140 African American Male Names – Meaningful And Unique Monikers

African American male names are rich in history and culture. From traditional names passed down through generations to modern names inspired by pop culture and current events, these names hold a special significance to the African American community. 

Each name tells a story and reflects the values and beliefs of the family who chose it. Some names are meant to honor ancestors, while others are chosen for their powerful meanings. 

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in African American names, with many parents opting for unique and meaningful names for their sons. If you are looking for African American male names inspirations, continue reading to the end.

1. Aaron (Hebrew, Arabic) – Strong, exalted

Name variations: Aharon, Harun, Aron, Aaronas

2. Angelo (Latin, Greek) – Angel, messenger

Name variations: Angelus Angelos Angelino Anghel Andjelo

3. Anthony (Roman, Latin) – Praiseworthy, priceless

Name variations: Antony Anton Antonio António Antoni

4. Amari (Hebrew, African) – Eternal

Name variations: Amar Amaris Amarion Amare Amaru

5. Asaad (Arabic) – Fortunate

Name variations: Asad Assad Asaadullah Asaadur Asat

6. Ahmod (Arabic) -Highly praised

Name variations: Ahmad Ahmed Hamid Akhmad Ahmet

7. Aiyden (Irish) – Little fire

Name variations: Aidan Aydan Aiden, Aydin Eidan

8. Amos (Jewish) – Carried by God

Name variations: Amós Amoss Amosse Amóska Amosz

9. Autry (French) – Noble strength

Name variations: Autrey Autri Autryi Autrius Autris

10. Booker (English) – Scribe

Name variations: Buker Bukare Bukur Bukers Bukir

11. Busta (American) – Friend 

Name variation: Buster

12. Brandon (Irish, Old English) – Brave prince 

Name variations: Brendan, Branden, Brenden, Branton, Brendon

14. Cameron (English, Scottish) – Crooked nose

Name variations: Camron, Kameron, Camryn, Cameryn, Camren

15. Carter (English, Irish, and Scottish) – One who transports goods 

Name variations: Cartier, Kartar, Kartier, Karter, Cartar

16. Calvin (French) – bald 

Name variations: Kalvin, Kelvin, Kalven, Calven, Calvyn

17. Caleb (Hebrew) – devotion to God 

Name variations: Kaleb, Kaelob, Kaelub, Kailob, Kailub

18. Craig (Scottish, Irish, and Welsh) – From the rocks 

Name variations: Crag, Craeg, Creg, Creag, Crayg

19. Clayton (Old English) – clay settlement 

Name variations: Klayton, Claeton, Clayten, Claytan

20. Cassius (Latin) – narcissistic or vain 

Name variations: Kassius, Kacius, Kassios, Kascius, Kassi

21. Chante (French) – Sung 

Name variations: Chantae, Chantee, Shantae, Shantay, Shante

22. Chaquille (Arabic) – little 

Name variations: Shaquille, Shakil, Shaqueel, Shaq, Keel, Keelan, Keilani

23. Cornell (English) – This is the name of a town. 

Name variations: Kornel, Kornell, Kornall, Kornelia, Kornelius, Korniliya, Kornilija

24. Christopher (Greek) – Carrier of Christ 

Name variations: Kristofer, Kristoffer, Kristopher, Cristóbal, Kristaps, Christophe

25. Colby (Olde Norse) – Coal town 

Name variations: Colbey, Colbi, Colbie, Colbin, Colburn, Colborne, Coalby

26. Curtis (Spanish, Portuguese) – Humble or courteous one 

Name variations: Curt, Curtiss, Curtice, Cortez, Kourtney, Kort, Cortney, Curty

27. David (Hebrew) – Beloved, friend 

Name variations: Davin, Dave, Davey, Davie, Davidson, Dovid, Daoud, Dávid

28. DeAndre (Greek, American) – Courageous, Valliant warrior 

Name variations: De’Andre, Dandre, Deondre, De’ondre, Deandrea, D’andre, Deandray, Dandrea

29. Demetrius (Latin) – Lover of earth 

Name variations: Demetrio, Dimitrios, Dimitri, Dmitriy, Demetri, Demetrious, Demetrice, Demetrias

30. Dominique (French) – Of the lord 

Name variations: Dominick, Dominik, Domingo, Domonique, Dominykas, Dominiquea, Dominiq

31. Deion (Greek) – God of wine and revelry 

Name variations: Dion, Deione, Deionte, Deionta, Dayion, Deyon, Deon, Dayvon

32. Damien (Greek) – To overcome 

Name variations: Damian, Damien, Damion, Daymien, Damyen, Damiene, Daimien

33. Denzel (Greek) – Fine wine lover 

Name variations: Denzil, Denit, Dennett, Dennit, , Denny, Danzel, Denzal, Denzell

34. Darius (Persian language) – Rich or kingly 

Name variations: Dario, Dariush, Dareios, Darek, Darian, Darion, Darry, Darien

35. Dewayne (Irish) – Dark 

Name variation: Dwayne, Dewaine, Dewane, , Dewaun, Dewaune

36. Dontrell (Italian) – Lasting 

Name variations: Dontae, Dontay, Donte, Dontell, Dontrelle, Donzell, 

37. Dijon (French, Hebrew) – God is gracious 

Name variations: Dijoné, Dijone, Dejon, Dejourn, Dijohn, Djion, 

38. Ervan (Variation of French name Yves) – yew

Name variations: Ervin, Ervyn, Erve, Ervine, Erv, Erva, Erven

39. Emmett (Hebrew, German, and English) – Universal 

Name variations: Emmit, Emeth, Emet, Emmot, Emme, Emmi, 

40. Eli (Hebrew) – Ascended, uplifted, or high

Name variations: Elie, Elias, Elijah, Ilan

41. Efrem (Spanish) – Fruitful

Name variations: Ephraim, Efrain, Efram, Efrayim

42. Elijah (Hebrew) – Yahweh is my God

Name variations: Eli, Elias, Elyas, Elijah, Ilan

43. Ericson (Swedish) – Son of Eric

Name variations: Erickson, Erikson, Ericsson, Eriksen, Erixon

44. Embry (English) – Work, rule

Name variations: Emery, Embrey, Embree, Embrye, Embre

45. Godrell (Germany) – Related to God

Name variations: Gottfried, Godfrey, Godfry, Godfried, Goddard

46. Garlan (French) – Wreath or prize

Name variations: Garland, Garlen, Garlend, Garlant, Garlent

47. Ghalen (African) – Calm

Name variations: Ghalan, Galen, Galon, Galan, Ghallen

48. Grady (Irish) – Noble

Name variations: Graydon, Graden, Gradon, Gradey, Gradie

49. Hosea (Hebrew) – Salvation

Name variations: Hoshea, Hosheya, Hoshia, Hoshua, Osee

50. Hakeem (Arabic) – Wise

Name variations: Hakim, Hakiem, Hacim, Hacem, Hakym

51. Hassan (Arabic) – Handsome

Name variations: Hasan, Hassaan, Hassain, Hassam, Hassum

52. Isaac (Hebrew, Jewish) – Laugher, rejoice

Name variations: Isaak, Isac, Issac, Izaac, Izaak

53. Isiah (Hebrew) – God is my savior

Name variations: Isaiah, Isaias, Isaia, Isaya, Ysaias

54. Iker (Spanish) – Visit

Name variations: Ikerr, Ickar, Icker, Ikkar, Ikar

55. Ian (Scottish) – God is gracious

Name variations: Iain, Ean, Eian, Iantha, Ion

56. Izaak (Hebrew) – laughter

Name variations: Isaac, Isaak, Isac, Issac, Izaac

57. Jayden (Spanish, Hebrew) – God has heard

Name variations: Jaden, Jadon, Jaiden, Jaydan, Jaidyn

58. Joaquin (Hebrew) – Established by God

Name variations: Joachim, Joakim, Jochim, Jokim, Joaqim

59. Jaheem (Jamaican) – Raised or dignified

Name variations: Jahiem, Jahiemm, Jahiym, Jahiymm, Jahym

60. Jamal (Arabic) – Handsome

Name variations: Jemal, Jameel, Jamall, Jahmal, Jahmel

61. Joachim (Hebrew) – Established by God

Name variations: Joaquin, Joakim, Jochim, Jokim, Joaquim

62. Justus (Latin) – Justice

Name variations: Just, Justo, Justen, Justyn, Juste

63. Jahmir (American) – Loyal, trustworthy, God’s light

Name variations: Jahmier, Jahmyr, Jahmeer, Jahmiere, Jahmyre

64. Jamar (Arabic, English) – Handsome, beauty

Name variations: Jamaar   Jamaari   Jamair   Jamaras  Jamarrea   Jamarri   Jamaur   Jaumar   Jemar   Jamal   

65. Jevonte (American) – Son of Japheth

Name variations: Jevonta   Jevontae   Jevontaye

66. Jarel (German, English) – Strong, open-minded

Name variations: Jarell, Jerel, Jerell, Jarrell, Jarele

67. Jayce (English, Greek, Hebrew) – Healer, lord is salvation

Name variations: Jace, Jayse, Jaise, Jacey, Jaycee, Jayson

68. Jesiah (Hebrew) – The lord exists

Name variations: Jeshua, Jeshurun, Jeshaiah, Jesaiah, Jessey

69. Jalen (Greek) – Healer

Name variations: Jaylen, Jaylin, Jaylon, Jalon, Jalin, Jaelen

70. Jelani (African) – Mighty, strong, great

Name variations: Jelanie, Jelany, Jelanyi, Jelanii, Jelanni

71. Joseph (Hebrew) – To increase, God will give

Name variations: Josef, Josep, Josif, Yosef, Yoseph, Jozef

72. Justin (Latin) – Righteous, Just

Name variations: Justyn, Justen, Juston, Justan, Juste, Justo

73. Kai (Welsh, Greek, Hawaiian) – Guardian, keeper, sea

Name variations: Kye, Ky, Kaj, Cai, Kay, Kyei

74. Keenan (Hebrew) – Acquire, to take possession

Name variations: Kian, Kienan, Keenen, Keinan, Kenan, Kynan

75. Keyshawn (Hebrew, American) – God is gracious

Name variations: Keshawn, Keishawn, Keyshaun, Kishawn, Keyshon, Keishon

76. Khalil (Arabic, Muslim) – Friend

Name variations: Kahlil, Kalil, Kaleel, Kahlile, Khaleel

77. Kimbel (Welsh) – Warrior chief

Name variations: Kymbel, Kimble, Kymble, Kymball, Kimmel

78. Kendis (Latin) – Pure

Name variations: Kendice, Kendiss, Kendece, Kenda, Kendyl

79. Khalan (Arabic) – A strong warrior

Name variations: Khaalan, Kallan, Kellan, Kalan, Kaelan

80. Keon (Irish, Hebrew) – God is gracious

Name variations: Keyon, Keion, Kion, Keoni, Kyon

81. Kelvin (Scottish) – From the river

Name variations: Kelvyn, Kelfin, Kelven, Kelvan, Kelvine

82. Kordell (English) – Cord maker

Name variations: Kordel, Kordall, Cordell, Cordelle, Cordelio

83. Laikin (British) – From the lake

Name variations: Laiken, Laken, Lakin, Lakein, Lakyn

84. Lavaughn (Welsh, American) – wood

Name variations: Lavonn   Lavonne   Lavaughan   Lavon   Lavone   Lavonna   Lavonnah

85. Lamonte (Gaelic) – Man of law

Name variations: Lamont (Scottish), Lamount (French)

86. LeBron (French) – King

Name variations: Lebrun (French)

87. Lamech (Greek) – powerful

Name variations: Lemech (Hebrew)

89. Lemarcus (Latin, American) – Warlike

Name variations: Lamar (French), Marcus (Roman)

90. Lucius (Latin) – light

Name variations: Lucio (Italian), Lucien (French)

91. Levi (Hebrew) – United, joined in harmony

Name variations: Lev (Russian), Levon (Armenian)

92. Malcolm (Gaelic, Scottish) – Devotee of St. Colomba

Name variations: Malcom (Irish), Malkolm (Swedish)

93. Marquise (French) – Nobleman, royalty

Name variations: Marquis (English), Marquez (Spanish)

94. Mateo (Spanish, Italian) – Gift of God

Name variations: Matteo (Italian), Matheus (Portuguese)

95. Michael (Hebrew) – Gift from God

Name variations: Miguel (Spanish), Mihai (Romanian)

96. Montrell (Spanish, Italian) – Mountain

Name variations: Montel (French), Montrelli (Italian)

97. Martell (German) – warrior of Mars

Name variations: Martel (French), Martello (Italian)

98. Malachiah (Hebrew) – God’s messenger

Name variations: Malakai (Hawaiian), Malakhi (Russian)

99. Marcel (Latin) – Belonging to Mars

Name variations: Marcellus (Latin), Marcello (Italian)

100. Murphy (Gaelic) – Sea warrior

Name variations: Murphey (Irish), Murfi (Finnish)

101. Malik (Arabic) – King

Name variations: Maleek (African), Malek (Egyptian)

102. Neville (French) – New town

Name variations: Nevil, Nevill, Nevile, Nevelson, Nevell

103. Nimbus (Latin) – Rainstorm or dark cloud

Name variations: None

104. Nolan (Irish) – Champion

Name variations: Nolen, Noland, Nollan, Noll, Nowlan, Nowland

105. Niles (Gaelic) – Son of Neil

Name variations: Nile, Niall, Neal, Neale, Neilson, Nelson

106. Naeem (Arabic) – Benevolent

Name variations: Na’im, Naim, Na’iem, Naeim, Na’eem

107. Napoleon (Italian, Africa) – Lion in a new city, a fierce one from Naples

Name variations: Nappie   Nappy   Nap   Leon   Leo

108. Omari (African, Hebrew) – Flourishing, populous

New variations: Omarion Omer Omario Omarr Omarius

109. Orion (Greek) – The rising star

New variations: Orian Oran, Orien Oryon Orin

110. Orpheus (Greek) – Darkness of the night

New variations: Orfey, Orfeo, Orphaeus, Orphie Orphic

111. Oscar (English) – God’s spear

New variations: Oskar Ozzie Ozzy Osker

112. Otis (German, Old English, Greek roots) – Prosperity, wealth

New variations: Otys Odis Otas 

113. Owen (Welsh) – Well-born

New variations: Owain Owyn Ewan

114. Payne (English) – Country-dweller

New variations: Paine Payn Payton Paen 

115. Peter (Greek) – Rock

New variations: Pete Petey Pietro Piero 

116. Quinn (Irish) – Counsel

New variations: Quin Quincy Quinlan Quince Quenton

117. Roscoe (Old Norse) – Deer forest

New variations: Rosco Ross, Rosse Rusk Ruskoe

118. Raimy (Native American) – Compassionate

Name variation: Raimee

119. Rashon (Arabic) – God is gracious

Name variations: Rachan   Rashaan   Rasham   Rashan   Rashawn   Reshaun   Reshawn   

120. Rufus (Latin) – Red-headed

Name variations: Rufous Ruff Ruffe Rufinus Ruffin

121. Robert (Germanic) – Bright, fame

Name variations: Roberto Rob Robby Robbie Robb

122. Rome (Latin) – Strength, power

Name variations: Roma Romulus Romie

123. Sabah (Arabic, Turkish) – Morning

Name variations: Sabahat Sabih Sabahudin  Sabahiya

124. Santana (Spanish) – Holy

Name variations: Sante Santino Santander Santonio Santanu

125. Sharod (Arabic, Muslim) – Autumn

Name variations: Sharad Sharood Sharode Sharodin

126. Shaun (Irish, English) – Gift from God

Name variations: Shawn Sean, Shane Shaune Shaunie

127. Tahj (Arabic, Hindi, Sanskrit) – Crown

Name variations: Taj Taha Tahir Taje Tahji

128. Tevin (American, Celtic) – Beautiful, Handsome

Name variations: Tevyn Tevino Teviner Tevindra

129. Tyrell (Scandinavian, English) – Stubborn puller

Name variations: Tyrelle Tyrel Terrell Tyrellin

130. Tony (English, French, Latin, Greek) – Priceless one

Name variations: Toni Antoine Antonius Antoni Antonio

131. Tyrone (Irish) – Land of Owen

Name variations: Tyron Tyrone Tiron Tyrion Tyren

132. Tyrus (American) – Strength, rock, or sharp

Name variations: Tyrese Tyrusi Tyru 

133. Von (Old Norse, German) – Hope

Name variations: Vonn Vontae Vondell Vontell 

134. Wyclef (English) – Dweller at the white cliff

Name variations: Wycliffe Wyclif Wicleff 

135. Warren (English, Irish) – To protect

Name variations: Warron Warrin, Warryn Warrenton 

136. Xavier (Arabic, Spanish, Basque) – New House

Name variations: Javier Xaver Xavius Xavien

137. Xenon (Greek) – Guest or foreigner

Name variations: Zenon Xenos Xen Xenion Xenor

138. Zephan (Hebrew) – Prized possession of God

Name variations: Zephaniah Zephon Zephanias Zephanijah Zephen

139. Zahir (Arabic) – Helper, supporter, manifest

Name variations: Zaheer Zohair Zaher Zahiruddin Zahirullah

140. Zaire (African) – River

Name variations: Zayre Zair Zayr Zayra Zairon

141. Zion (Hebrew) – The highest point. 

Name variations: Sion Zyion Zayon Zyoni Zyonna

142. Zuma (Arabic) – Peace

Name variations: Zuman Zumah Zumar Zumair Zumat


With our comprehensive list of African American male names, we hope you’ve gotten some inspiration in naming your baby boy. 

These names often reflect the struggles and triumphs of the African American community throughout history and serve as a reminder of the resilience and strength of this community. 

It is important to recognize and celebrate these names’ significance and understand their stories and histories. 

By doing so, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the African American community and its contributions to our society. 

Additionally, we can ensure that these names are properly respected and valued and continue to be passed down through generations. 

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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