A Simple Crocs Sizing Guide: Choosing Perfect Crocs Size For You 

Are you planning to add Crocs to your footwear collection? If yes, you have made a wise choice. Crocs are reliable and comfy. But don’t forget to pick the right size when ordering your Crocs.

Even if you boast a wider or narrow foot, there’s a Crocs for you. Additionally, this footwear is designed for women, men, children, and even unisex. 

What’s more, there are multiple designs and styles to choose from. Nevertheless, picking the right Crocs size for you is what counts. But then, Crocs sizing can be quite confusing for a first time buyer. Anyway, that’s why we made this post. To help you choose the ideal Crocs size for your feet.

Here is a detailed Crocs sizing guide to help you make the right choice. You’ll also find other useful information on Crocs. Read on!

Crocs Sizing Chart: How Crocs Size Shoes

Crocs come in varied sizes so users can make their choices. And by picking the perfect size, you’ll enjoy the freedom and comfort Crocs offers.

Now, what sizing do Crocs use? The simple answer is the US sizing. Crocs consider the US and AU sizing to be the same. And from experience, they’re correct. 

So, whether you’re ordering your Crocs from New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom, France, United States, Canada, etc., it doesn’t matter. All Crocs are available in US sizes. 

Where are Crocs sizes written on the soles? Check the sole of your Crocs, specifically underneath it. You’ll find two numbers (We’ll explain the reason for the two numbers later on) underneath the shoe. 

The numbers under Crocs represent the size. Now, use the Crocs sizing chart below to decide the ideal shoe for your foot. 

Measure Your Foot In (Inches Or Millimeter) The Perfect Crocs Size For Your Measured Foot 
Inches MM Women’s Crocs


Men’s Crocs


UNISEX’s Crocs


1. 8.5 – 8.7 216 – 223   5   3 35 – 36
2. 8.8 – 9.1 225 – 232   6   4 36 – 37 
3. 9.2 – 9.4 233 – 240   7   5 37 – 38  
4. 9.5 – 9.7  241– 248        8   6 38 – 39 
5. 9.8 – 10.0 249 – 256     9   7 39 – 40 
6. 10.2 – 10.5 259 –267    10   8 40 – 41 
7. 10.6 – 10.8 268 –275    11   9 41 – 42 
8. 10.9 – 11.1 276 – 283   12   10 42 – 43 
9. 11.2 – 11.4 284 – 291   13   11 43 – 44 
10. 11.5 – 11.7 292 – 299   12 44 – 45 
11. 11.8 – 12.0 300 – 307   13 45 – 46  
12. 12.1 – 12.3 308 – 315   14 46 – 47 
13. 12.4 – 12.6  316 – 323   15 47 – 48 
14. 12,7 – 12.9  324 – 331   16 49 – 50 

So, this is the Crocs sizing chart to help you choose the right shoe size. The next topic we’re going to be discussing is how to measure your foot to determine your actual size. 

How To Measure Your Feet To Choose The Perfect Crocs Size For You

Crocs are available in different sizes, so it won’t make sense to order any size you think might fit you. By doing this, chances are you might get a perfect size. On the other hand, you might get unlucky and get a pair of smaller or oversized Crocs.

Interestingly, you can take the  measurement of your feet at home with or without the help of anyone; though having someone around would make the task easier for you.  

So, here are the steps on how to measure foot size.

Step#1: Draw a line on a plain sheet of paper on both edges:

Please note that the line you’re about to draw on the paper should be longer than your foot. 

After drawing the line, place the plain sheet of paper on a flat surface (Preferably on the ground).

Step#2: Place your foot on the plain sheet of paper:

The next step is to stand on the plain sheet of paper on one foot. Now, here’s where you have to be cautious. 

On the paper, draw a straight line across the tip of your longest toe. And do the same for the back of your heel. 

Repeat the same process for the second foot. Use a new plain piece of paper for it. 

Step#3: Measure the distance between both marks:

You can now measure the distance between the marks on the paper. Then take the largest of both measurements. 

So, that’s how to measure your foot at home. But if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can ask a professional for help.   

Why Crocs Have Two Different Sizes On Their Soles

Most people might wonder why most Crocs shoes boast two different sizes. Is it a mistake from the company or an attempt to confuse customers? 

Well, firstly, it’s not a mistake. Crocs have a reputation for satisfying customers. You can see that in all their range of shoes. 

The two numbers you’ll find on Crocs shoes are usually on their gender-neutral models. And both numbers signify sizes.

The two numbers underneath Crocs’ soles differ in that one is smaller. The smaller number signifies the size for males, while the larger number is the female size.

The Three Unique Crocs Fits Out There 

The one thing that sets Crocs apart is the availability of diverse options. There are Crocs for any foot type or shape. 

However, a thorough understanding of the Crocs fits will enable you to make the right choice when choosing Crocs for you. 

Without much ado, the three Crocs size options are:

  • Roomy fit
  • Standard fit
  • Relaxed fit

Now, let’s discuss each of these fits to help you decide the perfect one for you. 

#1: The roomy fit:

As the name implies, the roomy fit boasts a generous amount of space at the sides, front, and even the top. Your toes won’t touch the front while your feet won’t meet the sides. 

The clearance at the top of the Crocs roomy fit enhances the shoes’ breathability. So, if your job entails wearing your shoes for hours, the roomy fit would be a wise choice. 

Your feet will feel comfortable, dry, and refreshed regardless of how long you wear this model of Crocs. 

Many may be asking questions like, would my feet come off the roomy fit Crocs? No, they won’t. Interestingly, some models even feature straps at the back.

Crocs models with straps are ideal for people who may need to run around now and then, owing to the nature of their jobs or activities they’re doing.  

#2: The Standard Fit:

With the standard fit, you’re in for the snuggest fit. This Crocs model will hug your feet, but that doesn’t mean it would be too tight and uncomfortable for your feet. That won’t be the case. 

The standard-fit Crocs are still very comfortable. The snug fit of this shoe is to ensure it doesn’t come off your feet when walking. 

Also, your toes won’t touch the front. And get ready to experience some wiggle at the top portion of the shoe. Additionally, your feet would fit the shoes’ contour. That’s what defines a standard fit. 

#3: The relaxed fit: 

The relaxed fit offers a small amount of room but has a more secured feel than the Crocs roomy fit. And unlike the roomy fit, your feet would occasionally bump into the walls of the relaxed fit Crocs when walking.  

Additionally, your toes will wiggle at the front of the relaxed fit shoes, but they won’t touch the front. 

Understanding The Crocs Fit Perfect For You

Crocs come in varied sizes and fits. We mentioned earlier that the three fits you’ll find are Roomy fit, Standard fit, and relaxed fit. The company made these different styles available to satisfy the needs of their diverse customers.

However, the company manufactured the standard-fit Crocs with specific users in mind. These Crocs not only fit snugly. But they won’t fall off your feet while working. 

So, if your professional demands you wear comfortable shoes that won’t slip off your feet, the standard fit is a wise choice. 

On the other hand, if you’re seeking casual slip-on and comfortable Crocs to, probably, run errands or wear around your house, the relaxed fit and roomy fits are a wise choice. 

The roomy fit is breathable, making it a wise choice for extended use. Your feet won’t become sweaty or moist even after wearing the roomy fit Crocs for an extended period. Why? This shoe style offers enough room at the top, a feature that enhances its breathability.   

Is It Possible For Crocs To Stretch?

The one characteristic peculiar to all shoes is that they stretch a bit upon first use. Now the question is, do Crocs stretch the same way?

Well, Crocs stretch a bit. But then, like any other shoe, Crocs will only stretch the first time you wear them. You don’t have to worry about your Crocs stretching further once it has happened after the first usage. 

However, please understand that there’s a possibility your Crocs could stretch a little bit when left under the sun’s scorching heat. But that doesn’t make the shoes a terrible choice to wear outside your house. 

As we said earlier, your Crocs would only stretch a bit upon first use. It won’t continue to stretch afterward.

Do Crocs Run Small or Big?

The one thing that defines Crocs is that they all run true to size. They are spacious and comfortable to wear. 

But as stated before, the model you settle for plays a crucial role. Some Crocs models are a wise choice for professionals and work-related activities, while others are comfortable though suitable as casual wear. 

For example, the Crocs Classic Clog would accommodate your feet without issues. This shoe’s design also allows it to offer great comfort. And what’s more, even when you choose a regular size, it would still fit perfectly. 

The Crocs Bistro Clog is entirely different and changes the game completely. It comes with the toe and top covered. But all the same, it still runs slightly bigger than other models. 

So, who should wear the Crocs Bistro Clog? It is a wise choice for individuals with a wider foot. Why? As earlier stated, these Crocs models boast a generous and roomy fit. Thus, if you have a wide foot, it would accommodate it and even offer great comfort. 

However, the story is different when it involves the Crocs Crocband. This model of Crocs is suitable for individuals with regular feet. People with wider feet may struggle to fit into this model of shoe. Why? It is not as roomy as the Bistro Cog. 

But if you have a regular foot, then the Crocs Crocband might fit it snugly. 

Is Crocs Footwear A Good Brand?

The term “good brand” is subjective. If your definition of footwear considered a “good brand” are brands that look super cute on one’s feet, then Crocs might not be the top choice.

However, if you care about your feet and want to keep feeling comfortable on your footwear, Crocs has what it takes to make a top choice. 

This footwear comes in diverse fit options. These include roomy, standard, and relaxed fit. The diverse fits mean there’s Crocs footwear for every foot type. It doesn’t matter if your foot is wide or regular. 

The material used in making Crocs also makes them a great choice. The company now incorporates croslite fabrics, a resin that is neither rubber or plastic.  

Crocs produced with croslite are comfortable and durable. And what’s more, the footwear shapes themselves to the wearer’s feet. The croslite makes Crocs odor-resistant, lightweight, comfortable, soft, and non-marking. 

The croslite makes Crocs shock-proof and water-proof. 

Are Crocs Expensive? 

The question one should ask is, are Crocs worth the value for money? The answer is so obvious. The croslite used in making Crocs is the reason they have such a high value worldwide.

By the way, Crocs boasts a wide range of features that appeals to people. They’re super easy to clean up, very comfortable, reliable, and last for years. 

Additionally, Crocs are certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association and Ergonomic Council. 

Where Can You Buy Crocs?

Crocs are popular. So, you won’t have an issue finding the perfect fit for you.

You’ll also find a huge collection of Crocs here for those who wish to purchase their footwear online. 

Our Final Thought

Crocs sizing can be a bit confusing. But this guide should make things easier for you. Just measure your feet and use the chart to determine the Crocs size ideal for you. 

Crocs are a wise choice for professionals and casual wear. They are comfortable to wear for an extended period, lightweight, easy to clean, and boast a long life span. 

So, whether you happen to be a professional or you desire footwear to wear at home or for running errands, Crocs are worth considering. 

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