Best Resorts In Scottsdale For Couples; Romantic Getaways

This article has a list of the Best resorts in Scottsdale for couples. It will be helpful whether you are going for a honeymoon or just want a romantic getaway to reconnect. Going to a nice hotel will help bring any couple closer.

Scottsdale has some of the best resorts and hotels in Arizona, and it can be a great place for you to visit. 

There will be something for everyone, tennis courts, spas, luxury hotels, fitness centers, and more. Here are some of the resorts in Scottsdale you should visit;

Best Resorts In Scottsdale For Couples 

1. Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North

Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Address:10600, East Crescent Moon Drive
  • Phone: +1-800-819-5053


  • A relaxing warm desert getaway
  • Amazing desert scenery
  • The Troon North Golf Club
  • Steakhouse and patio dining

The Four season resort Scottsdale is one of the most amazing things you will see in the foothills of Pinnacle Peak. 

Its combination with its surrounding scenery creates an amazing blend of man and nature. This beauty brings a comforting sense of peace that should define any resort.

The Four Seasons resort Scottsdale has luxurious southwestern-style casitas that create a warm, calming scene. 

This is one of the best desert botanical garden-themed resorts you could visit. Don’t worry about the desert heat; there are outdoor pools and shades to cool you down.

If you are looking for fine dining, this will be an ideal option. Resort guests can dine at Talavera restaurant, an amazing modern steakhouse. 

This restaurant will give you the best patio dining experience of your life as you enjoy your meal and the desert scenery.

As a guest at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale, you will also have special access to the Troon North Golf Club, which can be fun for a couple. 

This large golf course will have all the space you need to have fun. It is one of the top golf resorts in North America, so you can expect the best from it.

The mix of fun activities, fun dining, outdoor pools, and a golf course make this one of the best romantic resorts in Scottsdale. The Troon North Golf Club, in particular, will be amazing for golfers.

2. Royal Palms Resort and spa

Royal Palms Resort and spa

  • Location: Arizona
  • Address: 5200 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix
  • Phone: +1 602 283 1234


  • Lush gardens
  • Old world elegant décor
  • Special romanticization packages
  • European themed rooms

If you are a couple looking for privacy and luxury, then the Royal Palms Resort is the best choice. 

This is one of the best resorts in Scottsdale since it offers an escape from everything else. Everything about it is tuned for comfort and privacy.

It has 119 private casitas to ensure that resort guests get their privacy throughout the trip. The casitas are surrounded by lush gardens full of exotic flowers and scented citrus trees. If you are a nature lover, then you will feel at home.

You can take an evening stroll through the stone paths, allowing easy access to all spa parts. The standard décor of the Royal Palms Resort and Spa is Old World elegant. The rooms have European artifacts and antiques for furnishing to finish the look.

The Royal palms resort also offers the Alvadora Spa, where you can get a full-service spa experience. 

You will get relaxing massages, sauna visits, and everything else you need to relax. Additionally, they have T. Cook’s Restaurant.

If you want the best experience, ask for the romanticization packages. These have a custom feature tailored to you and your sweetie’s needs. That makes this the most romantic resort you could visit.

3. Bespoke Inn, Café, and Bicycles

Bespoke Inn, Café, and Bicycles

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Address: 3701 N Marshall Way, Scottsdale
  • Phone: +1 844 861 6715


  • It is a boutique hotel
  • Bicycle themed resort
  • Rooftop garden and infinity pool
  • Bikes for rent

If you ever visit downtown Scottsdale make sure you visit Bespoke Inn to have the time of your life. 

This is one of the few and best boutique hotel inns in downtown Scottsdale, and it will be worth every penny. It offers an amazing experience and a luxurious time.

This boutique hotel is not large; it has only four individually decorated rooms. You can choose the decor you like most, but all rooms have King’s Down Mattresses and luxury bedding. You will also get a 38-inch TV with numerous channel selections.

The Bespoke Inn room also has a small refrigerator for your drinks. On the bottom three levels, you have high ceilings making them spacious guest rooms that you will love. The French doors open to an olive tree and a sitting nook-filled backyard.

There are lush gardens and an infinity pool on the roof if you want to swim. If you decide to go to downtown Scottsdale, you can borrow one of the Pashley bicycles. 

Virtu Honest Craft is one of the best restaurants in Scottsdale, and it is on-site for your fine dining needs.

4. Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa

Omni Scottsdale Resort and Spa

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Address: 4949 E Lincoln Dr, Scottsdale
  • Phone: +1 480 627 3200


  • Amazing city and mountain views
  • Great hiking and golf spaces
  • Access to the Scottsdale nightlife
  • Prado Restaurant and Joya Spa

This amazing boutique hotel and spa will give you one of the most romantic getaways of your life. 

The Omni Scottsdale resort recreates a Southern Europe Essence in Central Scottsdale. The Andalusia Region of Spain is the inspiration for this boutique hotel.

This region’s rich history and climes are the backbones of the décor and furnishing at Omni Scottsdale resort. Camelback Mountain is one of the most beautiful parts of Scottsdale.

The mix of Camelback Mountain’s beauty and the buildings and scenery make Omni Scottsdale one of the best resorts in Scottsdale. 

The resort is at the foothill of these iconic mountains, and Camelback Mountain offers a peaceful escape from the city.

You can enjoy the beautiful sunset views from your private balcony. You can also go hiking, use the gold course, or visit the art galleries and enjoy the nightlife. 

You get only the best parts of Scottsdale and return to your luxurious guest room when you are done. 

5. Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort

Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort

  • Location: Arizona
  • Address: 5700 E McDonald Dr, Paradise Valley
  • Phone: +1 855 421 3522


  • The resort overlooks paradise valley
  • It offers shopping and lounging at one location.
  • It has an award-winning restaurant with a star chef
  • It has many celebrity visitors

This luxurious hotel boutique is one of the best places you could choose to visit in Scottsdale. The Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain is a popular option for many celebrities trying to escape hectic city life.

This can be a romantic getaway for honeymooners or couples looking to have a luxurious time together. 

The strategic positioning of the resort is such that it overlooks Paradise valley. This offers an amazing view of the desert landscape from the guest room.

If you want to relax, you can go to the spa and get a full-service spa session. Sanctuary spa offers many Asian-based treatments to help you rejuvenate your spirit and calm down. You have professional masseuses to guide you through the classes and take care of you.

You have Network star chef Beau MacMillan to cater to your culinary needs. You can enjoy a few margaritas or a cocktail at Jade Bar. 

The sanctuary on Camelback Mountain has many fun activities, including hiking, lounging, shopping, and a tennis court.

6. The Scott Resort and Spa

The Scott Resort and Spa

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Address: 4925 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale
  • Phone: +1 800 528 7867


  • Private and outdoor patios
  • Convenient location for north Scottsdale and Old Town
  • Indoor/outdoor lobby
  • Spacious guest rooms

The initial name for this resort was Kimpton’s Firesky Resort, and some locals will still refer to it that way. 

The management changed the name after renovations that changed the resort’s appearance. The Scott resort is now one of the best resorts in Scottsdale. 

The current Scott resort is a newer boutique hotel in central Scottsdale. This killer location makes it easy to access any part of Scottsdale, the old town, and North Scottsdale. You can enjoy the art galleries and everything else Scottsdale has to offer. 

The Scott resort offers an amazing mix of Spanish revival and Bauhaus designs, giving it a tropical feel. 

You can have access to an outdoor pool if you need to go for a swim. The Scott Resort has one of the best indoor/outdoor lobbies, even waiting is elegant.

The resort mostly uses rattan furnishing, with most of it being lush gardens and plants. The rooms now include a private patio and balcony. 

With the secluded patios, you and your partner can enjoy full privacy during the trip. This is part of why the Scott Resort stands out.

7. Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort and Spa

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Address: 7500 E Doubletree Ranch Rd,
  • Phone: +1 480 444 1234


  • Easy access to the highway
  • McDowell Mountain scenery
  • Championship golf courses
  • Four fine dining destinations

The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale resort is on a quiet city lane right off the busy Scottsdale road. This location gives you a quiet place to relax but an easy drive to the road. The Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort is the best oasis of comfort and peace you can choose.

It stands gorgeous and majestic against McDowell Mountains that complement its beauty. The beauty of the mountains is one aspect the guests always enjoy through their private balconies. Amazing private balconies allow you and your sweetie to have your time in peace.

This 27-acre marvel of interior design is home to the world-famous Avania spa. You will also have a 2.5-acre water playground for fun and cooling off. 

The golfers can go to the championship golf courses that the Gainey Ranch Golf club offers.

They have four fine dining and casual dining choices for their guests. When you want to rest, you can go to their spacious guest rooms and sleep in the luxurious bedding. 

You can use the private balconies and patios to watch the stars with your spouse late into the night.

8. Hermosa Inn

Hermosa Inn

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Address: 5532 N Palo Cristi Rd, Paradise Valley
  • Phone: +1 602 955 8614
  • Website: 


  • Fireplaces in each room
  • Attractive desert landscaping
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • One of the best dining options in paradise valley

The Hermosa Inn has 34 hacienda-style accommodations spreading over 6 acres. All around you will be beautiful desert scenery and amazing architecture. Each room’s warm southwestern style design will help keep things elegant and romantic.

The rooms feature secluded patios, fireplaces, and vaulted ceilings. The beauty of this resort’s architecture is sure to leave an image that will last a lifetime. There are outdoor pools for those who need to swim to escape the heat.

The secluded patio, in particular, will be very helpful if you want some privacy with your partner. 

The Hermosa Inn bathrooms have antique pedestal tubs and waterworks fixtures. You can stay connected to the internet thanks to high-speed Wi-Fi.

The signal is strong throughout the property, and it is secure. Hermosa Inn has an on-site restaurant that offers one of the best culinary experiences in Paradise valley. Lon’s at the Hermosa is Hermosa Inn’s on-site restaurant, and you can get a meal there any time.

9. Hotel Valley Ho

Hotel Valley Ho


  • They have a seven-story tower
  • They have spacious guest rooms
  • It is the hippest resort in Scottsdale
  • It is popular among young couples and travelers

If you are looking for the hippest place in downtown Scottsdale, look no further than Hotel Valley ho. Many hotels try to catch up, but none has gotten the hip vibe down like Hotel Valley Ho. The hotel’s number of guests is proof of how well-liked it is.

The new hotel was reopened in 2005 and has been a popular choice for most young travelers looking to vacation in style. 

The hotel attracted a lot of young celebrities, including Tony Curtis and Bill Crosby. Today you will find many travelers and locals at the location having fun.

The travelers mingle at the oh-so-cool Zuzu Lounge and make new friends. If you want a more relaxing experience, you can get a full-service spa experience at the on-site VH Spa.

After a long day, you will need a place to lie down and rest, and the Hotel Valley Ho has your back. Their suites are at an easy-to-access seven-story tower, and they have spacious guest rooms.

10. Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess


  • Two championship golf courses
  • It has a convenient location to the city
  • It has meeting rooms
  • A beautiful desert landscape surrounds the resort

The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort is one of the most popular and well-reviewed resorts in Scottsdale. 

Reviews are always better than ads since you get opinions from hotel guests and the Fairmont never disappoints. 

The Fairmont Scottsdale Princess has one of Arizona’s most scenic desert escapes. Looming palm trees, surrounding mountains, and the green cottonwoods set an amazing desert mood unlike any other. The palm trees define this resort and its beauty.

You and your partner can escape into the beauty of the Sonoran desert and get a relaxing vacation. 

The architecture of the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess allows it to merge with the Sonoran desert to create something truly spectacular.

The on-site restaurants are an ideal place to go and have a nice romantic dinner with your partner. 

The Willow Stream Spa offers a full-service spa experience. For golf enthusiasts, there are two 18-hole championship Golf courses on site.

11. Boulders Resort and Spa Scottsdale

Boulders Resort and Spa Scottsdale

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Address: 34631 N Tom Darlington Dr,
  • Phone: + 1 480 488 9009


  • Romantic surroundings
  • Two Championship golf courses
  • Spacious guest rooms and seven restaurants
  • It offers an easy commute to the airport.

The amazing Boulders resort is nicely tucked in the Sonoran Desert at Scottsdale’s foothills. This resort offers two championship golf courses for guests who enjoy the sport. 

The boulders resort also offers a full-service spa for the relaxation you deserve during a couple’s vacation.

The boulders resort has some of the most spacious guest rooms of any resort in Scottsdale. This, combined with the beautiful scenery of the Sonoran Mountains, will make for an amazing romantic getaway.

The rooms have a TV and  Wi-Fi so you can stream movies and relax. The bathrooms are private, and you will get complimentary toiletries and a hair dryer. 

Some rooms have patios or balconies. You can visit the desert botanical garden just 38 kilometers from Boulders Resort. 

The hotel also has a fitness room, where you can take yoga and pilates classes. You can enjoy southwestern fine dining options at dinner and breakfast at the on-site restaurant, Palo Verde. Blackrock mountain trail offers nice hiking terrain.

12. Andaz Scottsdale Resort 

Andaz Scottsdale Resort 


  • 24-hour front desk service
  • It is close to the airport
  • It has many nearby golf courses.
  • It is 8 Km away from the Desert Botanical gardens.

Andaz Scottsdale Resort is the place to be if you need an elegant time and an amazing breakfast. This resort has an all-year-round hot tub and outdoor pool, making it stand out. You can visit the on-site restaurant and enjoy its fine dining options.

Each room has a flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi connection for quick internet access. Some rooms have views of the mountain and others the pools depending on the side. You can check in anytime since the front desk is operational 24 hours.

You will have everything you need for a perfect vacation at Andaz Scottsdale Resort. You and your partner must consider this when choosing resorts in Scottsdale. It will be worth every cent, and you will be grateful for it.  

You can get out of the resort and go to one of the nearby hiking spots or golf on one of the nearby golf courses.

13. Canopy By Hilton Scottsdale Old Town

Canopy By Hilton Scottsdale Old Town


  • Charming décor
  • Superb interior design
  • Private parking on site
  • Free bikes 

This is one of the most beautiful hotels you will see in Scottsdale. It is a new hotel, and it offers a lot of amazing amenities. 

You will get free bikes if you want to go for a ride, and there is an outdoor pool for a quick swim at Canopy by Hilton Scottsdale Old Town.

You can go cycling any time within the hotel property or outside if you want to visit Scottsdale. Canopy by Hilton Scottsdale Old Town has everything you need to make your partner feel happy and loved.

All the rooms have air conditioning and private bathrooms. You can use the fast, free Wi-Fi to download or stream content while in Canopy by Hilton Scottsdale Old Town. The hotel offers an American breakfast each morning.

Canopy by Hilton Scottsdale Old Town guests can enjoy activities around Scottsdale, including art galleries, Old Town Scottsdale, and more. The reception and the hotel’s relatively small size make it easy to find your way around it. 

14. CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa

CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa.

  • Location: Arizona
  • Address: 37220 Mule Train Rd, Carefree 
  • Phone: +1 480 360 8470


  • Highly elegant
  • Pool bar
  • Beautiful Sonoran desert landscape

The CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa is an amazing place to go as a couple if you want to relax and reconnect. 

The place is elegant and classy, and you will love everything. The hotel is popular among women because of its service, serene atmosphere, and beauty.

It is at the foothills of the Sonoran Desert, which adds to its beauty. The hotel has a 22,000-square-foot spa and restaurant area. The spa has everything you need to relax, from massage parlors to yoga classes.

There are two dining options for guests: Terras Restaurant and Café METO. The outdoor pool has a bar where guests can get a margarita and sit in the sun or a nice shade. All rooms have free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV with cable.

There are many places to visit around CIVANA spa, including El Pedregal Marketplace, which is a few minutes away.

15. The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician 

The Canyon Suites at The Phoenician


  • It’s a Forbes Five star hotel
  • It has many dining options
  • Many fun activities like swimming, tennis, and golf
  • 20 guest rooms and 40 suites

Visit the Canyon suites at the Phoenician to discover amazing service and amenities. This is a luxury collection resort with a five-star rating on Forbes. The property features 20 guest rooms and 40 suites, depending on the guests’ needs.

All guests get access to the main Phoenician resort and all its benefits. The dining options will include J&G Steakhouse, which makes amazing steak for dinner. The Mowry & Cotton offers American breakfast, lunch, and dinner cuisine. 

You can try the Phoenician Golf course or the Athletic club for recreation. It has a tennis court, fitness center, and Pickleball courts. 

Accommodations will have a balcony or patio, depending on the floor. The Canyon grill offers guest snacks, cocktails, and lunch.

All guests can get breakfast at the Canyon Lounge each morning. You can drive to the main Phoenician resort to access the Phoenician spa. 

16. Hyatt House Tempe Phoenix University

Hyatt House Tempe Phoenix University

  • Location: Arizona
  • Address: 601 E 6th Street Tempe, Arizona
  • Phone: +1 480 207 1578


  • Heated rooftop pool
  • Luggage storage available
  • Free breakfast
  • Rooms have a fully furnished kitchen

The Hyatt House resort is one of the nicest yet simplest resorts you could choose as a couple. Its suites have kitchens with a microwave, and you can cook if you prefer. If you want to go out to eat, they have a nice restaurant, or you could go to town.

The heated rooftop pool makes this one of the best resorts in Scottsdale. The design of the guest rooms, the resort pools, and the grounds are amazing. The resort has a fitness center that you can access anytime if you need to work out.

The front desk works 24 hours. You can store your luggage in a separate luggage area. A bar is on-site if you want a cocktail or margaritas after a long day. You can see the stadium from the rooftop pool.

There are many places to visit close to the resort, including the Phoenix Zoo and Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium. The hotel serves a complimentary breakfast to its guests.

17. Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale

Mountain Shadows Resort Scottsdale


  • Room service
  • Outdoor pool 
  • Fitness center 
  • Private parking option

This resort has an outdoor swimming pool, a restaurant, and a bar. You can get in some workout at the fitness center any time of the day. 

The checkout at this resort works 24 hours, and you can come in any day. They have single and double-bed options in their guest rooms.

There is free and fast Wi-Fi throughout the property if you want some online entertainment. OdySea Aquarium is only 10 Km away from the resort, and you can visit to see marine life. 13 km away are the desert Botanical gardens with their incredible beauty.

You can get private parking for your vehicle at an additional fee, but the resort offers free parking. 

All units have a seating area and air conditioning to keep you comfortable. Some rooms have patios and other balconies with a pool view.

Accommodation includes a terrace, bedding, and towels. You will also get a bathrobe and hairdryer in the bathroom.

18. Senna House Scottsdale

Senna House Scottsdale

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Address: 7501 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale 
  • Phone: +1 480 990 2533


  • Free bikes
  • Easy commute to the Botanical Gardens
  • Concierge services
  • Many nice places to visit around the resort

Senna House Scottsdale is another new and amazing resort that should be a target for any traveler. 

It offers free bikes guests can use to go around the property or into town. The Desert Botanical gardens are only 5 Km away from the resort.

Senna House Scottsdale is a 4-star resort with 24-hour front desk service. There is an ATM on site if you need to take out some cash. You get complimentary concierge services to ensure your stay at the hotel is the best.

The bathrooms are private and have hair dryers and other toiletries. Each unit has air conditioning and a TV, with some high-end options having seating areas. All rooms have a coffee machine and desk.

Scottsdale Center of performing arts, Old Town Scottsdale, and the stadium are close to Senna House Scottsdale for guests to visit.

19. JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort 

JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn Resort 


  • 24-hour front door service
  • A beautiful fine dining restaurant
  • Hairdressers and business center
  • Buffet breakfast

The JW Marriott Scottsdale Resort is an amazing choice for hotels in Scottsdale since it has everything. 

The resort has an outdoor swimming pool that the guests can access anytime. It has a bar if you need a drink or a cocktail.

A shared lounge is a great place for socializing and making new friends. You can check in or out anytime since the front desk offers 24-hour service. The resort also has lush gardens and a terrace for its guests.

The Botanical gardens are only 14 Km away from the resort, and the OdySea Aquarium is 12Km away. 

You can visit either of these if you want to explore Scottsdale. The area is popular for cycling and hiking and has many trails.

The property has a business center, so you can get almost anything you need without driving. There is a hairdresser on-site if you need a makeover; what more could you ask for?

20. Orange Tree Resort

Orange Tree Resort

  • Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Address: 10601 N 56th St, Scottsdale
  • Phone: +1 480 948 6100


  • Great value
  • Concierge services
  • An outdoor pool and sun terrace
  • Full refrigerators

Do you want to try out the most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept in? Visit the Orange Tree Resort and try their beds. 

The resort has lounge chairs, an outdoor pool, and a sun terrace. You can go out and watch the stars or take in some vitamin D each morning.

There is an 18-hole championship golf course for golf enthusiasts with everything you need. You can use the concierge services to help you get seats at the restaurant to enjoy the fine dining menu. The hotel gives free Wi-Fi to all its guests anywhere on the property.

The two-person hot tub is part of why this is one of the best hotels in Scottsdale. Any couple will enjoy their time together. 

If you want to cook, then you should choose the one-bedroom suites. They have a toaster, kitchen counter, refrigerator, and microwave.

The Scottsdale Orange Tree Golf Resort has a poolside hot tub for relaxation after the game. All resort guests get free parking within the property. You can also play badminton or various horseshoe games if you aren’t a golfing fan.

21. Holiday Inn Club Vacations Scottsdale Resort

Holiday Inn Club Vacations Scottsdale Resort


  • Bar and barbeque 
  • Kitchens with dishwashers, fridges, and microwaves
  • It has a tennis court
  • A business center on site

This resort is a popular option among women, and it is clear why. It is an IHG hotel, and it holds up to the standards. 

It has high-end accommodations with an on-site restaurant and an outdoor pool. Guests get free parking regardless of how long they stay.

The resort has a fitness center for guests to work out and break some sweat. Many amazing things are close to the resort, including the botanical gardens and the Westworld of Scottsdale. Some rooms have kitchens with microwaves and dishwashers.

If you aren’t up for cooking, you could always go for the hotel breakfast. There is a tennis court and a business center full of fun things to see and buy. 

Holiday Inn Club Vacations resort is only 6 Km from Scottsdale airport; hence it is an easy commute.

There are various evening entertainment options and a hot tub on the property. The elegant design and the convenience this hotel offers are part of why it is one of the best luxury collection resorts in Scottsdale. 


You now have a list of the best resorts in Scottsdale for couples. You can take your better half to one of these locations and have an amazing time with them. 

Scottsdale is an amazing place, and there are many things to do. It has several art galleries and performances to view.

The restaurants are all elegant, and they offer top-notch services. If you want privacy, you should look into those with secluded patios or private balconies. 

The best thing about Scottsdale is the view of the desert landscape and the mountains. Don’t miss out on it.

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