Church Chair Materials: Wood vs. Metal vs. Plastic

Quality church chairs are one of the most essential elements people consider when buying church chairs. This quality depends on the type of material used, and it can impact the chairs’ durability, longevity, and reliability.

Below, we’ll give you an overview of the most popular church seat materials: wood, metal, and plastic.

Background on Church Chairs

During the 17th to 19th century, most churches used traditional pews in the apse because the church did not encourage the congregation’s participation. Also, the pews were subject to rent, and most individuals could not afford it. Today, chairs for worship have undergone a significant revolution as they are now freely available for every congregant. Furthermore, modern designs have found their way into church seating, offering a practical and lighter alternative to traditional wooden pews.  This modern design serves as an alternative to the traditional wooden pews. They are practical and lighter. This immense revolution of church chairs began in the 21st century. During this period, most churches considered the church chairs as a vital part of their décor.

Thus, they are introducing a variety of chair materials, including wood, metal, and plastic with ergonomic frames. In addition, the church chairs are improving with man’s;

  • Advancement
  • Faith
  • Education
  • Value

Wood Church Chairs

Wood facilitates the development of quality church chairs. It is one of the traditional church furniture materials that dates back to the 16th century. The best thing about wood church chairs is that they offer several benefits, including the following:


Wooden church chairs with materials such as natural plywood, hardwoods, and engineered wood are incredibly durable. Their durability can encourage many years of use. Furthermore, wood church chairs have a sturdy and timeless build that can last for centuries. Therefore, they guarantee real value for your money.


Wooden church chairs are incredibly versatile. They can come in different finishes, patterns, types, and sizes. The best thing is that they allow you to add religious symbols to them. For instance, you can easily craft a cross on the backrest of your church’s chair.


Wood is one of the most popular environmentally friendly raw materials used for church chairs. It is a renewable resource that replenishes itself, especially when you use selective harvesting instead of clear-cutting. Thus, wood offers an incredible way of keeping the forests healthy while ensuring you have solid church chairs.

Metal Church Chairs

Wood was one of the first go-to materials for church chairs by churches. However, today, many churches are experimenting with different materials, including metal. The popularity of metal church chairs has grown incredibly in the 21st century. It is because metal church chairs enable;


Like wooden church chairs, metal chairs are also long-lasting. Most manufacturers use robust materials to make these chairs. The best thing is that they do not experience easy wear and tear. Also, they do not require frequent replacements. Thus, metal church chairs can serve your church for a long time.


Metal church chairs are pest-resistant. It means that pests cannot chip away the metal material. This pest resistance increases its longevity. Furthermore, metal chairs are easy to clean. Thus, you can use the clean time to remove any bugs in the chair’s folds or bends.

Plastic Church Chairs

Like metal church chairs, plastic church chairs also became popular in the 21st century. This popularity of plastic church chairs arose because they are;


Plastic church chairs are the most affordable chairs compared to other materials. Their affordability makes them incredibly popular, especially for churches starting out. The best thing is that these chairs are also very comfortable.


Plastic church chairs are very light. They encourage easy transportation from numerous locations or rooms. Thus, plastic church chair allows you to easily convert your church space since you can move the furniture easily.

Comparison and Analysis

The materials used in making church chairs have their strengths and weaknesses. Below is a comparison and analysis of these materials;


Both metal and wooden church chairs are durable. However, the metal church chair is more long-lasting. Unlike wood, metal church chairs will not chip away. Also, unlike plastic, the metal chair does not tear and wear easily. Thus, metal is the most durable material, while plastic is the least durable.


Termites are more drawn to wood than metal or plastic. They can cause significant damage to the wood, which may lead to many pricey repairs. On the other hand, termites cannot cause damage to plastic or metal chairs.


Harsh weather conditions, like rain or sun, can cause the paint on metal and wood chairs to peel off. However, these conditions will not impact plastic chairs. Thus, plastic chairs are suitable for the outdoors and indoors. On the other hand, the wood and metal church chairs are best for indoor use only.

In Conclusion

The type of chair materials you choose for your church chairs should go beyond the aesthetics. Make sure to prioritize the quality of these materials. A quality church chair can provide you with service for a long period. Therefore, before choosing between wood, plastic, and metal materials, consider the benefits each will accrue to you.

What type of church chair material does your church use? What experience did you derive from using that material?

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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