Controversy And Demonstrations As Supreme Court Sets To Strike Down Roe V. Wade

One of the biggest discussions in the US for the past 5 decades has been Prochoice Vs. Pro-life. This means that women had the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion. Now it looks like that right might go away.

A bombshell as a leak came out, suggesting the Supreme Court intends to strike down Roe V. Wade. This revelation happened after an unexpected overnight leak of the justices’ draft opinion. This decision would alter the nationwide battle against abortion.

This story broke on the Politico website, and it showed the Supreme Court would overturn Roe V. Wade. This unprecedented leak brought thousands of demonstrators to the Supreme Court. The demonstrators fight for women to have the right to choose if they want to abort or not.

This news comes as 5 States have enacted stringent laws against abortion in the US. Numerous bans make the practice very difficult in a legal channel. Most of these states are ready to cut off access to abortion care.

If the Supreme Court overturns Roe V. Wade, more than 20 States will ban abortion immediately. This is about half the States in America, and the rest will follow in a few years. Such states include South Dakota, Texas, and Missouri. 

The Supreme Court has yet to change the legislation, but the leak is a draft from February. The opinion could change before the draft’s release, or the justices could change their view. This has sparked outrage across the US, as many people feel it infringes on their rights.

The GOP has enough justices in the Supreme Court to support its agenda. It seems pro-life might come out on top of this debate.


John Taylor
John Taylor
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