Cleveland Hopkins Parking Options: Which Is Best For Your Travel Needs?

When looking for Cleveland Hopkins Airport Parking, you have to take into consideration what would work best for your travel needs. Are you looking to just get dropped off by a family member or a transportation company like Uber or Lyft, and picked up by the same method? Are you looking to park your car while you’re gone, and want to look at both on-site and off-site parking options? Good news, we have a handy guide for which would work best for you based on your travel needs!

On-Site Parking

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport offers on-site parking at the following rates:

  • CLE Smart Parking Garage
  • $22/day
  • $6/hour for the first three hours
  • This is a multi-level parking garage attached directly to the terminal building via skywalk on level three, with a walkway on level one. The best part of this is that it includes an intelligent guidance system, which shows drivers how to get to open and available parking spots with ease. You pay upon exiting with a credit card.
  • Red Lot
  • $20/day
  • This surface lot is located directly north of the terminal. It’s located on the left side of the CLE parking facility, across the street from the Blue Lot. This is a credit card only parking lot.
  • Blue Lot
  • $20/day
  • This lot is a near copy of the Red Lot, located on the right side of the facility. This is also credit card only.
  • Orange Lot
  • $17/day
  • The Orange Lot is located across from the CLE Smart Parking Garage and is connected to the Smart Parking Garage via skywalk. This lot offers direct, covered access from the lot to the terminal. This lot also only allows payment via credit card.
  • Brown Lot
  • $14/day
  • The Brown Lot is located just north of the I-480 underpass. It features 599 spaces, 6 bus shelters and provides shuttle service which runs every 15 minutes, dropping off and picking up passengers. Payments are accepted via credit card.
  • Grey Lot
  • $13/day
  • The Grey Lot is located north of Brookpark Road, with 1,000 spaces available for parking. This also includes a shuttle service which runs every 15 minutes, just like Brown Lot. Payments for the shuttle are accepted via credit card.

Another transportation option is the Curbside Valet, which is $30/day. This service is 24/7, along with a range of concierge services.

If you’re just getting picked up from CLE, there is a Cell Phone Lot which is free of cost and allows people to wait for passengers to finish departing and arrive at the terminal for pick up.

All of these options are a great place to check, but can be quite costly, especially if you’re traveling for a greater length of time. Three days of parking can get up to $66, which may not seem like much, but it can be quite a chunk of change when you’re also factoring in having a full tank of gas, getting some food on the way to your plane, etc.

Off-Site Parking

Another good option to consider is off-site parking, which is made available through reservation sites like On Air Parking. OAP offers reservations for third-party owned lots, often at cheaper costs than the on-site parking offered at the airport.

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is no exception to the cheaper rule of thumb. OAP offers reservations at local off-site lots at CLE, starting as low as $3.95 a day. You might be worried about the convenience factor; how far away are the lots, how will you get from the lot to the airport? No worries there, because these lots offer free, 24/7 shuttles, where applicable.

As with all of On Air Parking’s reservations, there’s free cancellation up to the start date of your booking, making it easy for you if plans change with no additional fees to consider. This is all part of their 5-star service for CLE, and for all major airports across the country.

These local Cleveland parking facilities are highly-rated, and your reservations through On Air Parking are painless online and over the phone. On Air Parking also has a parking reservation app available on both Apple and Android devices. You can reach On Air Parking’s customer service Monday through Friday, 10am-7pm by calling (888) 48-PARKING (888-487-2754) or by texting 424-532-8940. You can also reach out via email at

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Elizabeth Willett (MA)
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