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With the number of auto accidents on the rise, many people are skeptical about hiring a lawyer for an auto accident case. Though some may be afraid to take on their insurance company, others might be put off by a lawyer’s fees. These fees, however, are usually no more than a few hundred dollars. No matter what the settlement amount or verdict, the money you receive from an auto accident lawyer is yours to keep. Even if you lose the case and have to pay some of your own attorneys’ fees, there is no risk involved for you because your attorney will take these fees out of his or her own winnings. Auto insurance lawyers belong to a professional organization which has rules that lay out each member’s responsibility for expenses incurred during the course of litigation.

If you find yourself in an auto accident and you are not at fault, you should contact an auto accident lawyer immediately. Your insurance company will offer you a settlement in return for waiving your right to recover damages in a lawsuit. The amount of this settlement will depend on the details of your case and the nature of your injuries.

Who Should Be Informed About My Car Accident?

In many cases, the insurance companies of both parties will be informed about your auto accident lawyer. If you are too injured to contact your insurance company yourself, an emergency medical service provider will contact them for you. In this case, the other driver’s insurance company may be reluctant to offer a settlement, as they may be held legally responsible for any injury or death that has occurred during the accident. When you have an auto accident lawyer, the other insurance company will be more likely to settle quickly out of fear that you will file a lawsuit.

If you are the victim of an automobile accident, and the other party was at fault, you have the right to collect damages for any injuries or property damage caused by their negligence. Whether you choose to hire a lawyer or not, speaking with your insurance company is a necessary first step in recovering what is owed to you. If your injuries are serious enough that they prevent you from contacting your insurance company yourself, somebody else should inform them of the situation.

What Information Do I Need After an Accident Has Occurred?

After an auto accident has occurred, you should gather as much evidence as possible about what occurred. Take pictures of the accident scene, and make a written record of the facts. For instance, if you believe that a police officer is at fault for your accident, take detailed notes of every piece of evidence that proves your case. You might also want to take notes on what exactly happened when you spoke with your insurer’s claims representative earlier that day. If these details are important in proving your case, they should not be overlooked.

After you’ve made the record of your case, you should notify all parties involved in your accident. As soon as possible after the accident has occurred, obtain the name and contact information of any witnesses. If you were hurt or your property was damaged, it may be important to speak with a medical professional that is familiar with your injuries. Ask them whether they think they can provide any useful information. A medical provider might offer useful advice about possible treatment options or an alternative to filing a lawsuit against the other driver’s insurance company.

What is the Implication of At-Fault or No-Fault Laws?

If you live in a no-fault state, you will be expected to file a claim with your own insurance company for any injuries or damage sustained in an auto accident. Most auto insurance policies cover the cost of medical bills and replacement services for any vehicle that is damaged, as well as related costs like lost wages and pain and suffering. In fact, unless you already have car insurance, you are required by law to carry at least a minimum policy which will cover these costs if they exist.

If you live in an at-fault state, you will not be able to recover money from the other driver’s insurance company if you were found to be at fault for the auto accident. In these states, if a driver is found to be negligent in causing an accident, they will not be permitted to make a claim on the other insurance company. You may still file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the driver that hurt you or damaged your property.


When you hire an auto accident lawyer, you can expect him or her to make sure that you have all the information and evidence to prove your case. Then, your attorney will contact your insurance company to get a settlement based on the facts of your case. If they are not responsive or helpful enough, your attorney can file a lawsuit against them in order to force them to settle out of court.

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