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You should know the best ski resorts in Poconos if you plan to have an unforgettable winter vacation experience. 

The Pocono Mountains are a premier skiing destination for people looking for thrilling adventures. Tourists also love Poconos due to its scenic beauty, breathtaking lake, and staggering peaks.

There are several ski resorts if you’re looking to snowboard or ski in Poconos. The resorts are great and suitable for groups and families that love skiing, snowboarding, and snow tubing. 

You’ll find something interesting in the resort’s programs regardless of your skill level or interest. Here are the top ski resorts that you can enjoy in Poconos.

Best Ski Resorts In Poconos

1. Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort

The Blue Mountain resort is among the top ski resorts in Pocono mountains for two reasons. Blue mountain has the state’s highest vertical drop in the whole region. 

It’s a 90-minute drive from Philadelphia and thus easy to access by most people in Pennsylvania. 


  • Camping and glamping
  • Downhill mountain biking
  • Scenic lift rides
  • Archery tag


Blue Mountain has one of the state’s highest vertical drops, at 1082 ft., higher than any other ski area in the region. It’s the home to five terrain parks that range from beginners to experts.

You’ll enjoy amazing five terrain parks that can accommodate boarders and skiers of all skill levels. Their 30 trails are accessible during the day and night.

The blue mountain ski resort offers free childcare on a normal weekday, but you’ll pay a holiday fee. The childcare services enable families to have a great time at their terrain parks without worrying about kids.

The ski resort’s five terrain parks offer tubing, skiing, and other summer activities, including laser tag, ropes, etc. You can rent equipment and get the most out of your vacation from the private beginner lessons given by their experienced instructors.

Book private group or beginner lessons with friends and family, whether you’re trying skiing or snowboarding.

Blue Mountain has recently expanded from 32 to 46 lanes, making it one of the country’s largest ski resorts. 

When taking a break from the ski trip, you can enjoy the outdoor amenities like the dining area with fireplaces and string lights.

There is also an on-site food truck in this ski area. You’ll have a great weekend getaway with your family at Blue Mountain Resort.

2. Jack Frost | Big Boulder

Jack Frost Big Boulder

The jack frost | big boulder resorts have a deep root in the Pennsylvania industrial era. The Jack frost| big boulder ski resorts are the best for anyone looking forward to more extreme skiing.


  • Ski school
  • Lodging
  • Interactive trail maps
  • Night skiing and riding


Jack Frost | Big Boulder are popular co-owned resorts with separate ski areas. Therefore they offer different ski trip experiences. Jack Frost Mountain is more beginner and family-friendly.

The Jack Frost mountain terrains at resorts are ideal for kids. There are beginner terrains for kids; they’ll start with lazy trails and then proceed to steeper trails.

The kids will also be supervised by skilled instructors who teach chairlift riding, turning, and stopping. The beauty of Jack Frost | Big Boulder is you’ll get the chance to ski on two mountains in a day.

Overall, Jack frost mountain is a good place to take your family on a ski trip. Other than Jack frost mountain, you’ll also have access to big boulder terrain parks.

The big boulder terrain parks will guarantee you the winter fun you need. It has a ski area with amazing terrain, beginner trails, night skiing, etc.

3. Camelback Resort

Camelback Resort

The hotel is another popular destination for riders and skilled skiers in the Pocono Mountains. Camelback resort is on 160 acres and has amazing skiable terrain. 

It also has a snowmaking machine with great trail coverage; it can be quite useful during summer.


  • Ski & Tube
  • Accommodation and specials
  • Food and drinks
  • Mountain adventures
  • Events
  • Camel beach  


Are you a thrill seeker who wants to experience Pocono Mountains’ tallest peaks? Do you have a young family looking to create amazing memories in a 40+ lane snow tubing park?

The popular Camelback ski resort is never too far from major cities. Whether you’re in the ski resort for a day or months, the experience will leave you feeling fulfilled. The ski resort has newly renovated suites with ski-in and ski-out access.

The ski resort sits on a very large land, making it one of the largest ski resorts in the Pocono Mountains. The ski area is enough for families to have an amazing weekend getaway here.

The trails are ideal for both beginners and professionals. Every trail has lights making it safe and easy to ski at night. 

The popular ski area in Camelback is the black and double black diamond; you’ll get next-level experience from this place.

4. Shawnee Mountain

Shawnee Mountain

The Shawnee Mountain hotel is located at Poconos heart, East Stroudsburg. The Shawnee mountain ski area is an amazing place for ski lovers all year round.

The Shawnee mountain ski area offers fun activities to entertain you, your family, and your friends. There are many activities to do at the Shawnee Mountain ski area.


  • Ski area
  • Family fun
  • Tours and sightseeing
  • Water recreation and boating


The Shawnee Mountain ski area slopes allow you to experience the excitement and thrill of indoor and outdoor activities. At Shawnee Mountain hotel, there are lots of nature-filled activities within reach.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a hiker, water adventurer, botanist in travelers, outdoor explorer, etc., there’s something for everyone. 

You can plan exciting activities, from scenic train tours and night skiing to other great outdoor events. The region’s railway will allow you to have a tour of the place and thus a better understanding of Poconos.

You can visit the museum, learn about the place’s history, and engage with its nature and terrain from the campground. 

The Shawnee mountain ski area has great restaurants with amazing menus, and you can enjoy a meal anytime.

You and your family or friends will get the chance to ski on the beautiful moderate slopes while at Shawnee Mountain hotel. Plus, you can test your adrenaline from the all-terrain vehicles in the Shawnee Mountain hotel trails.

Overall, adventure doesn’t end in the Pocono Mountains, and the Shawnee Mountain ski area is the ideal place to begin.

5. Ski Big Bear

Ski Big Bear

The Ski big bear resort has 18 trails and 7 lifts, including three magic carpets and old-school lifts. 

If Mother Nature isn’t sending snow, the snowmakers ensure the ski area are well blanketed with enough snow as possible. The Ski big bear trail is accessible to people with any skill level.

  • Location: Ski Big Bear 192 Karl Hope Blvd. Lackawaxen, PA 18435
  • Contact: (570) 226-8585
  • Website: Ski Big Bear


  • Snow tubing
  • Rental Equipment
  • Lodging
  • Snow sports school


The ski Big Bear hotel is unique to other Poconos ski resorts. The Ski Big Bear is located at the mountain top. 

Therefore you don’t need a chairlift to start your descent. Once you reach the bottom of the slopes, you can consider taking the sliding sidewalks to the mountain top.

Snow tubing is available on holidays and weekends, depending on the weather. The tubing price is affordable; thus, you can take your entire family with you.

Note that anyone participating in tubing must be 42″ tall. That’s regardless of whether you’re participating with an adult or parent. You’ll have to sign a waiver for any child below 18 years for them to participate in the tubing.

There’s also rental equipment, but the availability is first-served. Rent the most affordable choice (seasonal rental) if you’re planning to ride/ski more than 4 times a season.

The Ski Big Bear resort is all about bringing family and friends together. It even becomes better when you stay at the hotel. 

You’ll have a ton of activities to do while at the place. The resort lodges are very family inclusive.

The hotel’s traditional warm hospitality nurtures and embraces the spirit of having quality time with friends and family. You can combine your lodging with amenities, meals, entertainment, and endless activities.

Lastly, a ski school is available whenever the Pocono mountains are open. However, the lessons are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. You can’t book the lesson online, but you can make reservations through a call.

6. Bear Creek

Bear Creek

The Bear Creek Mountain Resort is a popular 4-season destination hotel. It’s within a short drive from Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.

The resort offers a premium experience, whether it’s snowboarding, skiing, hotel stays, etc. Throughout the year, you’ll find a fun activity to do at Beer Creek.

  • Location: 101 Doe Mountain Lane. Leigh Valley, PA 18062.
  • Contact: (866) 754-2822
  • Website: Bear Creek


  • Hiking and biking
  • Skiing
  • Outdoor yoga
  • Archery and axe throwing


The bear creek resort has various outdoor activities like snowboarding, skiing, and snow tubing during winter. However, even if the snow melts, you’ll find another great adventure to do in the woods and slopes.

The ski resort is located on a 330-acre, ideal for activities like kayaking, biking, paddle boarding, and hiking. There’s never a shortage of activities to do at Bear Creek.

The resort is ideal for beginner riders and skiers who want to improve their skills. However, it’s quite small compared to other ski resorts in the Poconos.

The trails have varying lengths; the beginner trails are less steep and short, while skilled skiers’ trails are tougher and longer. Children have dedicated school lifts and training slopes, which are good for learning.

Most people love this ski resort because it packs all the skiing amenities and has one of the state’s highest vertical drops. The slopes are perfect for skiing, boarding, and tubing.

There are an on-site spa, lodge, and hotel with different dining options. In addition, there are slope tracking webcams that’ll help you check the weather conditions before leaving.

7. Woodloch Resort

Woodloch Resort

At Woodloch resort, you’ll enjoy different experiences, including skiing. The hotel is on Lake Teedyuskung, meaning you can relax on the shores or venture into it directly.

  • Location: Woodloch Pines Resort 731 Welcome Lake Rd Hawley, PA 18428
  • Contact: 800.966.3562
  • Website: Woodloch Resort


  • Accommodation
  • Dining options
  • Entertainment
  • Skiing park


The resort has more than 160 guest rooms, and each room can accommodate up to 6 people. It also has over 70 private vacation rental homes between the Woodloch. There’s also a semi-private golf course, Woodloch springs, and a community nearby.

You’ll enjoy the amazing meal plans on the main property, Woodloch resort. You’ll get 2-3 meals daily, and they’re served from the main dining room.

Staying at the resort has more freedom, and you can also add your best meal plan. There are many restaurants within the resort; you can check out their meal menus.

There are over activities at the hotel – they are well planned, and you won’t get bored. Various amenities make your stay at the resort worthwhile; each hour at the hotel is full of fun.

Entertainment at the resort is next level. After a long day in the Pocono Mountains, you can watch magicians and acrobats or listen to musicians, cover bands, D.J.s, etc.

The entertainment is family-friendly, and therefore everybody will be entertained. It brings friends and family together through incredible entertainment, delicious food, and wholesome fun. You’ll surely make lifelong memories together at the main lodge.

8. Elk Mountain

Elk Mountain

Elk Mountain is quite far from major cities. Travelers love Elk Mountain since it offers a peaceful weekend getaway.

The resort isn’t specifically large, but its authenticity is undeniable. The crowds at the Elk Mountain resort aren’t large like in other more popular resorts.


  • Snowboarding and skiing lessons
  • Equipment rental     


You can skip the entire Pocono mountains crowd by journeying to the popular Elk Mountain resort in Union Dale. The hotel is in the beautiful endless mountains in the north.

Elk Mountain Resort has been named the best resort in the Pocono mountains region. You’ll get to know the reason behind this once you set foot in the amazing hotel. It is 180 skiable acres with 27 trails.

The snowboarders’ and skiers’ trails are made for all skill levels. You’ll feel right at home while at the Elk Mountain resort.

An experienced professional at the hotel offers lessons that are helpful to skiers of all levels. Elk Mountain has a school that’s a member of (PSIA) Professional Ski Instructors of America. 

The resort has more than 75 – trained instructors to guide you through lessons. Their programs and staff will ensure you get everything per your individual needs. 

The ski and rental shop are fully stocked with all top-of-the-line equipment you need for your daily or seasonal activities. It makes it easy to get geared up at Elk Mountain. 

9. Round Top Mountain Resort

Round Top Mountain Resort

The hotel is popular for its new lifts, trail, snowmaking, and tubing park. It’s 1300 ft. high, making it an ideal trip destination for families and beginners.


  • Equipment rental
  • Snow tubing and skiing
  • Ski and snowboard lessons
  • Lodging


The mountain resort is an amazing place for anyone who loves skiing with friends and family. It has amazing facilities that’ll ensure your stay is amazing.

You’ll feel at home in their spacious suites with separate bedrooms, free Wi-Fi, full kitchens, and complimentary breakfast. 

Other amenities include a billiard table, fitness center, evening social, beer & wine, and appetizers.

There’s also the equipment rental service. However, there’s usually high demand, and equipment rental safety protocol is quite vigorous. Therefore the rental process will take much longer than in previous years.

You’ll have the chance to customize your mountain experience according to the liking of your family and friends. There are snowboarding lessons for you or any of your family or friends that can’t snowball or ski.

You’ll get world-class lessons: the lessons are available full and half day. They have been categorized according to advanced, intermediate, and beginner levels. You can check out the ski ride school and learn about their most current offerings and classes.

10. Tussey Mountain 

Tussey Mountain 

The Tussey Mountain ski and recreation resort neighbors the state college. It’s also the home to the popular Penn state ski team and has an amazing vertical drop. 

Tussey mountain resort is quite small and located far out of town, but its amenities and activities are worth your time.


  • The lounge
  • Pavilion
  • Mini Golf
  • Skate park


The Tussey Mountain overlooks the “happy valley.” You’ll love and appreciate the gorgeous view and have endless fun in the park.

To enjoy the four seasons, you should visit Tussey Mountain resort’s happy place. There are a lot of outdoor activities that you can try while in the ski area. They range from skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and much more.

You must know about the lounge if you plan to stay at the resort for some days or months. The Tussey mountain lounge is an amazing place to gather with family and friends.

The lounge is situated at Roth rock state forest terrain. You’ll enjoy the amazing views of the happy valley and the surrounding forest terrain. 

The lodge can also comfortably host events at its park during the event season from April to December.

From December to March, the lounge is usually open to the public during mountain operation hours. The mountainside café and edges pub also feature food and beverages.

Tussey Mountain resort has a park that offers various beverages and food. It hosts events that feature food trucks and local vendors. 

Check them out from their official website and get a glimpse of their amazing programs, amenities, terrain, and many more.

11. Montage Mountain Resort

Montage Mountain Resort

The resort started operations in 1984, and massive improvements have been made to maintain its charm. The mountain resort location is great; it has 10 km slopes with 5 lifts that take skiers to the slopes.

You can also visit the winter sports area if you love the challenge. The Montage Mountain resort ski area is popular for having one of the steepest slopes on the east coast. Its 26 trails spread across 400 acres of land and are ideal for a ski trip.


  • Cabanas
  • Skiing
  • Waterpark
  • Adults night
  • Kids’ swim night


The Montage Mountain resort is located near Scranton and has one of the longest snow tubing places in the state. 

It has several trails with varying difficulties, plus two terrain parks from which you can practice or improve your skills.

The best part of the resort is plenty of activities to enjoy during warmer seasons. The mountain waterpark is also on the ski grounds. 

You’ll enjoy this place’s amazing wave pool, waterslides, lazy river, the east coast, and much more.

Equipment rental is also available; therefore, don’t worry when you don’t have the necessary skiing equipment. You can rent them at the resort at a great price and enjoy the two terrain parks on the east coast.

You’ll also love the resort’s efforts to protect the environment. It uses green energy to light the resort and some mountain parts. 

Lastly, the Montage Mountain resort features two terrain parks with jumps, rails, and other features ranging from expert to beginner.

12. Sky Top Lodge

Sky Top Lodge

The lodge is located on a 5,500-acre playground making it one of the largest snow tubing parks in Pennsylvania. You’ll have the chance to explore the largest ski resort with your friends and family.

There’s also a golf course surrounded by the serenity of nature, making it a good place to relax. You’ll have everything you need to create the perfect escape.

  • Location: One Sky Top Lodge Road. Sky Top, PA 18357
  • Contact: (855) 345-7759
  • Website: Sky Top Lodge


  • Kayak tour
  • Biking
  • Archery lessons
  • Hiking
  • Interactive trail maps


The Sky Top lodge has the perfect setting for new skiers and those after winter fun. The hotel is on West Mountain, and the 4 different slopes have amazing views of the Mountain.

Its large trail cuts through the Pennsylvania forest. The lodge has been operating since 1928, and many families and friends have made memories here.

It has unique traditions that you’ll enjoy. The staff will take you to a more dignified time when you arrive. 

You’ll enjoy every aspect of your stay – from the inspiring surrounding to the welcoming and attentive staff.

The ski resort aims to make everyone that walks through the door feel like family. The staff has been trained to offer that down-home feel. Sustainability and preservation have been, and continue to be, among the hotel’s core values.

This hotel has several events – from wine dinners and beer festivals to holiday festivities. Sky Top is an amazing destination for anyone who must experience unforgettable events in the Pennsylvania mountains. 

The Best Things To Do At The Poconos

1. Skiing and snowboarding

There are many ski resorts located in Pennsylvania. The hotels have trails and terrain parks, making them a great spot for all levels of skiers and snowboarders.

The best ski resorts are conveniently open from November through April. This makes them the perfect winter spot for skiers and snowboarders.

There are also tons of fun activities for non-skiers, like tubing and snowshoeing. The best ski resorts offer delicious dining options, including the All-American Pancake Breakfast.

Some fun shops, like the Kids Zone and Mountain Shop, are also available. The resorts are a great place to stay warm during December and January. Skiing and snowboarding are the perfect things to do in the Pocono mountains this winter.

2. Hike on the Indian Mound Trail.

The Indian Mound Trail is a must-do in the Pocono Mountains if you like hiking. The trail leads you through a lush forest and past beautiful waterfalls.

Along the trail, you’ll also pass by an abandoned Native American village. The hike is of moderate difficulty and is 4.5 miles long round-trip. There are plenty of spots to take a break and enjoy the view. There are also bathrooms on the trail.

Indian Mound Trail is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and catch a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Indian Mound Trail is a beautiful hike that is well worth the visit.

3. Go cross-country skiing on the Long Path.

The Long Path is a 32-mile trail from Hawley to Milford and passes through the Pocono mountains. 

This trail is perfect for cross-country skiers and hikers. You can visit the website to find out about the trail locations and hours.

The Long Path is a great way to explore the Poconos and see the gorgeous views of the mountains and trees. And it’s a perfect way to spend time with you or family and friends.

The Long Path will help you to stay active during winter. The Long Path is a trail you can enjoy in all seasons, not just winter. 

It is a scenic trail that passes through forests, open meadows, and streams. It is a peaceful trail that is great for hikers, skiers, etc.

4. Have brunch at the Skydiving Cafe

If you’re craving some breakfast food, make your way to the Skydiving Café in Tannersville, Pennsylvania. This is a restaurant that is in a converted World War II-era plane.

You can sit in the cockpit or inside the fuselage. The food served at the Skydiving Café is delicious and the perfect place to go with friends or family.

It’s a unique restaurant and a great place for kids and adults. Going to the Skydiving Café is a fun and unique way to spend your day at the Poconos. You can also check out the skydiving option while you’re there!

5. Zip line through the treetops at Zip world

Zip world, located in Marshalls Creek, Pennsylvania, is the perfect place to go with friends or family. It’s the largest canopy tour in North America.

There are three different treetop courses, each varying in length and difficulty. The easiest course is only 550 feet long and is great for kids as young as eight.

The more difficult courses are 1,350 and 2,050 feet long. Zip world is a fun and exciting way to spend your day in the Pocono mountains.

It’s a great way to get some exercise and see the trees from a different perspective. There are also some other fun activities you can do at Zip world.

You can try the tree climbing wall, go caving or take a virtual reality tour. Zip world is a great place to visit in Pennsylvania.

The Pocono Mountains have many different activities and a unique experience. Zip world is a one-of-a-kind experience worth checking out while at the Poconos.

6. Go ice skating at Shady Brook Farms.

Shady Brook Farms is a great place to visit in the winter months. It’s a family-friendly farm with lots of different things to do.

You can go ice skating on the rink, visit the animals at the petting zoo, go on a wagon ride, and more. Shady Brook Farms is a great place to go with family or friends.

It’s fun and relaxing to spend your day in the Pocono mountains. Shady Brook Farms is open from October to March.

It’s a fun place to visit year-round, but it’s especially beautiful during the winter. There’s nothing quite like skating on a frozen pond, as the ice is usually nice and smooth.

It’s a quiet and beautiful way to spend the day. Shady Brook Farms is a great place to ice skate and experience the beauty of winter in the Pocono mountains.

7. See a show at the Poconos Theatre Company.

If you’re visiting Pennsylvania during winter, you may have some free time on your hands.

The Poconos Theatre Company has a variety of shows throughout the year. There are also shows in both the fall and spring.

It’s a great place to visit with friends or family during winter. This theatre company has entertained audiences since 1957, making it one of the oldest theatres in Pennsylvania.

It’s the perfect thing to do at the Poconos during winter. The Poconos Theatre Company is located in a historic building in the town of Hancock.

It’s a small theatre that has just 110 seats. However, this theatre company prides itself on being intimate and interactive. It gives you an up-close and personal experience.

The Poconos Theatre Company is a great way to spend your winter break and enjoy some culture and entertainment.

8. Drive along the Great Wall and see the Fall Foliage

It’s a great activity for those who want to see the fall foliage and go on a scenic trip. It’s a beautiful and serene trail that goes along a stream.

It has great terrain to walk, run, or go on a hike. The trail along the stream is on the Wall, so many places can sit, relax, and take in the view.

The Great Wall is a great place to see the fall foliage and do some scenic driving. It’s a wonderful and unique place to visit at the Poconos.

The Wall is an easy trail to walk along and is great for young children. You can see the stream flowing below and the beautiful lush trees above as you walk along.

It’s a perfect place to enjoy the autumn weather and view the fall foliage at its peak. The Great Wall is great for seeing the beautiful fall foliage at the Poconos.

9. Hike waterfalls in DuPont and Brodhead Parks

If you want to see some waterfalls, go to DuPont and Brodhead Parks. These terrain parks are both beautiful and serene.

They have many trails, including some that go to waterfalls. DuPont Park is located in Stroudsburg, while Brodhead Park is in the town of East Stroudsburg.

Both terrain parks are beautiful and are great places to hike. They are popular trails and are not too difficult, making them great for all skill-level hikers. 

DuPont and Brodhead terrain parks are great places to visit in the winter. They are beautiful, quiet, and serene.


Are you looking for the best ski resort in Poconos? The Poconos is a hidden gem. It’s one of the lesser-known regions in the state, but it has so much to offer visitors.

From skiing and snowboarding to hiking trails and waterfalls, the Poconos terrain offers something for everyone. 

And if you’re looking for the best resorts in the Pocono mountains this winter! This article has got you covered.

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