400+Best Whale Names And Interesting Whales Fun Facts

Are you looking for whale names for your game or a fictional story in the pipeline? If yes, don’t skip this post. We have done all the hard work compiling thrilling names for whales. Now, all you have to do is choose one that makes your game or story complete. 

Whales come in diverse shapes and sizes. And they are one of the most unique creatures in the ocean. There are a lot of fun facts about whales we’ll be sharing in this post too. So, keep reading to get more details. 

20+ Orca Whale Names: The Best Names For The Largest Dolphins 

Orcas, or killer whales, are one of the world’s most powerful predators. They are the largest of the dolphin family too. These whales are highly intelligent and social. However, Orca whales don’t thrive in captivity. 

You can identify these whales via their unique black-and-white coloring. They also make a distinct sound, and each pod boasts distinctive noises. 

Orca whales use echolocation to communicate. Their sound travels thousands of miles until it hits an object and bounces back, revealing its location, shape, and size. 

Fun Facts:  Did you know the average lifespan of a male orca whale is 30 years, while for females; the average lifespan is 50 years?   

We have compiled names for orca whales. Check them out below. 

  1. Rocky – This name fits the orca whales, as they are powerful predators. Orca whales are large and can be aggressive when stressed. They are also top of the food chain. Rocky is a suitable name for this sea monster. 
  2. Bullet – The “Bullet” is a great name for orca whiles, given how fast they travel. These bottlenose whales can travel 30 miles per hour. 
  3. Thunder – The size of the orca whales makes their strike on prey seem like thunder. They are powerful predators, so much is expected. Thunder is a fitting name for these whales. 
  4. Stunner –  Stunner implies a person or thing that is very beautiful. Are the orca whales beautiful? Absolutely! So, the name “stunner” is a nice name to give your orca whales.  
  5. Titan – Titan implies a thing or person of a very large statue. The orca whale is large, so “Titan” is ideal. 
  6. Thor – The Marvel superhero movie comes to mind anywhere the name “Thor” is mentioned. Thor is a popular god in Germanic paganism. It’s the god of weather, thunder, and crops. Whales are like gods in the ocean, so Thor is a good name for whales. 
  7. Blackie – The black and white colorings on the orca whales make this name a befitting one.   
  8. Bunker – This refers to a place or thing fortified to prevent easy damage from the outside or inside out. Whales are not reinforced with concrete, but they are strong. They can withstand harsh conditions, but ensure you don’t overstress your orca whales (if you have one in captivity). It could become aggressive when stressed.  
  9. Willard – This name means “strong desire,” a trait the orca whale possesses. When they go after prey, they do so with a strong desire and get their targets down. Orca whales are strong, social, and intelligent. 
  10. Zoomba – “zoomba” comes from Columbia slang, meaning ” to buzz like bees.” Orcas make a range of sounds and use them for communication. Zoomba is a cute name for this whale. 
  11. Harley – Here is a unisex name, and it’s easy to pronounce. Harley means “long field.” It doesn’t mean anything spectacular, but it will make a good name for a whale. 
  12. Durand – This name means “enduring,” a clear definition of the orca whale. In general, marine animals are designed to endure the ocean’s conditions. The Italian form of Durand is “Dante.” 
  13. Willy – This name fits the orca whales like a glove. Willy means “cunning.” These whales are intelligent, smart, social, and cunning.  
  14. Seaman – This name suits a male whale. It refers to an individual skilled in “seamanship,” a sailor. 
  15. Rex – In Latin, Rex means “king” or “ruler.” If size gives an animal dominion or makes one ruler over others, then the name “Rex” is perfect for whales. Why? They are the largest on earth (even larger than the dinosaurs).     
  16. Rei – This name has a different meaning. In Japanese, it means “beautiful, while in Hebrew, it means “friend.” Orca whales are social animals. You probably have spotted one in the park entertaining people. So, “Rei” is a fitting name for the orca whales (males or females).  
  17. Donny – “World mighty” is the meaning of the name “Donny,” which is a true representation of the whales. These creatures are huge, powerful, and smart. The orca can reach a size of 31 feet. 
  18. Tristan – Firstly, Tristan is a “gender-neutral name” of “Celtic origin.” It is derived from the French word “Triste,” meaning “sorrow.” You can use this name for a whale in your story or game. 
  19. Taurus – Taurus comes from the Latin word meaning “bull.” Bulls possess extraordinary strength, and so do orcas. So, you can call the orca whale “Taurus.” It’s an adorable name.    
  20. Hunter – The orca was a fierce hunter and strong predator. These whales even use echolocation to communicate and hunt in pods (groups). They are good hunters, so the name “Hunter” should perfectly fit the orca whales.  

100+ Cute Whale Names That Can Turn Heads

Whales are generally adorable. Have you ever seen a whale in real life? They are gigantic and cute. You would want to keep staring at them all day. 

You can express your whales’ cuteness by giving them cute whale names in your story, game, or park. Choose cute names for your whales, so you can depict how cute the animal is in your story or game. 

Fun Facts:  Did you know whales’ poop is red-blue? The reason is the high iron content of the food they consume. They consume “krill,” which refers to any member of the crustacean order called “Euphausiacea.”  In Norwegian, this translates to “whale food.”

Please check the options below if you’re seeking cute names. Choose a name that sounds good in your ears. 

Stuffer Busty Scoot Mini Submarine 
Boo Boss Sharon Sadie 
Bolos Betsy Kiddo Baby-Zilla 
Humphrey HumpyNugget Little One 
Thumper Bitsy Kitten Tiny One  
WhacksBoiardo Cubby Puffer 
Sweetie Pie Weirdo Circle Little Floater 
Geordie Wacko Sea Calf Wawa
Bambi  Sylvain McSplasher Sam 
Shrimp Suzerain Baby Shark Baby Boy 
Jumper Sacker Baby Splash Baby Girl 
Twin  Tail Powerful Flutie Baby Blowhole 
Cutie Shocker Bulker Baby Bowie 
Sea Peanut Malicious Teri Fanon 
Holloman WonderFlashy Whitney  
Boomer Akron Arturo Sea soldier  
Bellona AeronToro Orcy 
Colona Cumber BubblesBeluga 

Somber Maraca Fishy 
Alexia Bolognas The Pup Scooter 
Sweetie Boone Splashier  Collie 
Grete Alicia Rocker Little Ship 
Shooter  Whaley  Shiner Sea Bae 
Tricky Wally Shone Sea Baby 
Tracie Simplot Simpson Coli 

100+ Good Whale Names That Sounds Remarkable

Choosing good whale names can be a daunting task. Why? You’ll always have numerous options to choose from. Sometimes, compiling the names may seem daunting and confusing. But we have changed all that with this post. 

Here are good names for whales of all kinds. Find a whale name that makes you happy anytime it is mentioned. Check out the options below.

Fun Facts: Did you know whales have multiple stomachs? Most whales, including dolphins, have 3 to 4 stomachs. But Baird’s whales (the largest member of the beak whales) have 13 stomachs. Each of these stomachs ranges from 35 to 42 feet in length. The Baird’s whale also uses all its 13 stomachs for digestion. 

  1. Starlet 
  2. Verona 
  3. Styli 
  4. Skyle  
  5. Blue Jay  
  6. Verna 
  7. Stylus 
  8. Stardom  
  9. Votive 
  10. Volley 
  11. Starkly 
  12. Queenside 
  13. Swimmer
  14. The Captain  
  15. Powerful 
  16. Kingly   
  17. Courage
  18. Captain Jack 
  19. Purdon 
  20. Royalty 
  21. Giant Fishy
  22. Jack Morgan 
  23. Power Jack 
  24. Purge 
  25. Junket 
  26. Bluesy 
  27. Gigue 
  28. Sapphire  
  29. Shooter fish 
  30. Bluesy  
  31. Junco 
  32. Bulgy 
  33. Tilly 
  34. Hudson 
  35. Belzoni 
  36. The Great Fish  
  37. Monstro 
  38. Begum 
  39. Blues 
  40. Singer 
  41. The Hulk 
  42. Pogo 
  43. Pori  
  44. Fluty 
  45. She-Hulk 
  46. Cork  
  47. Prince of Whales 
  48. Big Fish 
  49. Icee 
  50. The Scuttler 
  51. Sharma 
  52. Leviathan of Old 
  53. Jaws 
  54. Stoney 
  55. Dottie 
  56. Flawless  
  57. Sealy 
  58. Keiko 
  59. The Guzzler 
  60. Blubber 
  61. Bluray 
  62. Willy Whale
  63. Big Drinker 
  64. Flip 
  65. Sally 
  66. The Fury 
  67. The Thirst 
  68. Matey 
  69. Balky 
  70. Lapis Lazuli
  71.  Blondie    
  72. Pirate  
  73. Larry 
  74. Floaty McFloater 
  75. Salween 
  76. Gigantic 
  77. Predate 
  78. Star of the Sea 
  79. Mass
  80. Binky
  81. Sally 
  82. The Great Power
  83. Sea King 
  84. Amahs 
  85. Shore 
  86. Stopper 
  87. Seamier 
  88. Hamas 
  89. Princess of Whales  
  90. Queenfish 
  91. Adore 
  92. Sea best 
  93. Fixer 
  94. Wet Mammoth  
  95. Flexor 
  96. Sea pal 
  97. Flipper
  98. Cane 
  99. Skipper

100+ Top Funny Whale Names That Will Make You Laugh

If you’re searching for funny whale names, search no more! This post contains hilarious names that make you laugh and crack a rib when mentioned. 

Sometimes, these hilarious names work wonders by fixing our moods. When moody, you can recall the whale’s funny names and return to a happy mood.         

In stories, most people enjoy seeing hilarious names like these. It helps them create some likeness for the story, which every writer seeks. 

Now, check out the hilarious whale names below and choose a perfect name for your character. Let’s go!

Fun Facts: When whales jump out of the water, the act is called “breaching.” Whales and dolphins are famous for this athletic and acrobatic display. 

Did you also know that a 60-pound whale can jump out of the water with its whole body? How they manage to do this is surprising. 

  1. Lady Whaley 
  2. Bunnie 
  3. Baracoa 
  4. Whalebone 
  5. Princess Whale 
  6. Baraka 
  7. Whaleson 
  8. Prince Whale 
  9. George-Whale
  10. Whalesome 
  11. Bamako
  12. Whalezilla 
  13. Whalesale 
  14. Fishgirl 
  15. The Bull 
  16. Neo-whale 
  17. Big Gulp 
  18. Fishboy  
  19. Sinker 
  20. Big Belly 
  21. Biggie Smalls 
  22. Baby of the Sea 
  23. Destroyer Dave 
  24. Jonah Eater 
  25. Big Man on Campus 
  26. Little One 
  27. Deadly One 
  28. The Walrus 
  29. Notorious B.I.G. 
  30. Short Stacks 
  31. Gentle Giant 
  32. Whaley 
  33. Splasher 
  34. Shortie 
  35. Mr. Splash Head 
  36. Paradigm 
  37. Ship Flipper 
  38. Old Tom 
  39. Miss Bigspalsh
  40. Parade 
  41. Stormy 
  42. Ye Old Sprayer 
  43. Baby Splash Head 
  44. Pardoner  
  45. Flopper 
  46. Jumbo Shrimp
  47. The Bull 
  48. That Whale 
  49. Blubberer 
  50. The Iceberg  
  51. Bighead 
  52. Doby Mick 
  53. Sailor
  54. The Glacier 
  55. Bonehead 
  56. Whaley McWhaleface 
  57. Shrimp
  58. Captain
  59. Headier 
  60. Flip Flop 
  61. Snorkel
  62. Cruise
  63. Biggerly 
  64. Flubber 
  65. Soakes
  66. Diver
  67. Mrs. Splash Head 
  68. The Jolly Gray Giant 
  69. Splash
  70. Dolphin
  71. Boney 
  72. The Little Mermaid 
  73. Spray
  74. Flipper
  75. Summertime 
  76. Samarra 
  77. Shrank 
  78. Jumbo
  79. Jumpie 
  80. Baggie 
  81. Squeal
  82. Buggier 
  83. The Unpredictable
  84. Big-Big 
  85. Squirt
  86. Bunter 
  87. Sprinkles
  88. Shakara 
  89. Tiny
  90. Wahala
  91. Proudhon 
  92. Pranker 
  93. Tuna
  94. Prudent 
  95. Pariah 

10 Mind-blowing Blue Whale Names And Meaning

The blue whale is one of the most mysterious creatures on the planet, not only in the marine world. This whale is one of the largest marine mammals, reaching approximately 199 feet and weighing around 98 tonnes. 

Like other whale species, the blue whale deserves some respect when naming it. When deciding on a name for it, you must consider one that captures its personality. 

Below are some names for blue whales and their meaning. Check them out!

  1. Bluesy – This means resembling or closer to the blues. This name fits whales, most especially the blue ones. Blue whales are not blue. They possess grey skin. Light from the sun and the water makes them appear as though they are deep blue. 
  2. Max – This name is of Latin origin and means “greatest.” Blue whales are the greatest and one of the most powerful creatures in the marine world, so the name is a good fit.  
  3. Aloeus – This is a male name and is of Greek origin. Aloeus means “father of giants.” Of course, whales give birth to giants, so the name is an excellent match. 
  4. Azam – Azam is of “Arabic” origin and means “greatest” or “biggest.” Blue whales are the biggest animals in the world, so the name fits them. Plus, it sounds good too. 
  5. Enzo – Enzo is of Italian origin and means “giant.” Blue whales are the biggest in the world and deserve this name. 
  6. Hallmar – This name is of Scandinavian origin and means “big ocean stone.” Again, whales are big and are a perfect match for this name.  
  7. Montaro – This Japanese name means “big boy.”
  8. Emery – Emery is a German name that implies “power” and “bravery.”  
  1. Celeste – Great name for whales. 
  2. Royalty – Whales are royalty in the marine world. They are so powerful and can do the unthinkable. 

100+ Adorable Female Whale Name To Pick From

Do you want to name your female whales but have an issue picking the right one? Just grab a pen and paper, select a few names from the options below, and pronounce each to see which sounds better. 

Here are the female whale names compiled for your viewing pleasure.

  1. Serene 
  2. Oceana 
  3. Whirly 
  4. Marina 
  5. Athena 
  6. Attica 
  7. Attila 
  8. Dourine  
  9. Doreen 
  10. Dome 
  11. Roomer 
  12. Corley 
  13. Shea 
  14. Sheba 
  15. Shirley 
  16. Maris 
  17. Paris 
  18. Jasmine 
  19. Whaler 
  20. Mama Whale 
  21. The Queen
  22. Ariel 
  23. Jamie 
  24. Jami 
  25. Julia 
  26. Jurua 
  27. Jodi 
  28. Joni 
  29. Arica 
  30. Arnica 
  31. Marine
  32. Atria 
  33. Arterial 
  34. Monde 
  35. Maunder 
  36. Malang 
  37. Water Boss 
  38. Oceania 
  39. Lady Whale 
  40. Miss Whale
  41. Mrs. Whale 
  42. Aurora 
  43. Begonia   
  44. Tina 
  45. Riser 
  46. Wheal 
  47. Tiara 
  48. Rosie 
  49. Kayla 
  50. Mother Whale
  51. Winnie 
  52. Winifred 
  53. Paraná 
  54. Wonder Whale
  55. Big Mama 
  56. Kara 
  57. Kari 
  58. Wholly 
  59. Dolly 
  60. Maria 
  61. Aria 
  62. Wairau 
  63. Princess 
  64. Princess Whale 
  65. Sugar
  66. Goldie 
  67. Loner 
  68. Brenda 
  69. Alicia 
  70. Antics 
  71. Kimberly 
  72. Kim 
  73. June 
  74. Janis 
  75. Jars 
  76. Ariana 
  77. Water Jumper
  78. Speedie 
  79. Sweetie 
  80. Arena 
  81. Chosen 
  82. Hone 
  83. Parsee 
  84. Persia 
  85. Giant 
  86. Honey 
  87. Treasure 
  88. Silas 
  89. Edrea
  90. Ricarda 
  91. Kendra 
  92. Tully 
  93. Brites 
  94. Philomena 
  95. Ragnild 
  96. Angel 
  97. Rangel 
  98. Lora 
  99. Flora 
  100. Oceanic 

100+ Unique Male Whale Name (Bulls And Calves)

As with cows, male whales are called bulls. Furthermore, newborn whales are called calves. The names are the same as cows, but the sizes are different. 

Male whales are unique and deserve unique names. So, we have compiled a list of top male whale names for your viewing pleasure. Check out the options on the list and choose your preferred male whale name. 

  1. Barry Blowhole 
  2. Humpback Henry 
  3. Ares 
  4. Willy, the Whale 
  5. King of the High Seas 
  6. Behemoth Bobby 
  7. Humphrey the Humpback 
  8. Larry Leviathan 
  9. Blue Boy 
  10. Giant George 
  11. Big Boy 
  12. Ishmael 
  13. Bruce 
  14. Zeus 
  15. Aquaman 
  16. Nantucket Fish 
  17. Moby 
  18. Large Larry 
  19. Samson 
  20. Willie 
  21. Dick 
  22. Apollo 
  23. Strong Boy 
  24. Walter Water 
  25. Richard 
  26. God of the Sea 
  27. King 
  28. Merman 
  29. Herman 
  30. Sea Ruler 
  31. Predate 
  32. Triton 
  33. Beluga Bob 
  34. Barry Blowhole 
  35. Speedy 
  36. Poseidon 
  37. Humphrey 
  38. Thunder 
  39. Whaley 
  40. The Giant 
  41. Orville the Orca 
  42. Papa Whale 
  43. Titan 
  44. The King 
  45. King Kong
  46. Migaloo 
  47. The Killer 
  48. Ishmael 
  49. Mr. Whopper 
  50. Cenci 
  51. Mr. Mammoth 
  52. Nantucket Fish 
  53. Jumper 
  54. Colossal Caleb 
  55. Hamper 
  56. Willie 
  57. Mondi 
  58. Harry Huge 
  59. Isaac 
  60. Walter Water 
  61. Morris 
  62. His Hugeness 
  63. Conna 
  64. Merman 
  65. Commando 
  66. His Highness 
  67. Conic 
  68. Triton 
  69. Orlando 
  70. Swimmer Sam 
  71. Camorra 
  72. Jazzy 
  73. Jodi 
  74. Bowhead Bill 
  75. Admiral 
  76. Saris 
  77. Prada 
  78. Bowie the Whale 
  79. Padre 
  80. Mr. Whale
  81. Whaley 
  82. Sylvester Sperm 
  83. Father Whale
  84. Command 
  85. Rambo 
  86. Fineas 
  87. Wally 
  88. Wonder Whale 
  89. Shino 
  90. Finny Boy 
  91. Ranger 
  92. Blue Corona 
  93. Bemba 
  94. Big Shaun 
  95. Rigger 
  96. Damon 
  97. Darius 

100+ Top Killer Whale Names You Should Know

Do you want to choose a name for a killer whale? Here are some of the top killer whale names you will find online. 

The name “killer whales” should strike fear in the heart of anyone. These creatures don’t spare any prey that crosses their paths. However, some whales are friendly to humans and spare the lives of divers when encountered. Unfortunately, some don’t. 

Anyway, let’s hope we don’t meet a killer whale while swimming. It would take a miracle to escape out of the water alive. 

Here are some good options if you’re working on a story or need a name for your in-game killer whale. 

Top Killer Whale Names

20+ Sweet Beluga Whale Names: Top Names For Beluga Whales 

There is a lot to love about beluga whales. First, they are easy to identify. You can locate a beluga whale via its globular head and white body. These whales are also sociable and friendly to humans.

If you want to name a beluga whale, this section is for you. Make your choice from the list below. 

  1. Bianca  
  2. Sky 
  3. Primrose 
  4. Forest 
  5. Lillian 
  6. Lilia 
  7. Lamella  
  8. Hazel
  9. Cole 
  10. Joey 
  11. Scarlet 
  12. Opal
  13. Albion 
  14. Alaska 
  15. Blanche 
  16. Bianca 
  17. Dove
  18. Snowwhite 
  19. Pearl 
  20. Ivory 

Famous Whale Names You Would Love To Hear

Are you searching for famous whale names? Check out the options below. You can also get similar famous names from movies, novels, and magazines.  

  1. Lambert – This name means “famous” or “illustrious,” and it’s a true definition of what the whale is. Whales are famous marine creatures.  
  2. Humphrey – This is a good name for the humpback whale.  
  3. Old Tom – Another good name for orca whales. However, this name will suit a matured whale more. 
  1. Keiko – A popular name for whales. 
  2. Willy – Great name for a whale. Willy is a popular name for whales and it was used in “Free Willy” a movie you would love to watch multiple times. 


These are whale names compiled to make naming whales in your story, movie, or game a breeze. We split the names into various categories to make it a breeze for you to choose the perfect name for your work on whales. 

Whales are mysterious creatures, powerful, big, and active. A 60-pound whale can jump out of the water with its whole body. So you can see that these creatures are unique and powerful. 

Now, head to the category you want and pick a name. You will find funny, cute, good, cool, famous, and others. 

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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