovative
  19. Baukko – Rugged and adventurous
  20. Tegh – Powerful and authoritative
  21. Ageck – Energetic and lively
  22. Etchol – Creative and imaginative
  23. Nulkot – Grounded and practical
  24. Faysica – Mystical and magical
  25. Smallshire – A small county or region governed by Halflings.

What Are Halflings?

Halflings are a small race of humanoid beings found in fantasy literature and games. They are usually about three feet tall and weigh approximately 40 to 45 pounds, making them much lighter and smaller than other humanoid races. 

To survive, Halflings tend to avoid confrontation with bigger and more dangerous creatures, often living in rural areas. 

However, some prefer a nomadic lifestyle and form wandering bands to explore new places and meet new people. Halflings have skin that ranges from dark tan to fair with a rosy complexion. 

Their hair is usually brown in color and wavy, ranging from umber to sandy, while their eyes are neutral brown or hazel. 

Halflings are practical creatures who prioritize necessities and uncomplicated joys over extravagance or showiness. 

They possess a talent for identifying uncomplicated fixes to issues, although this can result in frustration when confronted with indecisiveness or doubt. 

Origin Of Halflings Names

Halflings typically derive their names from the natural world surrounding them. Since they are often farmers or gardeners and he a strong connection to the earth, it is natural that nature would inspire their names. 

For instance, Meadow, River, or Blossom are typical Halfling names. Their love of food is another source of inspiration for their names. 

Since they enjoy cooking and eating, it is unsurprising that they might have names associated with food. Berry, Apple, or Pie are examples of names that Halflings might have.

Halfling names may also be influenced by their family history or profession. For instance, a Halfling with a family background in blacksmithing may be named Hammer, while someone employed as a baker may be named Baker.

Halflings Sub Races

The following are some common Halflings sub-races;

Lightfoot Halflings – Lightfoot Halflings are the most common subrace of halflings in many fantasy settings. They are known for their natural stealth and ability to move quietly, even in combat. This makes them excellent scouts, thieves, and adventurers. 

Stout Halflings – Halflings that belong to the stout category are generally heavier and tougher than their lightfoot counterparts. These halflings are recognized for their durability and capacity to endure poisons and ailments. 

They are also naturally immune to intimidation and fear, which makes them exceptional warriors who can be placed on the frontline. 

Ghostwise Halflings – Ghostwise Halflings belong to a scarce subrace with remarkable telepathic skills. 

Their talent to communicate silently with other beings within a specific distance makes them highly efficient scouts and spies. 

Additionally, they are renowned for their unwavering allegiance to their loved ones and go to great lengths to safeguard them.

Lotusden Halflings – These are a subrace that belongs to the Eberron campaign setting. They are highly connected with the natural world and possess the unique talent of communicating with animals. They are a peaceful and harmonious community that tries to avoid conflicts.

Tallfellow Halflings are taller and more slender, with a refined and elegant look. They possess sharp senses and are skilled at tracking their prey. 

Compared to other Halflings, they tend to be more introverted and reserved, and they often enjoy the tranquility of nature more than socializing with other species.


Naming your Halfling character is an important task that can help bring your character to life and make them stand out in any fantasy world. 

The rich cultural history of Halflings and their unique personalities provide a wealth of inspiration for coming up with a fitting name. 

By choosing a name that reflects your Halfling’s personality traits, backstory, and cultural roots, you can add depth and dimension to your character, making them all the more memorable.

From the charming and whimsical to the bold and adventurous, there is a Halfling name for every type of character. We hope you’ve taken your time to explore our list of 400+ Halfling names we’ve compiled. 

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
Francis Stein is a writer and traveler who has already traveled most of the states of America. He loves to explore new places and meet new people, and he hopes to continue traveling the world in search of adventure. Francis enjoys writing about his experiences as a way of sharing his love for exploration with others.


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