Citadel Chief Griffin Considers Supporting Haley In Republican Primary

Citadel CEO Ken Griffin is actively considering providing financial support to former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley in the Republican presidential primary. 

In an interview with Bloomberg TV on Tuesday, Griffin, with an estimated net worth of $34 billion according to Forbes, expressed that the decision is nearing its conclusion. 

When questioned about supporting Haley financially, Griffin stated, “That’s a decision that we’re actively contemplating. I mean, we are at the finish line on that choice. Yes or no.”

Griffin also hinted at his desire to see Haley engage in a debate with former President Donald Trump. Trump, the current Republican front-runner, has opted out of participating in primary debates but maintains a substantial lead in national polls.

Griffin joins a growing list of wealthy Republican donors expressing support for Haley over Trump and other primary contenders. His public consideration follows a $5 million contribution to a political action committee supporting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ gubernatorial campaign in 2021.

Recent developments, such as Sen. Tim Scott’s withdrawal from the race on Sunday, have led some former Scott donors to align with Haley. 

Stanley Druckenmiller, a veteran investor and billionaire, announced on Monday that he would exclusively support Haley after initially contributing to Scott’s campaign earlier in the year.

Haley’s campaign is actively seizing the opportunity presented by the narrowing primary field. Metal refining magnate Andy Sabin, formerly fundraising for Scott, has been contacted by Haley’s campaign, and he plans to decide post-Thanksgiving on how best to support Haley. 

Additionally, New York-based attorney Eric Levine, a former Scott fundraiser, is co-hosting a fundraiser in New York City next month exclusively for Nikki Haley, according to an invitation reviewed by CNBC.


Elizabeth Willett (MA)
Elizabeth Willett (MA)
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