Alex Manos’s Net Worth: The Vintage Tycoon’s Riches

The question about Alex Manos’ net worth is expected in the car enthusiast community. Alex Manos has one of the most impressive car collections in the world, and many people wonder how much this and his other businesses have immersed him over the years.

Alex Manos is famous for his YouTube channel and is a common name in the luxury car world. The Beverly Hills Car Club is the crowning achievement of his life’s work. 

So what does all this contribute, and how much is Alex Manos worth? Let’s find out; 

Early Life and Career

Alex Manos is an intriguing figure in the car enthusiast landscape and has an exciting life. His early life and upbringing seemingly pointed him toward his love for classic cars, and he would later turn it into a career that would make him a millionaire.

Alex Manos is very private when it comes to personal life, so there are many conflicting sources about his age. He was born between 1984 and 1986, which makes him about 37 years old.

Alex was the firstborn and only child of parents who already had a passion for classics. He was born in the United States, Los Angeles, and spent most of his life there. 

Alex’s mother was called Versa Manos, and the two were close from a young age. Alex Manos developed a deep love and respect for his mother, which is very clear today. He has said many times how she supported him and is his lifeline.

Being an only child meant Alex Manos got all of his parent’s love. Both parents spoiled him in his childhood since they were well off financially. His closeness to his parents would significantly contribute to his passion for cars.

Alex Manos was born in Los Angeles but grew up in Europe, where he built a taste for cars. His parents would often take him on weekend trips, and this made him grow fond of cars. Both parents had classics; the mother had a 1964 Volvo 1800, and the dad had an E-Type Jaguar.

He also started disassembling and assembling car parts at a young age. Such endeavors contributed more to his appreciation of the details of European classics at a young age, and it created a spark that would ignite his passion.

Alex Manos realized that he loved cars and wanted them to be a part of his daily life and work. Meanwhile, he still went to school like any other teenager. He finished high school at a Private high school in his hometown.

He later went to college and graduated with a Degree in Business studies. He combined his degree and passion to create the foundation for his empire. Alex Manos founded a company called Beverly Hills Car Club Inc., which he remained the owner.

He founded the company in January 2004, which has been going strong for 19 years and isn’t slowing down. He has become a massive business tycoon and an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs. Beverly Hills Car Club has a website with social media accounts.

He followed his passion and doubled down, so now he deals in luxurious cars. He sells anything from Mercedes, Jaguar, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and any other fancy car. 

Professional Achievements 

Alex Manos is one of the most successful businesspeople in his field, and there is no question about his entrepreneurial prowess. 

He has built a company that is valued in the hundreds of millions, and that is his first significant professional achievement. 

While still small, Alex Manos took complete control of Beverly Hills Car Club in 2008. Nobody knew much about the company then, but it was making enough revenue to stay operational. 

He dedicated all his time to the company and transformed this small company into a globally recognized franchise. The Beverly Hills Car Club became popular amongst collectors and enthusiasts with its vast car collections and events.

Other than his company, his connections also allowed him to get an impressive personal collection of classics. This is one of the most iconic elements of being a car collector, and he has all the big names.

His garage showcases Ferraris, Jaguars, Porsches, and Mercedes-Benzes as proof of Manos’s profound love for vehicles. This is typical for collectors, but his expertise in restoring and assembling cars made Alex Manos stand out.

Alex has done many restoration projects for damaged classic cars. He even has a team of mechanics that works around the clock to restore any vintage vehicles they find. Alex Manos is dedicated to vintage cars and does everything to take them to their glory days. 

This maintains their historical value and is the backbone of his business. You can see some restorations on his YouTube channels and other media platforms.

Speaking of YouTube, Alex Manos has been clever about exploiting YouTube to grow his business and share information. His YouTube channel shares videos about cars, restorations, events, and other vehicle-related content.

This platform allows him to share the experience with millions of people even if they don’t have the money to buy the cars. Additionally, it spreads the love for vintage and makes him money on the side, which further adds to his net worth. 

Income Streams 

Alex Manos has several sources of income, but only two are disclosed to the public: YouTube and Beverly Hills Car Club. Alex is one of the biggest buyers of vintage European vehicles in the United States.

The company operates internationally, becoming one of the biggest vintage dealerships on the planet. Alex’s growing vintage vehicle empire currently has a 135,000-square-foot showroom.

It has more than 200 unique vintage vehicles, and they are always searching for more. The Beverly Hills Car Club grew popular because of its high-quality customer service, fantastic care and attention to minor detail.

It achieved this through its 50+ full-time employees, which makes it Alex Manos’s primary and most significant source of income. His fame and personality allowed him to piggyback off the success of Beverly Hills Car Club to create a very successful YouTube channel.

He shares reviews and showcases for classic cars on his YouTube channels, creating a revenue stream for him. It also doubles as marketing for Beverly Hills Car Club, which further supports the company’s growth. 

Breakdown of Net worth

His business prowess and ingenuity have helped Alex Manos immerse a net worth of approximately $10 million as of 2023. This wealth comes from various private investments and his successful vehicle dealership, Beverly Hills Car Club Inc. 

He also owns a series of vintage cars that cost a lot of money because of their traditional and revered place in the history of automobiles. He has an eye for rare and valuable vehicles, making him a successful businessman.

Comparison of Net worth to Industry Averages

The Car dealership industry is rapidly growing in the US, making about 59 billion dollars annually. This figure reflects the high demand for cars in the United States, which has grown in the last few years, and all indicators show it will hold.

With a net worth of $10 million, Alex Manos is doing quite well for himself, and most industry averages can’t even match what he is making. The average car dealership owner makes about 100,000 per year, far from what Manos makes.

The aspect that makes him stand out is how much more he makes because the vehicles are vintage. Most vintage cars are costly even though they are rarely driven, and this means that the company makes more profits, which implies that he gets paid more.

With the rise in support of electric vehicles ordered directly from manufacturers, regular car dealerships will likely take a hit in the coming decades. 

This, however, is not a concern for vintage dealers as most people buy classics for aesthetic and historic value rather than functionality. The industry average might go lower, but Alex Manos’s net worth is set to go higher in the coming years.

Philanthropy and Investments

Alex Manos is one of the most exciting people online because he is seemingly well-rounded. Despite his career having nothing to do with improving human life, Manos has dedicated much of his resources to helping people.

He often contributes to charities, especially healthcare and education for communities in compromised circumstances. He commits to making a difference in his community and positively impacting people’s lives.

He often attends, hosts, or supports charity auctions for vehicles thanks to his massive following, which helps various organizations raise money. Alex Manos has also been a part of several charity car events that have further built his reputation.

His biggest investment is in his car collection, which he uses for events, and his showroom to generate publicity and wealth. He has a large fleet of vehicles for show and sale, and they are the biggest reason for his $10 million net worth.

Alex Manos keeps most of his affairs private, so people don’t know much about his activities. Even his net worth is estimated, and it is challenging to develop a portfolio of his investments and charitable works.

Public Image and Personal Life

Most people know about Manos’s car collection and business, but that is all they know. Manos is a private person who is reserved about sharing details of his life, so most of the information is known only by close friends.

He values his privacy, and you rarely see his name on a headline unless it concerns cars or Beverly Hills Car Club. One of his most known things is his relationship status since he was with a rather famous lady.

Alex dated Farrah Aldjufrie for two years, and if that name sounds familiar to you, it is because she is Kyle Richards’ daughter. Their relationship started in 2019, and they got engaged in late 2021 with very little information going to the public.

The information was shared mainly by Farrah, and the public couldn’t get enough of the lovebirds. They remained engaged for two years but called off the wedding and broke up in September 2023.

The reason for their breakup is not apparent, as none of them ever came forward to explain. Alex Manos has not had any public romantic interests since the breakup, and the future is anyone’s guess. 

Alex Manos has no children and isn’t married, but he is as close to his mother as ever. He doesn’t have siblings, so his mom is his nearest relative, and his private life doesn’t leave much of an impression on the public. 

Future Prospects 

The future looks bright for Alex Manos, and his net worth will most likely skyrocket in the coming decades. Regular dealers will lose customers to electric car companies like Tesla, but this is not a significant concern for vintage dealerships.

Most people love vintage cars, and they are okay with buying and not even using the vehicles so they will not be replaced by electric cars. Each new generation brings up new classifications of vintage cars and enthusiasts; therefore, the future looks promising.

His company website and social media platforms constantly update users on various vehicles and legit car upgrades. The information is timeless, and his plans for selling expensive and luxurious cars seem well within his reach. 


You have more information about Alex Manos’s net worth with a clearer understanding of where he gets all his money. Alex Manos has a keen eye for vintage cars and an excellent mind for business, which contributed to him creating a massive empire, the Beverly Hills Car Club.

The company has a website, social media handles, a massive showroom, and hundreds of high-end vintage European cars. 

Alex Manos had a passion for cars, and the proper grooming helped him turn it into a profitable business, making him an inspiration to many people worldwide. 

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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