400+ Knight Names; Naming Your Characters Right 

Writing stories and creating hundreds of fictional characters can be difficult, especially if you need unique knight names for several of them. 

You need a naming system where a knight’s name speaks to their character and role in the story. An appropriately named character in a story makes it more graspable and interesting t the reader. 

There are many names to choose from, and this list will explore some of the best choices. Let us get to the details and help you figure out the right names for your characters; 

Top Female Knight Names For Your Fictional Story

  1. Lady Aria – A knight with a melodic voice and graceful fighting style.
  2. Lady Aurora – A knight known for her bright and hopeful spirit.
  3. Dame Beatrice – Knights who value wisdom and education in her fighting style.
  4. Lady Celeste – Knight known for her dazzling skill.
  5. Lady Damaris – Unyielding and steadfast, holding her ground against any foe.
  6. Dame Eleanor – Values justice and protecting the innocent above all.
  7. Lady Felicity – Joy and lightheartedness, bringing a smile all around her.
  8. Lady Ginevra – For a knight with a cunning mind and sharp wit.
  9. Dame Honoria – For a knight who is dignified and honorable.
  10. Lady Isadora – Both beautiful and deadly.
  11. Lady Jocelyn – Loyal and devoted to her cause.
  12. Dame Katarina – For a knight who is strong and unbreakable.
  13. Lady Lavinia – Unwavering in her convictions.
  14. Lady Morgana – Enigmatic and mysterious.
  15. Dame Nadia – Physically quick and nimble.
  16. Lady Octavia – For a bold and daring knight. 
  17. Lady Paloma – Graceful and elegant knight.
  18. Dame Quinlan – A cunning and resourceful knight.
  19. Lady Rowena – For a knight who is wise and knowledgeable.
  20. Lady Seraphina – An angelic and divine knight.

Other Female Knight Names 

1. Dame Theodora19. Eira
2. Lady Ursula 20. Kaelin
3. Lady Valencia21. Sylvi
4. Dame Winifred22. Tanith
5. Lady Ximena 23. Galatea
6. Lady Ysabel24. Fiora
7. Lady Ysabel25. Auriel
8. Dame Zephyra26. Vega
9. Lady Calantha 27. Calantha
10. Lady Galatea28. Eowyn
11. Arden29. Drusilla
12. Elara30. Seraphina
13. Thalia31. Althea
14. Kaida32. Leonie
15. Isadora33. Freyja
16. Cygnus34. Zenobia
17. Zephyr35. Serene
18. Lirien

Legendary Male Knights Names From History

  1. Sir Arthur – Associated with the legendary King Arthur.
  2. Sir Lancelot – A chivalrous and heroic name.
  3. Sir Galahad – A pure and noble name.
  4. Sir Tristan – Romantic and adventurous name.
  5. Sir Gawain – A strong and courageous knight.
  6. Sir Percival – The knight who also searched for the Holy Grail.
  7. Sir Bedevere – A name for a loyal knight.
  8. Sir Cedric – A classic and regal name.
  9. Sir Roland – A brave and honorable name.
  10. Sir Reynard – A name associated with a clever and resourceful knight.
  11. Sir Godfrey – The noble and brave knight who led the First Crusade.
  12. Sir Hector – Known for his courage and honor.
  13. Sir Richard – A classic and royal name.
  14. Sir William – A powerful name.
  15. Sir Edward – A regal and noble name for English kings and knights.
  16. Sir Baldwin – A brave and just knight.
  17. Sir Oliver – A name for a loyal and honorable knight.
  18. Sir Geoffrey – A name associated with a wise and learned knight.
  19. Sir Hugh – Noble and chivalrous knight.
  20. Sir Robert – A strong and fearless knight.

Other Male Knight’s Names 

1. Sir Thomas 8. Sir Albert 15. Garrick22. Caius29. Axl 
2. Sir Henry9. Sir Lionel16. Cormac23. Icarus30. Kairos
3. Sir Francis10. Sir Raymond17. Hadrian24. Oberon31. Caspian
4. Sir Francis11. Arcturus18. Caliban25. Lucius32. Aeneas
5. Sir Nicholas 12. Theron19. Evander26. Ignatius33. Mordecai
6. Sir Gerard 13. Orion20. Octavian27. Galen34. Kael
7. Sir Charles14. Sirius21. Octavian28. Galen35. Astor

Good Knight Names Of All Time

  1. Sir Alistair – Very skilled in battle.
  2. Sir Benedict – A virtuous and honorable knight.
  3. Sir Cedric – A knight who is loyal and brave.
  4. Sir Darian – A knight skilled with a sword.
  5. Sir Edmund – A just and fair knight
  6. Sir Frederick – Strong and determined.
  7. Sir Gilbert – A brave and loyal knight
  8. Sir Hectorius – A knight known for his strength and bravery.
  9. Sir Isidore – Wise and learned.
  10. Sir Jacoby – Noble and chivalrous.
  11. Sir Kingston – A powerful and commanding knight. 
  12. Sir Leopold – Courageous and daring.
  13. Sir Maximilian – A skilled and resourceful knight.
  14. Sir Nathaniel – Honorable and just.
  15. Sir Octavius – Formidable in combat and commanding.
  16. Sir Percivalle – A pure and virtuous knight.
  17. Sir Quintus – Strong and fearless.
  18. Sir Reginald – A noble and chivalrous knight.
  19. Sir Sebastian – A daring and adventurous knight
  20. Sir Thaddeus – A fearless knight.

Other Good Knight Names

1. Sir Ulrich15. Noble
2. Sir Vincent16. Faith
3. Sir Wolfgang 17. Mercy
4. Sir Wolfgang 18. Wisdom
5. Sir Yannick19. Unity
6. Sir Zachary20. Unity
7. Sir Aelfric21. Hope
8. Sir Baldwin22. Charity
9. Sir Caius23. Fidel
10. Sir Emeric 24. Prudence
11. Valor25. Purity
12. Justice26. Verity
13. Honor27. Serenity
14. Courage

Medieval Knight Names That Will Inspire You

  1. Sir Almeric – A name meaning “ruler of all.”
  2. Sir Bartholomew – A hardworking and dedicated knight.
  3. Sir Conrad – A wise and strategic knight.
  4. Sir Darianus – It means “upholder of goodness.” 
  5. Sir Eadric – It is associated with a wealthy and influential knight.
  6. Sir Falco – A swift and agile knight.
  7. Sir Galfrid – A knight that values peace and diplomacy.
  8. Sir Herlewin – A loyal and dependable knight.
  9. Sir Isembard – A knight who is both physically and mentally strong.
  10. Sir Jocelin – A knight who is known for his humor and lightheartedness.
  11. Sir Kynaston – Noble and steadfast.
  12. Sir Landon – A knight who is patient and enduring.
  13. Sir Morien – Associated with a knight who is mysterious and enigmatic.
  14. Sir Nicanor – A knight who is skilled in battle.
  15. Sir Osric – Associated with a knight who is just and fair.
  16. Sir Perceval – A knight on a quest for truth and knowledge.
  17. Sir Quinlan – Associated with a knight who is physically imposing.
  18. Sir Roland – A knight who is renowned and celebrated.
  19. Sir Sigfrid – A knight who values both victory and peace.
  20. Sir Tiberius – Associated with a knight who is sophisticated and cultured.

Other Medieval Knight Names 

1. Sir Urian 11. Sir Renaud21. Sir Osric
2. Sir Valerius 12. Sir Aubrey22. Sir Ethelbert
3. Sir Valerius 13. Sir Aubrey23. Sir Leofric
4. Sir Ximeno 14. Sir Rainier24. Sir Godric
5. Sir Ywain 15. Sir Lothaire25. Sir Gervais
6. Sir Zephyrus 16. Sir Everard26. Sir Elric
7. Sir Arvid 17. Sir Reginald27. Sir Elric
8. Sir Baldric18. Sir Radulfus28. Sir Aric
9. Sir Cynric 19. Sir Radulfus29. Sir Aldric
10. Sir Thibault20. Sir Eadric30. Sir Uberin 

Ultimate List Of Badass Knight Names

  1. Sir Adair – A knight who is strong and resilient.
  2. Sir Ajax – A knight who is fierce and fearless.
  3. Sir Balthazar – Fiercely loyal and protective.
  4. Sir Caius – Confident and joyful.
  5. Sir Demetrius – A knight who is earthy and connected to nature.
  6. Sir Ezekiel – Determined and unwavering.
  7. Sir Gideon – Skilled with a sword and powerful in battle.
  8. Sir Hadrian – A knight who is mysterious and enigmatic.
  9. Sir Icarus – Daring and adventurous.
  10. Sir Jareth – An ambitious and driven knight.
  11. Sir Kael – A name meaning “slender” for a nimble and quick knight.
  12. Sir Lazarus – A name for a knight who is resilient and unyielding.
  13. Sir Magnus – A name meaning “great.”
  14. Sir Nero – A name meaning “strong.”
  15. Sir Octavius – Skilled in multiple areas of combat.
  16. Sir Phoenix – Associated with a resilient knight.
  17. Sir Ragnar – A knight who is fierce and battle-hardened.
  18. Sir Sable – A mysterious and shadowy knight.
  19. Sir Talon – Deadly and precise in combat.
  20. Sir Ulysses – A name associated with a knight who is powerful and intense.

Other Badass Knight Names

1. Sir Valor 17. Viper
2. Sir Wolfe18. Thunder
3. Sir Xander 19. Storm
4. Sir Yorick 20. Nightshade
5. Sir Zane 21. Hades
6. Sir Blaze 22. Phoenix
7. Sir Creed 23. Titan
8. Sir Dagger24. Hydra
9. Sir Fury25. Inferno
10. Sir Fury26. Odin
11. Ragnar27. Hellfire
12. Raven28. Ash
13. Raven29. Ash
14. Blade30. Brutus
15. Fang31. Havoc
16. Viper

The Top Funny Knight Names Of All Time

  1. Sir Loin of Beef – A knight known for his love of food and immense strength.
  2. Sir Hops-a-Lot – A knight that is constantly moving and never standing still.
  3. Sir Prance-a-Lot – Fancy footwork and graceful movements.
  4. Sir Quacksalot – A knight that talks a lot.
  5. Sir Mix-a-Lot – A knight known for his love of music and dance.
  6. Sir Fumbles – A knight who is known for his clumsiness.
  7. Sir Robin – A knight known for his lack of bravery and courage.
  8. Sir Blast-a-Lot – A knight who is known for his love of explosives.
  9. Sir Giggles – A knight who is always laughing and telling jokes.
  10. Sir Dork-a-Lot – Always getting into silly situations.
  11. Sir Clumsy – Always tripping over his own feet and stumbling in battle.
  12. Sir Jester – A knight who is always clowning around and making jokes.
  13. Sir Bump-a-Lot – A knight who is often bumping into things and people.
  14. Sir Wacky – Crazy antics and bizarre behavior.
  15. Sir Gassy – A knight who always lets out loud and smelly burps and farts.
  16. Sir Slacker – A lazy or procrastinating knight.
  17. Sir Chatty – A knight who is always talking and never stops.
  18. Sir Puddles – A clumsy knight that can’t keep things in order.
  19. Sir Quirky – A knight that is constantly involved in mischief.
  20. Sir Witty – A smart and calculating knight.

Other Funny Knight Names

1. Sir Doofus11. Sir Jester21. Sir Zany
2. Sir Sneezy12. Sir Giggles22. Sir Nutty
3. Sir Dizzy13. Sir Chuckles23. Sir Looney
4. Sir Snickerdoodle14. Sir Fizzles24. Sir Whimsy
5. Sir Fuzzy15. Sir Bumbles25. Sir Farce-a-Lot
6. Sir Funk-a-lot16. Sir Wacky26. Sir Farce-a-Lot
7. Sir Booger 17. Sir Goofy27. Sir Comical
8. Sir Burpy18. Sir Silly28. Sir Dizzy
9. Sir making Goofball 19. Sir Dork29. Sir Guffaws
10. Sir Laughs-a-Lot20. Sir Nerdy30. Sir Bozo

A Collection Of Fantasy Knight Names 

  1. Sir Riven – A good swordsman that can take most enemies.
  2. Lady Eirwyn – A skilled healer who uses her abilities to aid her allies in battle.
  3. Sir Gwydion – A knight who is a master of magic.
  4. Lady Isadora – A knight that uses her beauty to deceive enemies.
  5. Sir Draven – A master of stealth for secret missions.
  6. Lady Aelwyn – A wise knight that often gives advice.
  7. Sir Galathor – A physically powerful knight. 
  8. Lady Lirien – A skilled female knight.
  9. Sir Alaric – A talented horse-riding knight.
  10. Lady Morrigan – A witty and cunning knight that can outsmart enemies.
  11. Sir Aethon – A knight who is a master of fire magic.
  12. Lady Niamh – A knight known for her agility and uses it to dodge enemy attacks.
  13. Sir Leif – A knight who is a master of ice magic.
  14. Lady Sariel – A knight with divine powers who uses them to smite evil.
  15. Sir Sigmund – A knight that uses lightning magic.
  16. Lady Morwenna – Loves and has a connection to nature.
  17. Sir Tybalt – A master of illusions.
  18. Lady Adira – A quick and efficient knight.
  19. Sir Arcturus – A master of celestial magic.
  20. Lady Eurydice – A knight with a beautiful singing voice.

Other Fantasy Knight Names 

1. Sir Orion 13. Belmont
2. Lady Seraphia14. Azurael
3. Sir Kael 15. Runa
4. Lady Aerin 16. Galadriel
5. Lady Aerin 17. Valtor
6. Lady Eira 18. Alatar
7. Sir Urien 19. Talandriel
8. Lady Aradia 20. Kael’Thas
9. Sir Theron 21. Daerion
10. Lady Ysadora22. Bloodhound
11. Eldrion23. Fury
12. Thulgrim24. Diablo

Epic Famous Knights Names To Inspire Your Next Adventure

  1. Sir Gawain –This is a brave knight from Arthur’s time.
  2. Lady Joan of Arc – A French knight that became a national hero.
  3. Sir Lancelot – A highly skilled swordsman of King Arthur’s time.
  4. Lady Isabel of Spain – A Castilian queen who sponsored Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the New World.
  5. Sir William Wallace – A Scottish knight who led a rebellion against English rule.
  6. Lady Eleanor of Aquitaine – A queen of France and England known for her intellect.
  7. Sir El Cid – A Castilian knight who is a national hero in Spain.
  8. Lady Philippa of Hainault – A queen of England known for her beauty.
  9. Sir Richard the Lionheart – An English knight known for his military prowess.
  10. Lady Catherine of Aragon – The wife to King Henry VIII, who refused their divorce.
  11. Sir Roland – A knight known for his heroic death in battle against the Moors.
  12. Lady Empress Matilda – A queen of England who fought a civil war against her cousin.
  13. Sir Hector – A knight of Troy who fought in the Trojan War.
  14. Lady Melisandre – A priestess in “A song of Ice and Fire.”
  15. Sir Percival – A knight of King Arthur’s Round Table.
  16. Lady Morgause – A manipulative queen of Arthurian legend.
  17. Sir Tristan – A knight of Arthurian legend known for his tragic love affair with Isolde.
  18. Lady Guinevere – A queen of Arthurian legend known for her beauty and role in aiding King Arthur. 
  19. Sir Ector – A knight of Arthurian legend known for raising Arthur.
  20. Lady Brienne of Tarth – A skilled fighter in “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

Other Famous Knight’s Names

1. Sir William Marshal15. Sir Hector
2. Lady Mary 16. Sir Ector
3. Sir John Hawkwood 17. Sir Lionel
4. Sir John Hawkwood 18. Sir Tor
5. Sir Bertrand du Guesclin 19. Sir Dagonet
6. Sir Galahad20. Sir Marrok
7. Sir Galahad21. Sir Marrok
8. Sir Tristram22. Sir Balin
9. Sir Bedevere23. Sir Balin
10. Sir Kay24. Sir Lamorak
11. Sir Bors25. Sir Palamedes
12. Sir Gareth26. Sir Gawaine
13. Sir Geraint27. Sir La Cote Male Taile
14. Sir Yvain28. Sir Sagremor

Explore The Realm Of Holy Knight Names 

  1. Sir Percival – A knight known for his piety and search for the Holy Grail.
  2. Saint George – A Christian martyr and patron saint of England.
  3. Sir Gawain – A known for his chivalry and his devotion to God.
  4. Saint Michael – An archangel in Christian, Jewish, and Islamic traditions associated with protection and the defeat of evil.
  5. Sir Lancelot – A knight of Arthurian legend known for his battle prowess.
  6. Saint Joan of Arc – A French heroine and martyr who led the French army to victory against the English during the Hundred Years’ War.
  7. Sir Bedevere – A knight of Arthurian legend known for his role in the quest for the Holy Grail.
  8. Saint Francis of Assisi – An Italian Catholic friar known for his love of nature and devotion to poverty, simplicity, and peace.
  9. Sir Kay – A knight known for his loyalty to King Arthur and his role as his foster brother.
  10. Saint Christopher – A Christian martyr who is associated with protection during travel.
  11. Sir Tristram – A knight of Arthurian legend known for his prowess in battle.
  12. Saint Sebastian – A Christian martyr associated with protection against the plague.
  13. Sir Thomas More – An English statesman known for his martyrdom for refusing to accept King Henry VIII as the head of the Church of England.
  14. Saint James the Great – One of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ.
  15. Sir Geraint – A knight of Arthurian legend known for his loyalty to his wife, Enid.
  16. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux – A French abbot who is known for his promotion of the Crusades.
  17. Sir Hector – A knight of Arthurian legend known for his loyalty to King Arthur.
  18. Saint Anthony of Padua – An Italian Catholic friar famous for his good preaching.
  19. Sir Gareth – A knight known for his humility and chivalry.

Other Holy Knight Names 

Other Holy Knight Names.

The History And Origins Of Knight Names

When discussing knight names, it’s crucial to comprehend their origins and evolution throughout history.

Knights were a specialized group of fighters from the 5th to the 15th century during the Middle Ages.

These warriors played a significant role in battles and were known for their courage, abilities, and chivalry.

In medieval times, people didn’t have last names like we do today. Instead, they were often referred to by their profession, hometown, or a distinct feature.

Knights received names that reflected their attributes, such as “Braveheart” or “Valiant,” in the early days.

Later, they adopted more traditional names, such as “William” or “Richard.” Over time, the names given to knights became increasingly structured and formalized.

As knights became more recognized and respected in society, their names also gained significance.

They started using last names, which were frequently derived from their place of residence or their rank.

For instance, a knight who resided next to a river could adopt the last name “Rivers,” while a knight with the title of Duke might choose “Duke” as their last name.

Choosing The Perfect Knight Name For Your Character

If you have a penchant for medieval literature, movies, or video games and are seeking to choose a knight name for your character, look no further. Here are some useful tips to help you pick the perfect name for your character:

Consider the character’s personality and traits – As was the norm in medieval times, knight names were frequently based on the individual’s attributes.

For example, a brave and courageous character could be named “Gallant,” whereas a wise and intelligent character might be named “Sage.” Consider your character’s personality and select a name that mirrors their strengths and virtues.

Research historical names – If you want to create an authentic medieval character, consider using historical knight names.

Explore the names of legendary knights from history, literature, or mythology. This can give you ideas for selecting a distinctive and suitable name for your character.

Get creative with spelling – You can try using different variations of the name “Arthur,” such as “Artorius” or “Artair.” However, it is important to ensure that the spelling is easy to pronounce and not too complicated.

Think about the setting and culture – Knight names can differ depending on the background and cultural context of the narrative.

For instance, a knight in a medieval European context might possess a name distinct from a knight in a Middle Eastern or Asian context.


You have a full arsenal of some of the best and most inspired knight name ideas to make it easier to name your characters. Knights can have various roles and circumstances; therefore, you must consider naming them appropriately. 

Most names used for knights have positive meanings that most readers can identify with. Such names create an expectation from the reader, and picking the right names will make the story much better. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
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