A Guide To MBA With Nursing Leadership Dual Degree Programs

In the past few years, there has been an increasing need for healthcare professionals who possess both clinical and business skills. To meet this demand, several dual degree programs have been created that combine an MBA with a Nursing Leadership program.

According to a 2021 article, obtaining an MBA with a leadership degree in nursing can make nurses more attractive to employers. These nurses are highly sought after to fill leadership and administrative roles at the highest level.

Pursuing this dual degree program can be a great way to enhance your career opportunities and become a leader in healthcare administration. However, it can also present unique challenges that require careful consideration. 

In this article, we provide a guide for pursuing an MBA with a Nursing Leadership dual degree program.

Understanding The Program

Before pursuing a combined MBA and nursing leadership course, it’s important to understand the program’s structure, curriculum, and requirements. 

This dual degree program typically takes around 2-3 years to complete and includes courses on business administration, healthcare management, nursing leadership, healthcare economics, healthcare policy, and healthcare finance. 

In addition to coursework, many MBA with nursing leadership dual degree programs require students to complete a capstone project or internship. This allows students to gain practical experience in healthcare leadership and apply their knowledge in a real-world setting.

Some programs also offer specialized tracks or concentrations within the MBA with nursing leadership programs, such as healthcare informatics or healthcare quality improvement. These tracks allow students to tailor their education to their specific interests and career goals within the healthcare industry.

Researching Programs

When researching MBA with nursing leadership dual degree programs, it’s also important to consider the reputation of the universities offering such programs. Search for universities with a long history of providing high-quality business and nursing education, as well as a good reputation in both sectors.

While exploring different programs, it is important for students to remember that while many MBAs include nursing leadership, not all programs are created equal. Find courses that have received accreditation from institutions like the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

According to an article in Forbes published in 2023, the American Institute of CPAs recognizes AACSB as one of the top accrediting bodies for business and accounting administration programs.

Meeting Prerequisites

Most nursing leadership and MBA dual degree programs have particular criteria that must be satisfied before admission.

These prerequisites may include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, a minimum GPA, specific coursework in statistics, accounting, and economics, and a certain number of years of clinical experience. 

Before applying, thoroughly check the program’s qualifications and confirm that you satisfy them.

Applying To Programs

Once you’ve identified an MBA with nursing leadership dual degree programs that match your career goals and meet your prerequisites, it’s time to apply. 

The application process typically includes submitting transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and standardized test scores such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Some programs may also require an interview.

Financing Your Education

Obtaining an MBA with a dual degree program in the nursing leadership can be a considerable financial commitment. Yet, there are various ways to pay for your education, including scholarships, grants, and loans. 

When considering an MBA with a nursing leadership program, it’s important to explore scholarship and grant options that are available specifically for nursing or healthcare management students. It’s also important to research loan options, including federal student loans and private loans, and carefully review their terms and conditions before accepting them.

A January 2023 article suggests that students should also consider applying for scholarships outside of their MBA program. These scholarships are often based on merit and are designed to promote diversity and inclusion. For instance, the National Black MBA Association awarded $2 million in scholarships in 2021 to support academic excellence within the Black community. 


Pursuing an MBA with a nursing leadership dual degree program can be a great way to advance your nursing career and take on leadership roles in healthcare. By understanding the program’s structure, researching programs, meeting prerequisites, applying to programs, and financing your education, you can successfully navigate the challenges of pursuing this dual degree program. 

With dedication and hard work, you can earn your MBA in nursing leadership and become a leader in healthcare management and administration.

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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