15 Amazing Things To Do In Denton TX 

Have you been to Denton, Texas? Do you know things to do in Denton TX, when you finally arrive there? 

Denton is one of the most gorgeous cities in Texas, United States. It’s an embodiment of tourist attractions and scenic beauty. 

Visiting Denton is one of many tourists’ wishes. So if you’re one of them, having a bucket list of things to do is a wise step. This will ensure you don’t miss any important events or places you wish to explore. 

Regarding historic buildings and state parks, Denton, TX, has them in abundance. These sites include the famous Denton Firefighters Museum, Bayless Selby House Museum, Ray Roberts Lake State Park, and Old Alton Bridge.   

Here are the things you should consider doing when you visit Denton, TX.

1: Stop At The Lone Star Indoor Sports And Event Center:

When you land in Denton, don’t forget to visit Lone Star Indoor Sports and Event Center. This Indoor sports center occupies around 27 square feet, so there is plenty of space for you and the family to have fun. You can play roller derby, indoor hockey, or roller skating in this sports center. 

Do you have an upcoming event such as a birthday party, sports practice, wedding reception, baby shower, or fancy an indoor get-together with friends? This indoor sports center allows private booking.   

There is so much fun you can have here. The size of this sports center also makes it perfect for a large family or close friends. You can play tons of indoor sports or watch others do their thing. 

2: Don’t Miss The Old Alton Bridge: 

A journey to Denton, TX, without visiting Alton Bridge (Also called Goatman’s Bridge) isn’t complete. It’s one of the top attractions in Denton, TX, and a must-see. Sitting comfortably in nature’s lap, the Old Alton Bridge is a historic site built in the 1800s. 

This bridge connects Denton and Copper Canyon, and it’s a beautiful sight to behold. The area around the bridge is so calm and soothing. And as you know, this iron truss bridge was originally constructed to transport horses and, later on, vehicles. 

Walking on this bridge with friends and family is one of the things you should plan to do. Take memorable pictures and spend quality time on this bridge. Imagine what those that constructed the bridge endured to make it a reality.

3: Visit The Place Hikers Go – Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Do you love hiking? If yes, waste no further time; head straight to the Ray Roberts Lake State Park. This park has won the hearts of many for its neatness and calmness. The marked trails and maintenance show those running the business are doing a fantastic job.    

You can do many things in this gorgeous park. You can decide to relax with your family or friends. Dogs are allowed too, so you can go dog-walking. However, hiking is what most people that come here do. 

In addition to hiking, other things you can spend your time doing in this state park include fishing and boating, or you can organize a mini picnic with family or friends. Just have fun and create lasting memories. But then, don’t forget to take pictures. You need it to remember the incredible places in Denton you explored.  

4: Visit The Big Sandy Boat Ramp:

Are you a lover of watersports or like participating in activities such as diving, boating, fishing, and kayaking? Then a visit to the Big Sandy Boat Ramp is the perfect answer. 

This historic lake plays host to dozens of people now and then. So even if you are alone, you won’t be alone. The beautiful scenery of this lake attracts visitors from Denton and neighboring cities. 

Is the heat rising? No problem! Dive into this gorgeous lake to refresh and calm your body. You can swim in this gorgeous lake, kayak, and play other water sports. 

5: Express Your Love For Animals At The Sharkarosa Wildlife: 

Nature needs preservation. Otherwise, many animals would have been wiped off the earth’s surface. The Sharkarosa Wildlife is doing a great job of preserving animals, including endangered ones. However, you can catch a glimpse of these animals to know what they look like. 

In addition to animals, the Sharkarosa boasts a large collection of different plant species. So you can learn about various plants by yourself or let the knowledgeable staff give you a memorable tour. 

The large collection of animals at the Sharkarosa will make your visit worthwhile. They have a huge collection of sheep, dogs, monkeys, giraffes, lions, tigers, etc. 

The Sharkarosa sits on 126 acres of land and is a non-profit educational facility. You can visit this place with your kids so they can see the animals they see on National Geographic live while you take the time to educate them. 

6: Bayless Selby House Museum – Your Chance To Learn About Denton, TX. 

What do you know about Denton, TX? Or, do you want to know more about this beautiful city? If yes, include the Bayless Selby House Museum in your list of must-visit places.  

Located in Denton County Historical Park, the Bayless Selby Museum has all the information about Denton. The Victorian-styled walls make this museum highly attractive. In addition, the design shows how things were in old Denton. 

Several artifacts are on display in this museum. You can take a picture of them, but don’t leave without asking the locals or staff for a proper explanation. Make your visit to the Bayless Selby House Museum both educational and fun. 

There’s a mini library containing important information about Denton, TX. This museum allows you to learn about and imagine Denton centuries ago.  

7: Have You Visited The Little Chapel In The Woods?

The Little Chapel in the Woods was built in 1939 and is perfect for traditional couples who want to add their unique style to their wedding. 

We have O’Neil Ford to thank for Little Chapel’s great architectural design. The Little Chapel is beautiful and ranked one of Texas’ top 20 most outstanding architectural achievements. First lady Eleanor Roosevelt dedicated this intimate venue. 

The exterior of this top-class building is taken over by lush green topography, making it the perfect place for post-wedding pictures. 

 The interior of this historic building will blow your mind away. It features gorgeous stone walls, stained glass windows, and hand-carved woodwork. 

So if you’re thinking of where to have your wedding, put the Little Chapel in the woods in your plans. Your religious beliefs won’t be a hindrance, as it’s open to everyone. Just ensure the day you plan your wedding hasn’t been booked by someone else.

8: Check Out The Pioneer Woman Statue:

Denton boasts two universities, making the description “a student hub” a valid one. Not many cities have this privilege, so it’s something worth noting. 

The popular Texas Woman’s University is one of the universities in this city. You’ll spot a 15-foot tall mascot, the “statue of a pioneer woman,” mounted in front of the science building. 

This statue was offered as a gift to the university to mark the centennial anniversary of the Texas revolution. The statue was handed to the university in 1938. 

So the “Pioneer woman statue” is important in the history of this great city. It was carved from Georgian marble and looks quite attractive.  

9: Show Your Appreciation For The Arts By Visiting The Union Art Gallery:

It takes time, effort, and maximum concentration to create quality artwork. If you get any chance to appreciate artists, please do so. 

The Union Art Gallery is one of the places you should plan to visit upon arriving in Denton. The gallery is on the Texas North University campus and features artwork from graduates and current students.

You’ll find diverse artwork in this gallery, but you must act fast as artworks are rotated. The old or previously displayed ones are removed to create room for new ones. 

10: Check Out North Lake Park:

Are you seeking green spaces to relax or have fun? If yes, North Lake Park is the next place to be.

The eponymous lakes are popular fishing spots, and other things you can do in this park exist.

If you’re in this park with your family, take a short walk and allow them to play to tire out. 

11: Visit The Children’s Museum – Explorium:

Are you visiting Denton with your amazing kids? If yes, take them to Explorium so they can shake off the boredom. 

Explorium is a children’s museum. It serves as a museum and offers a play area too. You’ll find many toys, equipment, and other interactive exhibits to help your little ones escape their boredom.

12: Feel Texas Fashion Style:

 Are you planning to leave Denton without checking out Texas fashion? Then, you’re making a mistake. Texas remains a well-known clothing and fashion hub. You’ll find top-class dresses and styles only Texas creates. 

You can visit the Texas Fashion Collection to feed your eyes with out-of-this-world designs. Check out the various fashionable clothing that suits you and go for it.

The clothes at Texas Fashion Collection are reasonably priced. So you won’t be breaking the bank but leaving with bags full of clothes. 

13: Don’t Skip Pilot Knoll Park:  

Take a trip to Pilot Knoll Park. Join other tourists and locals to explore this gorgeous park. You can consider this park for lakeside camping. Or, you can camp at night and have a memorable picnic with your family during the day. 

Denton has perfect weather. So at Pilot Knoll Park, you’ll have it warm, bright, and sunny (though not year-round). Besides camping, you can perform other activities such as boating, kayaking, and more. 

14: Head Straight To Fortunata Winery:

Are you a wine enthusiast? If yes, Fortunata Winery in Denton is a must-visit. Re-energize your body with wines made by one of the best in Denton.  

The live music while sipping wine helps to create unforgettable memories. And what’s more, you’ll have a chance to taste different wines to choose the one you like. 

Are you planning a dinner date with your partner? Fortunata Winery has something special for you and your date. This winery also offers a special 5-course meal, considered one of the best by many visitors. 

15: Don’t Miss The Courthouse Museum:

 The Denton County Courthouse was built in the 1800s and remained intact many years after. It’s one of the famous historic buildings in Denton and a must-see for visitors. 

This Courthouse was used for court proceedings, but things have changed now. It’s now used to house history and artifacts. The museum courthouse is open for public visits from Monday to Saturday.


We have explained some things you can do in Denton, TX. You can engage in fun activities with your friends or family. Denton, TX, is an incredible city with many things to explore. 

You can also learn about this gorgeous city by visiting famous museums. Denton also has a plethora of historic buildings with a great architectural footprint. 

So if you’re looking for things to do in Denton, you can get some inspiration from this list.

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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