American standard vs. Trane: Knowing the Best Brand

Consumers are always torn on the choice to make regarding American Standard and Trane. The two brands are famous for their coils, furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, air handler, and other accessories. 

When shopping for special equipment or appliances like cooling, heating, conditioning, etc., you need to be keen on the brand. 

The household brands have better technologies because of their experience and make high-quality products that rank highly on the market. American Standard is the most popular premium brand. 

Plus, it’s among the oldest manufacturers in the United States regarding household products. The article highlights the significant differences between the two brands. 

You will get more insight from the information that will help you make a better decision. 

American Standard Vs. Trane

American Standard and Trane have several similarities. You can surely confuse some of their models since they usually have almost similar designs. 

The two brands are under the same company. The brands’ products share the same features but different casing and unit colors. 

Despite several similarities, the brands have some differences you need to know; let’s look at some of them.  

Differences Between American Standard And Trane

There are many models, but this article only covers American Standard and Trane. The differences between the brands are few. Here is more information. 

The first notable difference is simply the paint colors. However, the different brand units and paint booths go through the same process. 

The sticker or nameplate is another difference, and the American standard has a blue nameplate while Trane has an orange nameplate. 

Ingersoll Rand is the parent company to the two brands, and it’s a famous manufacturing giant. IR, formerly known as The Trane Company, acquired the company back in June 2008. 

Ingersoll also operates other major brands such as club cars, making golf carts.

The other significant difference is simply the distribution network. The networks are different throughout the country. 

In some areas, the brands use wholesalers to distribute their products, while in others, the factory has warehouses that help in distribution. 

Additional Information

1. Efficiency 

All companies do rank their products according to efficiency. Both American standard and Trane make efficient, quiet, and high-quality products. 

American standard and Trane are pretty famous for their air conditioners. XV201 TruComfort is Trane’s most efficient air conditioner. 

It has 750 comfort stages for ultimate climate control and has a maximum seasonal energy efficiency ratio of 22. 

The AccuComfort is the most efficient American Standard air conditioner and features the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) with the same rating as its counterparts. 

The SEER system is a great technology, and it operates automatically by adjusting to the best efficient speed. It, therefore, helps maintain high comfort levels. 

2. Standard Features

The two brands are famous for making some of the best residential air conditioners in the market or industry. The standard features of the air conditioners include things like performance and quality. 

American standard and Trane plus other air conditioner brands have standard but different series depending on cooling stages. High-end variables speed range is more efficient. 

Other series are single and two-stage air conditioner models. Silver, gold, and AccuComfort platinum are American standard’s three tiers. XR, XL, and XV TruComfort are Trane’s three tiers. 

Premium air conditioner brands for the two companies are AccuComfort and TruComfort. Premium brands are simply the most efficient. 

The companies make high-quality air conditioners; the conditioners even exceed the set seer standards. 

You will surely get high-quality air, and this guarantees you comfort. Premium models are energy efficient and quiet. 

3. Coils 

Almost all American Standard air conditioner models have spine fin coils made of 100% aluminum. The one with a plate-fin coil is the silver 16 side discharge. 

Coils for American standard and Trane are pretty similar. The foil-backed insulation is standard because of the ease in wiping and cleaning them. 

AC coils in American standard and Trane brands function as heating pump equipment and system. Their performance and quality are also top-notch.

4. Compressors  

The American standard has three series, and the platinum one has variable speeds and 700 stages. 

As mentioned, it also has gold and silver series, and they have two-stage and single-stage, respectively. The Trane and American standard air conditioners do not have any differences.

5. Warranty 

American standard and Trane models have a 10-year limited warranty covering the outdoor coil. All other functional parts also have a 10-year warranty. 

However, some series have unique and more extended warranties. TruComfort and XL units under Trane and AccuComfort and Gold series under American Standard have a 12-year warranty that covers the compressor. 

The twelve-year warranty on both brands has better benefits. All the warranties are for residential use only in both brands, plus the warranty doesn’t include labor and installation. 

If you decide to buy an air conditioner, ensure the dealer gives you a full warranty before installing the unit. 

It would be best if you also got the maintenance schedule from the dealer; it will help you know when to service the machine. 

The manufacturer should have an approved contractor for installation. It’s because wrong or faulty installation will compromise both the warranty and investment. 

6. Price 

Knowing the brand that offers the best value will help you save money. The different models and series have different prices, plus the prices also vary from dealer to dealer. 

Many factors will help you decide on the type of conditioner to install. It can be the climatic conditions of the region you live in and your house size. 

The one feature that influences price difference is the DuraTuff top that fits the premium models. Trane supplies the feature at an expected price, while American standard has extra charges. 

Again Trane usually charges dealers some marketing fee. Therefore dealers tend to add the cost of the Trane model units price, thus making them more expensive. 

You should note that the installation cost does vary depending on the size of the unit. Overall the price between the two brands is relatively thin, plus the prices are broad. 

The variable speed system of the unit you install also influences its price. The dealer and contractors will give you the accurate prices of the different models plus the installation costs. Also, enquire about the maintenance and service cost for better preparation. 

One Company Different Brand Names

American standard and Trane systems trade as two very different brands but are from the same company. 

American standard is a household name among the oldest household products manufacturers in the United States. 

Trane system is more popular and among the best brands in the HVAC industry. American standards did buy Trane Heating and Air Conditioning Company in 1984. 

Their marketing is quite strategic and ensures the companies are operating under different brand names. 

The idea was to manufacture similar HVAC products while maintaining already established marketing channels, logistic chains, and customer bases. 

The mother company is known as Ingersoll Ran, and it didn’t want the disruption that comes with mergers or acquisitions to disrupt the functioning of any company. 

The strategy did work perfectly because many consumers think of the brands as competitors. Plus, the brands remain among the best HVAC manufacturers, competing with other high-end brands. 

TheseThese units have a reputation for offering reliability when it comes to cooling and heating systems. The quality differences and prices between the two brands are pretty slight. The products go through the same manufacturing process and quality testing standards. 



Trane Technologies Inc. makes air conditioning (HVAC), ventilating, and heating systems. It also specializes in different building management controls and systems. 

The Trane Company is a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand Inc. Ingersoll rand Inc. also operates the American Standards. However, Trane technology now trades independently on NASDAQ (TT). 

All the products it makes are still under its name. Trane Technologies has its headquarter in Swords, Ireland, and is a global company. 

It has several manufacturing locations in different countries and has more than 29,000 employees. 

The annual sales of the company reach up to $8 billion. Besides manufacturing HVAC systems, the company is also gaining popularity for its energy conservation and renewable energy projects.  

American Standard

The company is global and deals with heating, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilating systems, and services. It also makes vehicle control systems, kitchen and back products, etc. 

The company did start in 1929; it was a merger between standard sanitary manufacturing and American Radiator Company. 

The company did change its name to American Standard Corporation in 1967. The company renamed its name to Trane, which will be acquired in 2008 by Ingersoll Rand. 



James Trane, a Norwegian immigrant, opened a pipe fitting and plumbing shop in 1885. His first designs were steam heating systems with low-pressure in Trane vaping heating. 

Later, James’ son, Reuben Trane, got a mechanical engineering degree and joined the plumbing shop. The two did incorporate the company in 191. 

In 1923 Reuben invented the convector radiator, which built the company’s reputation as a young and great innovator. The company did build and become better since. 

In 1966 the company was not in the plumbing business but manufacturing heating products. Reuben had the convector radiator idea in 1925. 

It did replace the bulky and heavy cast-iron radiators that were popular then. They did develop the first unit in 1931. Trane purchased another company known as the General Central Air Conditioning Division. 

The purchase made it more widespread. 

Is American Standard vs. Trane Same

The two brands have unique but different histories, but now they are being compared. The American standard and Trane brands are nearly identical. However, there’s one significant difference. 

Trane brand makes 16.5 and 18 SEER units while the American standard does not produce them. Both brands are under the popular Ingersoll-Rand; therefore, parts are interchangeable or identical. 

Units from both brands are from the same factory, but the price ranges vary. However, getting the accurate price of each unit can be virtually impossible. 

The estimates show that the Trane units sell anywhere from 8 – 11 % more than American Standard units. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the American Standard better than Trane?

The American standard and Trane are close; however, the American standard AC price is slightly higher. The two brands have similar models, but Trane beats the American standard with its two different unique systems. 

Is Trane more expensive than the American standard?

According to several contractors and dealers, the American standard is cheaper than the Trane brand. The price difference between the two brands is slight, and the dollars are relatively minor some thousands, hundreds, or tens. 

Is the Trane brand worth the extra dollars? 

Today, people are after efficiency when it comes to appliances or tools. Trane offers you incredible efficiency that you can’t find in another model in the specific price range. 

What is the average life of American standard air conditioners?

Modern air conditioners usually have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. The old models’ lifespan is between 10 to 12 years. The conditioner’s life and efficiency depend on several things such as maintenance, frequency of use, and many more. 

How long do Trane units last? 

People love the Trane units because of their durability and unique features. If you have Trane or choose Trane, here is the good news, Trane units last 15 to 20 years. 

However, many owners prefer replacing them after 10 to 15 years for the more efficient and newest models. To enjoy its service, you should ensure proper maintenance on the unit.

Is the Trane brand the best? 

According to its dependability and consumer satisfaction, the users and sellers rank the Trane brand above average. 

The things that make it rank this good are quality and reliability. However, today many brands are reliable and use high-quality components. 


The American standard and Trane are popular air conditioners, furnaces, coils, air handlers, etc. 

Choosing one of the brands over the other can be pretty tricky considering they are one company and both offer quality products. 

You need to know that brand choice matters a lot regarding specific equipment like air conditioners and more. 

Today brands reflect quality. Both American standard and Trane brands are great, and the quality and pricing of their units are almost similar. 

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