Citrix Gateway And 2FA: 4 Steps To Protect Your Network From Takeovers

What Is A Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

As the world is becoming more internet-based, a lot of businesses are finding that using online platforms and even working remotely can increase their employees’ productivity and efficiency in the long run. 

However, even though remote and hybrid work has many advantages for organizations, it has also increased the risks of losing confidential data to the public due to cyber-attackers and hackers.

In order to decrease the risks of losing data, companies started to look for ways to add extra layers of security to their accounts. One way companies and organizations achieve this is by connecting their online accounts to virtual private networks, such as the Citrix Gateway. Nevertheless, even though VPN applications allow employees to have a secure network connection, a single username, and password protecting the account is not enough. 

For that, businesses have started adding additional security layers with two factor authentication (2FA). In other words, when a Citrix Gateway 2FA is connected to an account, employees who try to access their accounts need to verify their identity to get access. Hence, using 2FA has become important to protecting a network and preventing outsiders from accessing company accounts.

The Importance Of Securing A Citrix Gateway Account

As mentioned before, a Citrix Gateway account allows users to have a secure network by allowing them to surf the web with secret identities. Additionally, it provides remote access to users – in other words, those who work online and need to access their office desktops can use this application to get the files they need.

There are many benefits to using a Citrix Gateway account; thus, securing it should be a top priority by businesses, as the consequences of not having additional security for it are far worse. 

How To Connect A 2FA To A Citrix Gateway With 4 Easy Steps

Adding a 2FA application to a Citrix Gateway is not difficult; here are 4 easy steps to get started: adding extra layers of security on company accounts and ensuring that the chances of getting hacked are decreased as much as possible. 

1- Install an up-to-date reliable 2FA application

The most important part is finding the right 2FA application for your business. First, managers need to research and find an application that is reliable and is not a scam that will take all the company data and make hacking into it a lot easier. So, try to read online reviews regarding an application, and after ensuring that it is reliable, continue with the process. 

Another thing to consider before installing the application is whether its complexity fits with the skills of the company culture. In other words, some applications might be difficult to manage and set up, and their complexity will discourage employees from using them.

2- Submit an application for a domain account using the company name

The next step is to submit an application for a domain account with the company name. Some applications allow users to create a domain account right away; others require users to apply to get verification from the 2FA provider. 

The domain account is the most important account when using a 2FA application since this account is responsible for allowing other company accounts to access the files they need.

3- Setup the domain account by connecting all company accounts to it

After getting the verification and setting up the domain account, managers can connect all of the necessary company accounts to the two-factor authentication and secure the accounts by adding additional layers of security. 

4- Advise employees to access their accounts using 2FA

Now that each application is connected to the 2FA, managers should advise their employees to set up their accounts. Employees need to sign out of their accounts to set up, and the 2FA will already come up since managers would have already given them access. 

To set up, each employee needs to choose a way of authentication to verify themselves; for instance, numerous authentication methods are available; however, one of the most convenient ones is the push notification employees will receive on their mobile devices. 


To conclude, two factor authentication applications are one of the most reliable and trusted ways of securing and protecting network connections. The consequences of not having the right amount of security are a lot; thus, dedicating time to install and secure company accounts should be a priority. 

Francis Stein
Francis Stein
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