600+ Best Raccoon Names (Cute, Funny, And Famous Names)

I enjoyed compiling these gorgeous raccoon names. Why? I have always had a soft spot for raccoons. Bravo to you if you have just gotten yourself a new pet raccoon! Now, it’s time to care for your pet. 

Understanding your raccoons’ social and nutritional needs is important. This will ensure you keep your new pet happy all day. Raccoons can make good pets with some housetraining. And they’re fun to have around the house.

 We have done all the hard work for you by putting together a list of names for raccoons. You’ll find cute, good, funny, famous, and even raccoon nicknames. Check them out below. 

Top 100+ Cute Raccoon Names For Your Adorable Pet Raccoon 

Raccoons are cute and deserve a pretty name. It doesn’t matter what others think. Most people think otherwise, as they cannot separate raccoons from filth. But if appropriately nurtured, those associating raccoons with filth will have a change of heart.

The marked masked face makes raccoons super cute. It makes them look like comical burglars. In addition, raccoons aren’t aggressive toward humans, making them appealing. They can be adorable, sweet, and funny. 

We have compiled 100+ cute raccoon names for your pet raccoons. You can go through the list and choose the name you want your raccoon to bear. 

Fun Facts: Did you know raccoons have high I.Q.? In the mammal I.Q. scale, they rank close to humans. Monkeys rank directly below humans, while raccoons rank below monkeys. 

Raccoons boast evolving intelligence and a unique way of thinking. They can learn from experiences and boast excellent problem-solving skills. 

Darien Dario Damien Dave
Dashy TaffyNutmegTaffee
Peek-a-booClaritaClarkia Clarian 
DelilahToffeeClaire  Starling
Borty LolaBrooke Peaches
Mackey Bolden PilotToffee
Massey Design Gift Snuggles
MaverickFelix  BolterThimble
CooperBooLama Marsha 
Corelli ChloeTricksterMask
Deed DiddyPaulinaDiego
Rex Marathon Lovely Solomon
Aaron NikiPaulaRadian
Shifty NikkoInyoClara
BooMickeyJayme Raider 
Bryan JazzBrownie Lizzy 
NiceJayne Leo Sugar
Alexis Celera Nicks  Caramel 
Brownie  MerryBellaMelanie 
Nikkei  AlexaBobMuja  
Stefan Stefano Oro  Buzz  
Jackie RascalLeoma  Leon  
Roxy Rocks Déjà  Dena  
Bullet CandyRocket Royal 

Top 100+ Good Raccoon Names: Memorable Names For Your Pet Raccoons 

Your pet raccoons deserve an excellent name and proper care. In return, you’ll have a companion and a pet that makes you happy. 

As I said before, raccoons are not aggressive towards humans. Keep that aside if that’s your primary concern. Just give your pet raccoons good raccoon names, so the bond you share with them can grow stronger. 

How do you know a good raccoon name for your pet? Well, the answer is subjective. However, if you feel good whenever you mention or hear the name, then that raccoon name is good. Now, go through the list below and choose a name for your lovely pet. Be a proud mama/dada.

Fun Facts: Did you know raccoons boast great speed? Raccoons can run super fast -15 miles per hour. 

The thing is, not only can raccoons run at such great speed on solid ground, but they can also do so when climbing trees up and down. 

Raccoons can drop from 35 to 40 meters and remain unarmed. Furthermore, they are good swimmers who use their swimming skills to get prey or escape predators. 

  1. Montana 
  2. Brazen
  3. Barilla 
  4. Bareli 
  5. Indiana
  6. Pablo
  7. Midnight 
  8. Sheeba
  9. Monty
  10. Trickster
  11. Racer 
  12. Merry
  13. Midol 
  14. Willow
  15. Furzy
  16. Formby 
  17. Ribera 
  18. Milan 
  19. Razz 
  20. Racy 
  21. Digger
  22. Lolo
  23. Cooper
  24. Charlie
  25. Buster
  26. Pop
  27. Lightning 
  28. Striker
  29. Racer
  30. Milam 
  31. Prowler 
  32. Strata 
  33. Paraná 
  34. Rocky
  35. Bushy
  36. Claudia
  37. Ophelia
  38. Zuni 
  39. Oreo
  40. Mario 
  41. Jumper
  42. Zulia 
  43. Loopy
  44. Greedy
  45. Skye 
  46. Momma 
  47. Smoke 
  48. Breeze
  49. Chica
  50. Willa
  51. Bulbar 
  52. Foxy
  53. Bubu 
  54. Bridget
  55. Bulgur 
  56. Magpie 
  57. Flashy 
  58. Light
  59. Wind 
  60. Crouch 
  61. Flynn
  62. Declan
  63. Brazen
  64. Boo
  65. Brea 
  66. Parker
  67. Melody
  68. Stabile 
  69. Boron
  70. Roxie
  71. Dahlia
  72. Bora 
  73. Briar 
  74. Flash
  75. Daisy
  76. Merry
  77. Barbell 
  78. Feron
  79. Alexa
  80. Bella
  81. Bellona
  82. Alexis
  83. Fera
  84. Lolo
  85. Boone 
  86. Star
  87. Candy
  88. Stamina 
  89. Santos 
  90. Boom 
  91. Senator 
  92. Sabine 
  93. Sunray 
  94. Blab 
  95. Booby 
  96. Stylo 
  97. Stray 
  98. Vicks 
  99. Comfrey 
  100. Comfy 

100+ Funny Raccoon Names: 

Do you want funny raccoon names that make people laugh and crack a rib when mentioned? We have compiled some hilarious names for your pet raccoon. 

Raccoons are funny creatures that enjoy doing crazy things. Besides their way of acting, their masked faces make them look comical and cute. 

Giving your pet raccoon a funny name is a cute thing. It will make you laugh and forget any challenge you might be facing. So, if you want hilarious raccoon names, check the list below. 

Fun Facts: Did you know raccoons were once considered for lab testing alongside monkeys and rats, but that didn’t work out? Why? The scientists lost interest because raccoons were smart and intelligent. 

These animals escape from their cages to steal lab equipment and run away. So it was a waste of time using them for lab testing, given their intelligence and smartness. 

  1. Dumpy
  2. Murky 
  3. Brusky 
  4. Bushy 
  5. Stinky 
  6. Masked Runner
  7. Naughty 
  8. Sneaky  
  9. Little Rascal
  10. Arborio 
  11. Miranda
  12. Goth
  13. Boomy
  14. Trouble 
  15. Masked Singer
  16. Rocky
  17. Wiz 
  18. Little Musketeer 
  19. Moran 
  20. Garbage
  21. Hoover
  22. Sly Cooper
  23. Tycoon
  24. Scotty 
  25. Raba 
  26. Rebus
  27. Patria 
  28. Robber
  29. Lone Thief
  30. Nerdy 
  31. Kohls
  32. Binraco 
  33. Goblin 
  34. Batman
  35. Zoomer
  36. Binman 
  37. Magpie 
  38. Bagman 
  39. Nervi 
  40. Bandit 
  41. Forester  
  42. Puddy 
  43. Lexes 
  44. Swift
  45. Dustbin 
  46. Pranky Pants
  47. Spooky
  48. Rocket
  49. Bush Grin
  50. Mr. Digger
  51. Robin Crook 
  52. Quackenbush
  53. Fillips 
  54. Popcorn
  55. Charlie
  56. Lettuce Minty
  57. Jelly
  58. Flatus 
  59. Mabel
  60. Speedy
  61. Climber 
  62. Strange
  63. Mr. Strange
  64. Mrs. Strange
  65. Solow 
  66. Takeo
  67. Brigitte
  68. Mr. Racoface
  69. Longman 
  70. Lusty 
  71. Blackie
  72. Stinky
  73. Cootie
  74. Jasper
  75. Samaria 
  76. Smokey, the raccoon
  77. Buster Brown
  78. Weasel Bum
  79. Annie
  80. Slash
  81. Racket 
  82. Bracket
  83. Baldy 
  84. Scarface 
  85. Clippie 
  86. Albert
  87. Bearfoot
  88. Monty
  89. Petra
  90. Scar 
  91. Chipper
  92. Boo Boo
  93. Bush Grin
  94. Soma 
  95. Troubles
  96. Agent 007
  97. Cranky 
  98. Crunky
  99. Black Knight

100+ Raccoon Names Male: Even Your Friends Will Cherish These Names

Raccoons work hard and do wonders with their hands. But they like being pampered too. Understanding your pet raccoons’ nutritional and social needs is vital for the pets’ upbringing and well-being. 

Your raccoon will stay healthy and active when taken care of properly. But as you give your pet proper care, choose a memorable name. 

Naming your raccoon or any pet should be the first step of initiation before letting them into your property. So check out these top raccoon names and make your choice. 

Fun Facts: Did you know raccoons could live anywhere? As long as there is water, raccoons will find a unique way to survive there. You’ll find them throughout the Continental U.S., except for deserts and the Rocky Mountains. 

Raccoons are also present in Central America and Canada. Plus, they live in cities and the forest. 

Here are some top names for male raccoons and their meanings. Have a look!

  • Achilles: Here is a hero in Greek mythology whose strength was shunned during the Trojan War. An excellent name for a pet coon. 
  • Rick: Sounds great and begins with the same letter as raccoons “R.” The name sounds sharp and suitable for a coon. Check it out.  
  • Gus: Are your raccoons so energetic, curious, and adventurous? Gus will be a great moniker for it. But if you don’t like short names, consider other options on this list. 
  • Flash: Do you have raccoons that are always on the move? If yes, call them Flash, as in the D.C. superhero movie “Flash.” These creatures can do 15 miles per hour. 
  • Brandy: Brandy refers to alcoholic liquor distilled from fermented fruit juice or wine. Alcohol gets you drunk, and so will your pet raccoons literally. They will mesmerize you with their intelligence and smartness.   
  • Walter: This name means “commander of the army” and remains an excellent name for pet raccoons. These pets may not have an army to command, but they are intelligent and can do the unimaginable. So they are commanders in their own little way.  
  • Declan: The meaning is “full of goodness,” making it a great raccoon name. These creatures are full of surprises; once they come into your life, you can count on them to make great companions. In addition to being “full of goodness,” raccoons are “full of surprises.”  
  • Parker: Parker means park-keeper. It’s a gender-neutral name too. Are raccoons park keepers? One thing we know is that they keep their feed so well. They don’t joke with their meals. 
  • Ollie: Does your pet raccoon enjoy socializing? If yes, Ollie is a good name to call it. 
  • Whiskers: If your male raccoon has bushy whiskers, there couldn’t be a better name than Whiskers. You can rearrange the name to “Whisky” if you like. 
  • Edward: Do you feel lucky to own a pet raccoon and feel your pet feels the same way? Edward would be a good name for your adorable pet raccoon. This name is commonly given to those who are very lucky. Your pet coon is fortunate to have someone like you in their life.      
  • Joey: Here is a gender-neutral name of Hebrew and English origin. It means, “God will increase.” A good male raccoon name for religious people. It will keep reminding you that God will increase you no matter the challenges that come your way. 
  • Meeko: Have you ever heard the name “Meeko?” It’s common across Europe. It means someone stubborn, wild, caring, and strong. Now, look at your coon. Does it possess these traits? If yes, Meeko will make a good name for it. 
  • Ranger: Do you have a wild coon that enjoys roaming your lawn, nearby forest, and trees? Let it have the name “Ranger.” 
  • Rory: This name means “Red King” and is of Gaelic origin. Your pet coon is a king and so deserves this name. 
  • Jojo: This name has diverse meanings, but the one that captures my attention more is “beauty without comparison.”
  • Murphy: Here is a male name and a great one for raccoons who are always playful, mischievous, and intelligent. If your coon has this personality, Murphy will make a great name.  
  • Ace: Is your pet coon adventurous and daring? Is your raccoon a pet that enjoys taking on new challenges? Coons generally love solving problems. They learn from experiences. But if your pet displays this ability more often, the moniker “Ace” will be a good fit.   
  • Lily: Here is a beautiful name that implies Purity and excellence. When appropriately trained raccoons can exhibit an incredibly high level of excellence.  
  • Kennedy: This name means leader, chief, and fierce. If you have two coon pets and one exhibits leadership ability, that’s the chief coon. You can name it “Kennedy.” 
  • Skelter: We all know what skelter is. The complete word is “helter-skelter,” and it means to run hurriedly. An ideal name for a pet raccoon that enjoys running.   
  • Bert: This name boasts diverse meanings. In French, it means “intelligent,” while in English, it means “bright light.” Raccoons are intelligent, so this will be a perfect name for them.  
  • Akela: This name means “noble” and is of Hawaiian origin.      
  • Bandit: If your coon can’t stop playing pranks and exploring, name it “bandit.” 
  • Zorro: The Spanish meaning of Zorro is “Fox,” but most people associate it more with “wolf.” The name was popular in the legendary movie “The Legend of Zorro.” The character “Zorro” is famous for his face mask, and you can see that raccoons have a similar mask. Did the writer, Johnston McCulley, have a pet raccoon that inspired him? Only he can answer this. However, Zorro is a cute name for a male raccoon. 
  • Cato: This name means “wise.” Are raccoons wise? Yes, they are! So, Cato is a great name to give your pet raccoon.   

Other Male Raccoon Names

Other Male Raccoon Names

Top Raccoon Names Female: For Adorable Female Pet Raccoons 

Female raccoons may be smaller than males, but they male adorable pets. But before adopting a raccoon as a pet, learn the dos and don’ts. Raccoons are cute and cuddly. They look soft and easygoing. 

Note that this animal can be highly unpredictable. They also require a lot of room to explore. Housetraining raccoons adopted as a pet is also important. But it takes a lot of work, so you must be ready to dedicate more time and patience. 

One of the things to consider when housetraining a raccoon is the name to call it. Adopt a name for your pet raccoon. 

Here are impressive female names you can give your raccoons. 

  •  Roberta: This is a female name. It means famous or sparkling fame. So name your pet raccoon “Roberta.” Who knows, it can become famous one day and make you proud.   
  • Rhege: This name means “area” in the Cambric language. Raccoons like to exert territorial dominance, so this will make an excellent name for your pet.  
  • Rose: Rose is a beautiful flower used to express love, care, and affection. We give rose flowers to the people we love and care about. Have you seen anyone give a rose flower to an enemy? Never! 
  • Ricky: Ricky is a gender-neutral name. It’s a great name for any gender. You can also change the spelling to “Rickey” or abbreviate it to “Rick” or even “Ric.” The choice is yours. 
  • Rochette: Here is a female name of French origin. It also means “little rock.” Raccoons are tough and intelligent. So, the little rock sound “Rochette” sounds like a fitting name.   
  • Robetta: This name means generous and humanitarian. Do raccoons fit this profile of pets? Just observe your raccoon pet before you call her “Robetta.”
  • Reta: Here is another short but adorable female name you can call your female pet raccoon. It means, “Shaken.” 
  • Ryder: Ryder means “rider” or “horseman.” It’s a popular gender-neutral name. Does this name fit a raccoon? Can it ride a horse? Your raccoon may use its problem-solving skills to figure this out.   
  • Rhee: This name means someone who is lawful unto themselves. They give freely of their energy and time. They love spending time with people. Can we say this of the raccoons? Do you like to be tolerant of others? If you believe so, you can gift your raccoon the name “Rhee.”

Top Famous Raccoon Names: Make Your Pet Raccoon Famous

Here are famous raccoon names you can adopt for your pet. Go through the list and choose the one you want for your pet raccoon. 

  • R.J.: This name was used in the movie “Over The Edge,” a computer-animated series. Thankfully, Bruce Will played R.J. and gave us the content we all expected from a Hollywood icon.
  • Sparky:  A cool name from the movie “Sparky and Mikaela.”   
  • Lifty: Here is a popular name from the 2004 American adult animated series “Happy Tree Friends.”  
  • Sly: You all know where this came from, don’t you? 
  • Rascal: A name we can never forget. It was used in “That Darn Raccoon,” a popular Disney movie. 
  • Kassir: When you hear the name “Kassir,” what movie comes to mind? All I can think of is “Pocahontas.” 

Adorable Raccoon Nicknames You Should Know

Are you searching for a memorable nickname to call your raccoon? Check out the names below. 

  • Swifty: Raccoons are super fast. These creatures can do 15 miles per hour. Isn’t that crazy speed? So, naming your pet raccoon “Swifty” makes great sense. They are swift while running on the ground or climbing a tree. 
  • Treasure Coon: Most people may prefer “Treasure Cat,” but “Treasure Coons” seems more fitting. You’re naming a raccoon, not a cat, by the way. Raccoons are highly unpredictable and intelligent. So this name fits like a glove. 
  • Meeko: This name means “small and mischievous.” Isn’t that what raccoons are?  
  • Bandit: You might get called out for naming your coon “bandit,” but do it for you. Let people say what they like. By the way, don’t raccoons look like bandits? Their marked mask eye gives them away as comical criminals.  
  • Zorro: What a cute name! Do you still remember the Legend of Zorro, the movie? Of course, you can’t forget such a great movie. The raccoon wears a mask, and Zorro does too. The only difference is the raccoon’s mask is permanent. 
  • Marble: If you choose this name, it should be because of the striking features you see on your coons. 
  • Foxy: Raccoons resemble foxes anyway, so this name is cute for them.


Raccoon names can be anything. But we urge you to choose a name that makes you feel great whenever they are mentioned. 

We compiled this list to make it easier for you to pick a name for your pet raccoon. So, carefully review the list and choose a name for your adorable pet. 

Finally, raccoons are incredible creatures, witty and intelligent. But before you adopt one or more as pets, ensure you’re up to the task. Learn the pros and cons of keeping a raccoon as a pet so you won’t be heartbroken. We wish you all the best!

Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett has an M.A in health and fitness, is an experienced trainer, and enjoys teaching children about healthy eating habits. She loves to cook nutritious meals for her family.


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