Billy Evans Net Worth: How Wealthy Is Elizabeth Holmes’ Husband?

Success and affluence typically exist in tandem in the business world. A prosperous business has an optimistic, forward-thinking leader with a long-term objective. Successful business owners’ enormous net worth enables them to actualize their dreams.

Billy Evans, from San Diego, California, is an American investor, manager, family member, media personality, and entrepreneur. Billy has gained widespread recognition across the nation as the spouse of Elizabeth Holmes.

She is a renowned proprietor of a biomedical enterprise within the United States. She rose to prominence after establishing the health technology firm Theranos.

Join us as we learn more about Billy Evans: his parents, spouse, children, age, occupation, and net worth.

Early Life And Career

Billy was born in San Francisco, California, on January 12, 1993. In 2024, the renowned American businessman Billy will turn 31 years old. Billy, according to his date of birth, is a Capricorn.

According to various trusted reports, Billy allegedly descends from a line of businesspeople. His father, William L. Evans, has a profitable hospitality business.

Established in 1953 by his grandparents, William and Anne Evans, the Evans Hotel Group is presently under the management and operation of his father. 

His family owns the Bahia Resort Hotel, the Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa, and The Lodge at Torrey Pines.

Susan Evan is Billy’s mother. Billy is the sibling of one sister and one brother. Gracie Evans is the sister and has many followers on social media.

Rex Evans is his brother. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from MIT. He then enrolled at Fudan University in China for his academic pursuits.

Professional Achievements

Billy Evans rose to the limelight thanks to his wife, Elizabeth Holmes. Holmes has distinguished herself in recent years amidst a world of wealthy proprietors and allegations of corporate misconduct.

She withdrew from Stanford and founded Theranos, a company that advertised its revolutionary blood test could detect life-threatening diseases.

During her twenties, Holmes amassed a net worth of $4.5 billion, accounting for half of the company’s $9 billion valuation.

However, an allegation that she had deceived investors regarding the company’s future for financial gain cost her her notoriety. This led to the demise of Theranos and her court expenses, decreasing her net worth significantly.

Holmes then wed a younger, more affluent man in 2019, Billy, during an investigation into her involvement in wire fraud and criminal charges.

According to Business Insider, Evans earned his bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2015. After that, he held a variety of employment positions.

His attempt to establish a healthcare organization transporting Chinese patients to the United States for treatment was unsuccessful.

As an employer, Evans oversaw planning and analytics for LinkedIn. He subsequently began working for Luminar Technologies, a manufacturer of sensors for self-driving vehicles. Evans allegedly resigned from Luminar due, in part, to the negative press that his friendship with Holmes generated.

Evans married Holmes ahead of her 2019 trial, which carried the possibility of twenty years in prison. According to the New York Post, Evans’ family attempted to convince him to annul the marriage. They cautioned him it could be the worst decision he ever made.

Income Streams

William D. Evans, the grandfather of Billy Evans, established Evans Hotels in 1953. Billy Evans is the present successor of all the hotel management companies.

The Billy Evans Hotels group maintains its headquarters and facilities in California. Billy Evans held several positions at banks and consulting firms in California. This was before establishing his own company, which specializes in managing hotel rental properties.

Billy Evans is, on the whole, a fascinating individual. With a reputation for upscale accommodations, his family has long owned Evans Hotels. He holds the position of proprietorship at Evans Hotels.

Despite being an integral member of a prosperous family enterprise, Billy Evans receives considerably less attention than his renowned spouse.

Little is known at this time regarding his assets and income sources. He maintains a private existence, avoiding public criticism and keeping his affairs out of the media.

Breakdown Of Billy Evans Net Worth

Holmes and Evans prefer to keep their private affairs, including financial information. The couple has resolved to remain private without disclosing their net worth or other financial information to the public. 

It is still being determined how much money Evans has earned due to this. Billy’s business provides the majority of his income. There is speculation that Bill’s hospitality business provides him with financial support.

Additionally, Billy invests his surplus funds in a variety of companies. According to news sources, Billy Evans’s net worth fluctuates between $8 million and $10 million. 

Evans’ immense wealth is mainly attributable to the family fortune. Born into the affluent Evans hotel family in San Diego gave him a fiscally advantageous beginning. 

Their impeccable service and enduring reputation for luxury established the foundation for his subsequent accomplishments.

Establishing a business that is already profitable is merely the start. Additionally, you must be persistent and adept at making decisions to increase your earnings.

According to reports, Billy Evans expanded his business beyond the hotel company owned by his family. Thereby increasing his income from various sources and thereby increasing his wealth.

Comparison of Billy Evans Net Worth to Industry Averages

Billy is an affluent entrepreneur and executive. His family controls the hotel that he manages. Aside from that, Billy spent two years at Luminar Technologies as the Manager of Special Projects.

He’s closely associated with his wife, Holmes. Holmes purportedly declared that her company had developed a novel blood testing method requiring a negligible blood volume. 

On the other hand, Billy prefers privacy and currently manages his family’s hotel franchise. Billy has maintained a low profile, but as heir to his family’s hospitality business, this sets him apart from other hotel owners. 

Philanthropy and Investments

In addition to emphasizing financial gain, Billy Evans has demonstrated a commitment to assisting others. He engages in charitable volunteer work to help those in need and potentially grants substantial tax deductions. 

A benefit frequently exploited by affluent individuals. Evans achieved the dual benefit of reducing his taxable income and contributing significantly to society through philanthropic endeavors that he supports.

One possible explanation for Billy Evans’s enormous net worth is that he made astute investments throughout his career. His considerable financial resources suggest that he keenly discerns advantageous business prospects.

He could have substantially increased his net worth by prudently investing in profitable ventures, such as real estate or new enterprises.

Public Image and Personal Life

Billy Evans is mainly unknown despite his grandparents being the founders of a thriving hospitality industry in 1953, 

Billy Evans earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010. He also attended Fudan University in Shanghai to study Chinese language and writing.

Presently, Billy Evans’ occupation and place of employment remain unknown to all. This is after working for LinkedIn and Luminar Technologies.

Speculation exists regarding their early years together. It’s rumoured Billy Evans and Elizabeth Holmes encountered each other at a social gathering in the Bay Area during the summer of 2017.

Vanity Fair said they wed in June 2019 in a modest ceremony; Liz Holmes was 35 years old, and Billy Evans was 27.

The couple have a son, William Holmes Evans. He was born in Redwood City, California, on July 10, 2021. Her trial was postponed severally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Her pregnancy moved it even more.

Elizabeth Holmes and Billy Evans disclosed that they were expecting their second child in November 2022. The New York Times obtained court documents indicating she became pregnant following her January conviction.

Elizabeth Holmes remains married to Billy Evans due to insufficient substantiated evidence supporting his divorce petition.

Billy Evans’ WIfe Imprisonment

Elizabeth Holmes left Stanford University in 2003 to found Theranos. The company intended to diagnose various diseases using a small amount of blood.

Theranos became an instantaneous sensation in Silicon Valley. Its valuation exceeded $9 billion at one point. The Walton family, who were successors to Walmart’s fortunes, Rupert Murdoch and former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, were all significant shareholders in the company. 

Former U.S. senators George Shultz and Henry Kissinger, who were Secretaries of State, served on its board of directors. James Mattis, Secretary of Defense, also served as part of the team.

However, Theranos’s assertions regarding its capabilities began to deteriorate. It became evident that their technology could have operated better and had the potential to generate inaccurate outcomes.

In November 2022, Holmes, 39, was sentenced to eleven years in prison. This was after she deceived investors regarding the production of medical blood-testing devices by her new company, Theranos. 

Information from the Federal Bureau of Prisons indicates that she could be released nearly two years early. On December 29, 2032, as opposed to the initially scheduled date.  

Future Prospects

A conviction of four counts of fraud resulted in her receiving eleven years in prison on January 3, 2022. 

The investigation into Holmes’s company, Theranos, commenced in early 2015. Nevertheless, both her marital union and the COVID-19 pandemic caused a delay in the incarceration proceedings.

She is presently incarcerated at the Federal Prison Camp in Byron, Texas. This is where RHOSLC actress Jen Shah is also an inmate. Her spouse is responsible for the upkeep of their two children, William and Invicta.

There needs to be more information on the prospects of Billy Evans as his LinkedIn profile needs to be updated. He will continue to run his family’s hospitality business.

Key Takeaways About Billy Evans

Here are facts about Billy Evans in a nutshell:

1. Evans Is Heir to Their Family Hotel Company

Williams and Anne Evans, the grandparents of Billy Evans, established Evans Hotels in 1953, according to the organization’s website. 

The proprietors are natives of San Diego, and a list of resorts on the website indicates that the organization runs at least three nearby resorts.

As per the website, Anne Evans and her children, Grace Evans Cherashore and Bill Evans, operate the company. Growjo, an analytics application, estimates that the annual revenue of Evans Hotels exceeds $180 million.

2. Evans and Holmes Live in The Wealthy Estate of Green Gables

At the beginning of September 2021, Evans and Holmes resided in an exceptionally affluent region of Silicon Valley. According to CNBC, the couple lived on the Green Gables Estate in Woodside, California.

Woodside is on the San Francisco peninsula in San Mateo County. According to Zillow, the mean cost of a residence in Woodside is approximately $4.4 million.

According to CNBC, the two resided at Green Gables after Evans received a traffic citation in San Mateo County. The court documents included an address.

3. Evans Worked at A Tech Company

After graduating from college, Billy made his way back to the West Coast and joined LinkedIn as a program manager. He dedicated almost two years to his role at the company.

Between February 2017 and March 2018, Evans held the position of director of special projects at Luminar Technologies. 

The organization creates sensing technologies for the autonomous vehicle market.” Evans resigned in January 2019, and his LinkedIn profile needed to reflect a new position.

4. Evan’s Family Questioned His Relationship to Holmes

Homes and Evans have been in a relationship dating back to 2017. As reported by The New York Post, they crossed paths at a summer event in the San Francisco Bay Area.

An unidentified source for The Washington Post stated that Evans was a former colleague of theirs at Luminar Technologies. 

According to the source, Evans’s family was suspicious of the connection and suspected Holmes of brainwashing him.

Evans’ family reportedly advised him that that might be the worst thing he ever did and consequences were bound to follow.

Evans proposed to Holmes in the beginning of the year 2019 and presented her with his MIT signet ring. 

Regarding the jewelry, a source told The Post he didn’t go for a fancy engagement ring. This is because, should she be required to surrender her assets, the ring could be included, too.


Billy Evans’ net worth has yet to be correctly verified. This ambiguity results from their decision to maintain private lives and the legal complications that arose in the Elizabeth Holmes fraud case.

As stated, the renowned American investor is the heir to a California-based company that oversees the rental properties of others. His spouse is Elizabeth Holmes, a former proprietor of a science-related enterprise.

Reports indicate his net worth is approximately $10 million as of 2023. His wealth may increase with the growth and expansion of his hospitality business. At the moment, he raises their two children as they wait for their mother to complete her sentencing.

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