5 Best Undetectable Keyloggers With Remote Installation

Keyloggers are unique tools that capture and store every single keystroke that is made on a target phone. If you install a keylogger on your device, it will accurately record everything you type on your phone’s keyboard. This includes private chat messages, account login credentials, and unlock passcodes.

It’s possible to remotely install a keylogger on any compatible device. Let’s delve deep into how you can use a keylogger to monitor another person’s phone activity.

How To Choose A Keylogger?

There are some critical aspects that you should consider when choosing a suitable keylogger for your particular needs. These include:

  • Easy installation. You shouldn’t need to spend hours trying to figure out how to install an app. If your preferred keylogging tool takes too long to install, then it’s best to search for an alternative. And it’s even better if the keylogger is undetectable and offers remote install.
  • Accurate recording feature. A good keylogger should record all your target user’s keystrokes correctly and organize them properly in its dashboard. Ensure that your choice keylogging app has an impeccable track record of excellence before giving it the green light.
  • Affordable pricing. If your favorite keylogger costs an arm and a leg, then it might not make financial sense to purchase it. Conversely, you shouldn’t opt for free apps since they might harbor malware that steals your personal data and sells it to third parties.
  • Operates in stealth mode. You should install a keylogger that operates in the background without affecting the target device’s normal operation. The app should be totally undetectable.

Top 5 Keyloggers In The Market

Learning how to install a keylogger on someone’s phone is just the first step ─ you need to know how to use the software.

Here are the top five keyloggers that are currently in the market:

1. mSpy

When it comes to remote installation keyloggers, mSpy takes the crown. This powerful tracking app is equipped with an iPhone keylogger that allows you to discover what your target user typed on iPhone.

mSpy is remarkably easy to install, and it protects your private information at all times. Its keylogger conveniently captures timestamps of each message and reveals the apps that were used to send those texts.

2. Eyezy

Eyezy is yet another cell phone keylogger with remote install capabilities. Its keylogging tool captures each keystroke your target user makes, allowing you to see every conversation they have on their iPhone.

Apart from revealing the date and time each message was sent, Eyezy impressively categorizes every outgoing text by the app. Its simple installation process, inexpensive pricing plans, and stealthy operation are just the icing on the cake. Also Eyezy is secret call recorder that have a lot of useful functions.


If you’re searching for an undetectable keylogger with remote install for Android devices, XNSPY might tickle your fancy. This spy app allows users to monitor every single keystroke that their loved ones make on their Android devices, revealing all the secret messages they sent.

XNSPY’s keylogging tool can help parents keep a watchful eye on their kids. It could also help married couples to discover whether their partners are cheating.

4. The TruthSpy

The TruthSpy is a quality keylogger app that records every keystroke completed on the target device. As a result, you’re able to track account passwords, read private messages, and obtain other people’s personal information with ease.

This free keylogger for Android works in stealth mode to avoid disclosing your identity. It also possesses a user-friendly interface and gathers information with a certain degree of accuracy.

5. Spyzie

Spyzie is a tracking software that’s equipped with an Android keylogger. You can conveniently view everything that someone else types on their device, including their sent messages and social media searches.

Unfortunately, Spyzie doesn’t offer a keylogger for iOS devices. In addition, its interface isn’t as user-friendly as other popular keyloggers.


Choosing a good keylogger is paramount if you truly want to know the type of conversations your loved ones have with other people. Remotely installing a keylogger isn’t as challenging as you’d think, especially if you have the right tools. Hopefully, this thorough review of the top-rated keyloggers in the market will help you make the right pick.

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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